Montego Bay is home of the Sangster International airport. It's a Caribbean city with shopping, watersports, and spectacular sunsets. Some of the things to do in Montego Bay include reggae, jerk chicken, and gambling...that's right!, Montego Bay is home to the Coral Cliffs Casino. Located on the 'Hip Strip' across the street from the casino is Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville.

Montego Bay relies heavily on tourism, and haggling is customary whether it's for souvenirs or things like hair braiding -- you can get your hair braided for $20 US dollars in Jamaica compared to $100-150 US dollars in America. The people in the craft markets are more likely to haggle, but you can still haggle in the souvenir shops, just don't expect it as much. You will be approached on the street and asked to buy a variety of things, some of which are illegal.

The currency exchange rate is constantly changing so check it before you arrive in Jamaica. US dollars are accepted almost every where in Jamaica from restaurants to vendors on the streets. The best place to exchange your money is at a local cambio which are located on the 'hip strip' as well as the downtown area of Montego Bay. You can also exchange money at a bank, hotel, casino, or the airport cambio but you will probably get a lower rate for your money. If you purchase drinks, souvenirs, etc. with US dollars you never know what exchange rate they are using to calculate how much money you should pay. So although it might be convenient not to exchange your dollars into Jamaican dollars your money is going to go a long way if you exchange it.