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Reviewed 1 August 2018

When we pulled up the hotel to check-in we were surprised at how rundown it looked. When my wife and her father came back with the keys they explained how the manager had said the room wasn't ready yet - even though check-in was at 2PM and we arrived at 4PM. He also made a passing comment that our room had the breaker panel and he might have to come in our room to get to them - and if it was late he'd just let himself in so as not to disturb us sleeping. That was disturbing enough for me so we noped out of there and stayed at the hotel down the street. Be aware that there is a strong refund policy so I'd caution against even reserving a room before you get there.

Date of stay: July 2018
  • Trip type: Travelled with family
    • Location
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Thank Scott T
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MotelOutpost, Manager at The Outpost Motel, responded to this reviewResponded 23 August 2018

we added a door to that room so you can still have 100% privacy and not be bothered if there is a 1 in a million chance that a breaker pops...

I didnt design the place, Im just the guy tasked to make it better everyday.

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Reviewed 15 July 2018 via mobile

I stayed at the outpost while in cardston for my son's wedding. Overall a good experience. The rooms were clean. The railings were safe, no needles on the ground.

I do have a few suggestions. Blinds on the windows, for two different reasons. 1- blocks the sun that never seems to set in Canada in july. And 2- so people cant look in your room qhen on the first floor. I used a blanket to cover it.

Second suggestion, whixh was handled when i brought it up to the woman at the front desk, an iron and hair dryer. She lent me hers.

Thirdly... when someone books a room online, and you upgrade her room for her, automatically, dont ask her to "meet you half way" with the price difference. I didnt ask for an upgrade. Nor did i need the upgrade. I did pay the $20 canadian because i honestly wasnt sure what would happen if i didnt. And i was traveling alone. I was put in an awkward position, so i just paid.

Next.. real doors, not plywood.

I believe id stay there again, if the upgrades, even the blinds on the windows, were done.

But, i do have a few suggestions.

Date of stay: July 2018
Trip type: Travelled solo
Thank KimberlyM180
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MotelOutpost, Manager at The Outpost Motel, responded to this reviewResponded 23 August 2018

Thanks for your patronage....

The "upgrade" was required because you did not have a credit card that we could authorize for the amount of your stay, which classifies your reservation as TENTATIVE, (not guaranteed), so your room was given away to someone with a credit card that we could authorize, and the only room that was left available when you arrived was a $20 more per night room.

All of that could be avoided if you have a credit card that has enough room on it to pay for the room you booked.

Upgrades to the motel are happening daily, thanks for the suggestions!

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Reviewed 30 November 2017 via mobile

The railings by the office were loose, very usafe. On my way to my room i found a syringe in the parking lot and they would'nt reimburse me when i changed my mind about staying there. Did not look clean so i left anyway, crooks!

Date of stay: October 2017
Trip type: Travelled with family
3  Thank mariah_applebaum
This review is the subjective opinion of a TripAdvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC
MotelOutpost, Manager at The Outpost Motel, responded to this reviewResponded 22 June 2018

whoever made this review has never stayed at our motel and this is a fabricated review, because nobody ever came to us asking for money back for a room claiming that they found a syringe in the parking lot... which is a situation that we have NEVER faced, (not that it couldn't happen at a motel), but Im sure it has never happened here.

This review is probably a fabricated story made up by the competition across the road.

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Reviewed 4 October 2017

There are plenty of other accommodations in Cardston that deserve the business more than this one. I highly recommend that you don't go near the the Outpost Motel and spend your hard earned dollars elsewhere that is unless you are in the need of some drama and confrontation!

I consider myself as a seasoned traveler plus at one point in my career I was a sales manager for a chain of hotels. My recent dealings with Sheldon, the owner/manager of this motel, was the most negative experience I have ever had with any business.
There are a couple of things that potential customers should be aware of that I learned from this experience.
1. Unprofessional - When you phone a business and they answer "Hello" and you have to ask if you have reached the Outpost Motel should be the first red flag.
2. Misrepresentation - Sheldon informed me that he was only the manager and gave his name as being Shawn.
3. Confrontational - Accused me of threatening him and informed me that he records all telephone conversations.
4. Customer Service Skills - When asked to show some compassion for the situation his response was "Why would I show you any compassion, I don't know you."
5. Marketing Strategies - He informed me many times that Trip Advisor ratings mean nothing to him and it doesn't matter what people think of him or his motel.

In closing, I learned a lot from this experience. I learned that Sheldon needs the $100 refund more than I do . (He had informed me of his $35,000 lost in revenue last year). I also learned that he is as long winded on the phone as he is on negative Trip Advisor reviews and his cancellation policy!

Date of stay: September 2017
4  Thank Carol K
This review is the subjective opinion of a TripAdvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC
MotelOutpost, Manager at The Outpost Motel, responded to this reviewResponded 8 December 2017

MotelOutpost, Manager at The Outpost Motel, responded to this review
Lets point out what is not being said here:

1) This person has never actually seen or stayed at the Outpost Motel... so their "review" is not really even a review, at all... it is simply a rant, (because they were too dense to cancel their booking in time to get a refund, and they want our business to suffer for their inability to plan 3 days ahead.).

2) I answer the phone by saying "hello", because I have 3 different business numbers forwarded to my personal cell phone, and I never know which business someone may be calling for, so I just say "hello"... I tried carrying 3 cell phones around, so I could answer each business line with the correct greeting, but it just gets far too hectic... nothing "unprofessional" about that... LOL

3) I have NEVER told anyone my name is Shawn...LOL... I think you need to get your ears checked.... my name is SHELDON, my friends call me SHELDON, and you can call me anything, EXCEPT Sheldon...LOL

4) I do record all conversations, "for training purposes"... but it does come in handy when people threaten me... I believe your EXACT WORDS were "If you don't give me back the money for our room reservation I'm going to goto every news station in Alberta, and every travel magazine, and the BBB, and destroy your business"... LOL... now if that isnt a threat, my name is Shawn...LOL...

and my exact words in response to your threat were: "I dont respond to threats, I am the manager, not the owner, and I am just following the guidelines of our standard cancellation policy, and Im sorry, but threatening me is not going to change the fact that you are demanding your money back for a room reservation, (a room reservation that was NOT cancelled in time for us to fill your room with another guest), which is also a room reservation that you do not qualify for a refund for... you should have cancelled the room 2 days ago, and then we would have cheerfully given you a refund, because we would of had enough time to place someone in the room that you cancelled".

5) Then she said "We had to cancel my daughters wedding at the last minute because of the Waterton Fire, why dont you show some compassion?" (although the National Park had been on fire for 17 days already, and evacuated already for 5 days) ... to which I replied " You are cancelling 12 hours before your check-in time, and now we do not have enough time to rent that room to someone else.... It specifically states in the policies "If you decide to cancel at the last minute, regardless of the reason, please do not call the front desk to negotiate a refund. The front desk personnel are instructed that there will be NO EXCEPTIONS to our cancellation policy (aside from having the customer produce a legitimate death certificate of a close family member). Front desk personnel are not authorized to negotiate special refund conditions.".... yet here you are calling me, making threats, and making demands for something you are not entitled to... PERHAPS YOU SHOULD HAVE A LITTLE COMPASSION FOR ME?" and she hung up the phone....

I would love to be able to post the recording of that call here, so everyone could hear what she really siad...LOL

6) This person is absolutely right... I (personally) dont care about Trip Advisor reviews, because 95% of reviews are posted by prima donnas who are just looking for a place to complain to the world about how much they are hating their vacation, and want to take it out on anyone they can... and here at the Outpost we are just a bunch of working stiffs that dont put up with whiners. I have read thousands of reviews and responses, and IN MY OPINION, 95% of the reviews are negative, because the person is negative, and 95% of the responses are employees sucking up and apologizing to someone that doesn't deserve an apology... and I cant participate in that.

The other 5% are genuine honest reviews, and come with responses that are genuine and honest... ME, I like to be honest with my reviews, regardless of what the review entails, and I don't care who it offends, because I wont be railroaded into apologizing to someone who doesn't deserve it.

7) We have policies that we adhere to, and if we "showed compassion" for every person who called us with some story about why we should give them their money back, (and leave our selves with empty rooms that people GUARANTEED when they reserved their room with their credit card), NONE OF US WOULD HAVE A JOB LEFT TO GO TO...

Its important for people to understand that in the HOSPITALITY INDUSTRY, if you want to pay for people to kiss your butt, and pamper you, and give way for your every demand, there are many high class hotels that range from $400-$750 dollars a night in the Waterton area, and if you are looking for that level of professionalism, you are welcome to book a room there, by all means, go for it, you are paying for that level of service, so you deserve that level of service....

We are a MOTEL, and we are the most affordable accommodations within 200 miles of Waterton National Park and Glacier National Park, and for the $100 to $150 per night prices, that we offer, you are only paying for a clean room, with all the basic amenities, and that is all you are paying for....

At our super affordable rates, we can not afford to lose one nights rental, and that is why we have a standard cancellation policy in place, (to protect the business from going bankrupt because of people like this lady who think its OK to cancel last minute, and leave us with no income, and sink our ship)...

If you don't like the cancellation policies that hotels/motels in this area dictate, then don't reserve a room, and simply take your chances of finding a room, at the last minute, when you arrive..... Its a free country, nobody is forcing you to guarantee your room reservation with your credit card... but if you do, then honor your guarantee...

In what world is it OK for someone to book a room months in advance (SO NOBODY ELSE CAN RESERVE THAT ROOM), pay rock bottom prices for a room reservation near Waterton, and then cancel last minute, and leave the business with nothing? It is hard enough to survive in today's struggling economy with a small business, without having your self-entitled customers believing they are allowed to make it even worse!

What I wanna know, is what kind of a mother books the cheapest standard room, at the cheapest motel, 30 minutes from Waterton Lakes National Park, for their daughter, on her wedding day, when her wedding is in the Park? LOL..

Perhaps you are too cheap, OR maybe you just waited till the last minute to book her a room (in Waterton), and discovered there was nothing available???

A wise old man once told me:


So next time maybe plan a little better, and pay a little more attention, and stop blaming everyone else for your inability to do so....

Just saying... LOL

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Reviewed 25 September 2017 via mobile

On a scale from 0 to 10 it is zero
I booked a reservation over the phone and at the time that I showed up, the rooms they were stinking really horrible and I decide not to stay. And I went back inside and asked for a refund in the manager refused to give me a refund he just got mad. so I left the place. And I don't recommend that motel for nobody.

Date of stay: August 2017
Trip type: Travelled with family
3  Thank Abe R
This review is the subjective opinion of a TripAdvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC
MotelOutpost, Manager at The Outpost Motel, responded to this reviewResponded 5 October 2017

Now for Paul Harvey's "The Rest Of The Story"...

So this guy arrives 2 hours before check-in is supposed to even start, and asks if he can see the room first.... I have already planned to give him a FREE UPGRADE to a newly renovated room, (because he already made a guaranteed reservation on our cheapest 2nd floor non-renovated standard room, and I happened to have two newly renovated rooms, that had not been booked on that particular day, so I WAS GONNA GIVE HIM THE NICER ROOM, JUST TO GIVE HIM THE BEST POSSIBLE EXPERIENCE)...

So, I am quite happy to let him go look at the room, as the room was just repainted. re-carpeted and retrofitted with 5 star furniture that we picked up from the Chateau Lake Louise recently.... he comes back and says that he dont want to stay here, "BECAUSE THE ROOM HAS THAT 'NEW CAR' SMELL" and he dont like that smell....

So then I tell him "no problem I have other rooms that are not-so-brand-new, and that Im happy to put him in a different room that doesn't smell like a new car"... he responds with "No. that's OK, we got here earlier than expected, and we just really want to move farther down the line".

I replied with "that's fine, but we have a standard last minute cancellation policy in place to protect our business from unnecessary losses, and because he reserved the room online and blocked that room, from being booked by another potential guest, he would be required to pay the cost of the room, (unless we were lucky enough to get a last minute walk-in, to fill up the room up with someone else)...

He was immediately furious with me, and told me that if I didnt give him an immediate refund for his pre-paid room, that he was going to call the police on me... LOL

I was quite offended by this reaction (considering that this man was obviously just trying to weasel his way out of paying for the room that he had blocked others from booking), so that he could drive a little further that day...

I told them that he was welcome to reconsider his plans, and stay in the original room that he had booked, but that last minute changes in plans were not acceptable justification for having the business lose money on a guaranteed room reservation.

He didnt seem to care that he had agreed to these conditions when he reserved the room, and decided that it was all my fault that he wasnt getting his way... well we are a business, not a church or a charity, and our policies are our policies...

And that my friends is the "Rest of the Story"...


If you are the kind of person who changes plans at the last minute, then just dont reserve yourself a room.... its a free country, and you are more than welcome to run around town, at the last minute, looking for a place that has vacancy, and hopefully find a room... if you dont find one, you are more than welcome to sleep in your car or drive to the next town and repeat the process....LOL

I, for one, reserve a room, and then stick to my plans, and dont make it someone elses problem if I want to change my plans at the last minute.... just saying.

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