If you are heading to Bonaire for a Dive or Windsurf Honeymoon how can you be sure the honeymoon factor is satisfied. The windsurfing and diving are definitely going to blow you away but can you be sure your trip will have lasting memories. Definitely. Bonaire is a very romantic island. From dining to diversions there is a plethora of treats waiting to make your lover's heart beat fast.

First stop is a day at Klein Bonaire. This uninhabited island is about the size of Saba. First stop on Kaya Grande at Last Bite Bakery (next to Xerox) to pick up your pre arranged picnic lunch. Annette makes scrumptous treats for your special day. A cheaper option is a stop at Exito Bakery next to MCB Bank in town. The back deli makes simple sandwiches and has some lovely Spanish influenced treats. Drive back towards the water front and in front of Rains Fishes Restaurant is the water taxi. It is a  restful and swift 20 min. ride to the beach. There are a few spots for shade so find your camp and then head into the water to snorkel and meet the other island guests, or residents This may be home to many turtles. The sand is brown sugar fine and the water gin clear. Enjoy. Sunscreen and water essential.

 Nights are very romantic. Several fine restaurants are on the water and that's what lovers seek when on their special vacation. Rum Runners (located at Capt. Don's Habitat) has a special table called "Lover's Corner." Call ahead and reserve seaside alcove to dine. The night manager Baasje will take care of all your needs. Salsa, a fairly newcomer attached to City Cafe has a lovely upstairs areas for dining. Views, local music and a romantic ambiance make this a great pick. New management is fine tuning the menu and the overall environment to insure a wonderful dining experience.

Lastly, stargazing. One well known place to head at night is up to Sera Largu. This hillside shrine boasts the best views of the twinkling city lights and the stars above. Find a secluded parking spot (there are several and there are never many cars up there at night ) and count how many shooting stars you can find.