Given its history and the interesting and diverse nature of its land, reading about the Dominican Republic as you make plans to visit there is essential. You’ll feel like an insider before you even leave home.

Try “The Rough Guide to the Dominican Republic 3”, a fulsome book that gives a background of the area, examination of the various ways to get around and what to see, and information on the best hotels for the best price. If seeing sites off the beaten path, and seeing more than the usual tourist trappings is on your “important” list, then this book will be useful to you.

The Frommer’s “Portable” guides are always useful and the Dominican Republic version is no exception. This small book is easy to carry along and focuses just on the Dominican Republic and not just the Caribbean as a whole.

Finally, for an overview of the area and its history, pick up “The Dominican Republic: A National History” by Frank Moya Pons. Examining the historical, social and economic climate in the DR today and in the past, this book is sure to give you some ideas about what you must see, what you can miss and help you understand a little about the people and issues in the DR.

Other books to check out:

Reflections on the Spanish Isle, Glories of the Dominican Republic by Joseph L. Borkson

  • A photo essay on Dominican Republic, which includes the history, culture, architecture, baseball and Dominican cigars.

Lonely Planet Dominican Republic & Haiti by Leah Gordon | Scott Doggett

The Dictator Next Door, The Good Neighbor Policy and the Trujillo Regime in the Dominican Republic, 1930-1945 by Eric Roorda

  • This book questions the relations between the United States and the Dominican Republic in the 1930's. It also examines the Good Neighbor Policy.

The Devil Behind the Mirror, Globalization And Politics in the Dominican Republic by Steven Gregory

Dominican Republic in Focus, A Guide to the People, Politics and Culture by David Howard

Moon Dominican Republic by Ana Camano

Culture Smart! Dominican Republic by Ginnie Bedggood

National Geographic Dominican Republic by Christopher Baker

A Traveller's History of the Caribbean by James Ferguson