Many visitors don't think of visiting the island's many places of worship. Many have gorgeous architecture and date back as long ago as 300 years. Christ Church Parish is famous for its Chase Vault and the mystery of its moving coffin. St. George Parish Church is the oldest ecclesiastical building on the island, and is known for its beautiful famous artwork. St. James Parish Church was once visited by Ronald Reagan, and its bell predates the American Liberty Bell. St. Patrick's Cathedral was originally built in 1970, and is of the Roman Catholic persuasion. The Jewish Synagogue is the oldest synagogue in the Western Hemisphere.   There are 85 acres of woodlands in nearby St. Joseph. Green monkeys live in these forests, which were brought over as stowaways on slave ships. 

Mangrove swamps are currently cultivated at Graeme Hall Bird Sanctuary, located in the largest expanse of inland water on the island. Green herons, yellow warblers and approximately 150 assorted migratory birds dwell there. 

Welchman Hall Gully is another natural attraction featuring a three-quarter mile natural gully with tropical plants and trees. The ravine is now a national park and open to the public.