Many people are concerned about safety when they travel to Jamaica, as petty crimes are frequent in the country. Tourists should not be concerned about violent crime as long as they stay in the normal tourist areas, but muggings, robberies and scams are an annoyance. Visitors caution that females in particular should not travel alone, especially at night, because they will warrant unwanted attention from groups of men. Taxis are safe, but make sure you agree upon a fare before getting into the taxi.

    Health concerns are also a serious thing to take into consideration while traveling in Jamaica. Mosquitoes in the country transmit dengue fever, which causes fever, headaches, nausea and joint and muscle pains. Seek medical attention if exhibiting these symptoms. Hepatitis is also a serious concern. It is caused by unsterile food and water, or bodily fluids via sexual contact or unsterilized needles.

    Hustlers in the city will try to sell you anything from drugs to jewelry, or even massages. Avoid eye contact or engaging with hustlers if you don't want to be swarmed by them. Random searches of tourists' bags for drugs are common and penalties are severe.

    See the Department of State Jamaica website for more information.