Lost Palms Oasis is one of the best hikes in Johua Tree. To get there you come in from the 10. When you reach the ranger station turn right go the dead end and park. There will be a small grove of trees at cottonwood springs. A sign will tell you to take the trail up a small grade. At first look it just seems ok , mostly white rock and a little vegitation. It is 4.2 miles to the oasis. As you go along; the rock will become more orange and red. To the right if you notice you will see the salton sea in the distance. One small hill to go over maybe 200 feet of moderate climb. When you come to the oasis you must climb down a moderate trail slight difficulty. It is like dropping into a different world with Palm trees everywhere; on the hill and a string that you walk near to. There is some water that big horn sheep and other animals drink from. Do not expect to see them unless you are there as the sun is setting. If you are not experienced with the trail it may be hard to get back in the dark. You are not suppose to be at the oasis in the dark because you will scare the animals from their drinking sourse.Coming back in the dark  there are places you could slip. There are no dangerous cliffs just a well worn trail.