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“Just Got Back from Sedona - WOW!”
Review of Sedona

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Toronto, Canada
1 review
“Just Got Back from Sedona - WOW!”
Reviewed 4 November 2008

First of all, I would like to thank all of the previous posters here who made our frist trip to Sedoan so enjoyable. Your helpful suggestions and comments made it most rewarding to say the least. Being as I benefitted from the information placed here, I thought that I would add my two cents worth in the hopes that others can gain insight from our experience.

First off, BRING A CAMERA, as you will want to be able to show others only a portion of the beautiful scenery you will enjoy during your stay. The photos won't give the real views any justice, but you can at least have something to show people. Although I am a photo hobbiest, I ended up taking over 800 pictures over the 7 days we were here. A few will shortly be hanging on our walls at home.

Bring a good pair of hiking or running shoes! You will want to explore Sedona properly, and that means taking a number of hikes on the fabulous trails they have to offer. I bought a pair of new running shoes in Phoenix at a local Costco after we landed and they were my best investment. Cost me only $15, abused them through the week on the hikes and left them there being as the Red Rock clay was surely enbedded for life in those things.

There are too many trails to venture upon while in Sedona, but ones I would recommend are: Red Rock Crossing - BOTH paths, Sunset Mesa by the Airport (First parking area you come to), Cathedral & Bell Rock, as well as Boynton Canyon. All were pretty easy to navigate for the most part, although on a couple you will need to climb a bit. Find or invest in a good walking stick.

Other items that are a "must do" are:
What else - the Pink Jeep Tour. Took the most popular one, the Broken Arrow Tour and went on the last one for the day at 4 PM to enjoy the sunset views. Although it will cool down a bit in the valley parts, a light jacket or sweater will get you through ok. Our driver's name was Pete and he did a great job in providing us with information on the history of Sedona, the vegetation, and everyone who suggested that you take this tour early in your stay was right! Best way to get to know a bit about Sedona before you explore it more fully on your own.

We also took a Helicopter Ride - 20 minutes long around the town that was breathtaking. Great way to get an even more detailed look at the surrounding rock formations, as well as some of the beautiful homes that reside in the area.

Places to eat? Others on this forum suggested AWESOME places and we agreed on all of them. "Sedona Memories" for their sandwiches - can't be beat! Best ones we enjoyed, although the Safeway by our resort served up a great sandwich as well and at a great price too. ONE TIP - with regards to the Safeway in West Sedoan, sign up for their Club Card and SAVE BIG on a lot of items.

Had dinners at Troia's - nice place, fast service and the food tasted great. Our consierge at the resort recommended it, and we enjoyed it there.

Open Range - nice place in the back of one of the little shopping nooks of town. We ordered 3 of their Appetizers with drinks and we were FULL. Good food as well.

If you need just something quick to take back to your place or eat in as well, Picasso's Pizza was great.

Barking Frog - actually passed on it one night as we thought we were underdressed as witnessed by some in the parking lot as we drove in, but came back another night and found that there are two areas to sit in and clothing is pretty casual. Really enjoyed their food and ambience. Tried a couple of Tapas appetizers along with an entre and with drinks, we were once again happily full. Liked the nice touch of the tortilla chips and salsa as a welcome snack.

Wildflower Cafe - read anyone else's comments and you will see that this is a great place to go to as well for a quick bite. Located in the Hyatt Resort, amongst other shops, they serve up a great Soup and Sandwich combo that is fabulous. When we went, they had a Vegetarian Corn and Green Chile bisque that was out of this world. If you can stay, try their soup in the bread bowl - delicious.

Last but not least, if you enjoy eating Crab, and I mean "ALL that you CAN EAT" - don't miss the special at the Airport Cafe at Sunset Mesa. Thursday Night is the day of the week for this special, and it is well worth it. Make sure you get there at least by 5:30 PM and take advantage of the drink specials before 6 and then enjoy the seafood. We left there VERY full as well.

Wow, didn't realize how much I have rambled on here, but there was so much that we did that I would need to go on for pages to fully explain the MANY things that there are to do while in Sedona. ONE LAST ITEM - take the drive to the Grand Canyon and enjoy one of the seven wonders of this beautiful earth. AMAZING views and make sure that you have at least one meal - we had lunch - at the Eltovar Hotel. Great experience!

Hope this helps someone out there looking for information on this jewel of a place in Arizona.

THANKS SEDONA! We WILL be back soon!

Thank JB2323
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Level 2 Contributor
4 reviews
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“Truly Awe inspiring”
Reviewed 30 July 2008

If you are travelling through Arizona, maybe heading for Flagstaff from Phoenix or vice versa, then take a wee side trip off the Highway and visit Sedona. Just driving through the canyons/rock formations is awe inspiring and so unexpected too. We didn't quite know what to expect but it was certainly impressive.
A must to see is Slide Creek Canyon. We were there in early October 2007, so to most people it was a bit cold but the temptation to jump in and slide down the natural rock slide was too much for my husband and my 9 yr old daughter. Togs/Swimsuits went on and in they leapt, much to the delight of other visitors who took photos because they couldn't quite believe what they were seeing. This inspired other young people to jump in and have a go. Apparently the water was freezing but it was worth it.

Thank suemagoonz
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Rhode Island
2 reviews
“My one and only place”
Reviewed 16 June 2008

Whatever you have heard or seen or read about Sedona is TRUE. My wife and I went to Los Angeles on May 14,2008 for our annual 3 week visit. This time we decided to spend some of that time in Sedona. This is a place we felt a connection with, even though we had never been there. From the moment we arrived, we felt like we belonged there. It is a magical place, beautiful, friendly, totally satisfying. We went for 4 days and ended up staying 10. So much to do and see. Now that we are back home, all we talk about is Sedona. So much so that we are now looking to buy a place to live in Sedona. We can definately see ourselves living there. If anyone has the chance to visit Sedona, please don't pass it up. It may just change your life.

Thank Jo2174
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Hamilton, Canada
Level 4 Contributor
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“My New Favorite Destination - SEDONA!”
Reviewed 28 May 2008

We arrived into Phoenix on Sunday afternoon and we were greeted with temps in the 100’s which we didn’t mind as we came from a climate that is seeing unseasonably cool temps for this time of year so we were in heaven. We caught the shuttle to the rental car agency and when we arrived, could not believe the size of the facility! We headed to the Hertz counter and my husband HAD to inquire about the special edition Shelby GT-H convertible and of course, they had one, so being his 40th b-day, he spoiled himself.
Taking in the views and the heat; we began our journey to Sedona with the top down. The 2 hour road trip felt like ½ hour. Even though there wasn’t much to look at it and we felt like we were out in the middle of nowhere, we loved it. We took I-10 to I-17, Hwy 179 to AZ89 into Sedona and when those red rocks came into our site for the very first time, we could not believe the view. We were in awe. We did make a stop at Montezuma Castle on the way to Sedona and I am glad we did. As we approached Sedona, we made a stop at the ranger station first thing and grabbed our red rock pass. ($15.00 for the week) As we made our way into town, we were expecting some delays due to construction but we had none at all. In fact, the entire week we were there, we hardly had any delays whatsoever. They keep the flow of traffic moving very nicely and it really wasn’t a nuisance to us at all. We arrived at The Sunset Chateau, checked in and then headed out to the grocery store (Bashas), picked up some things for the week and then toured Sedona to get ourselves acquainted which took no time at all. We enjoyed our first sunset in Sedona, came back, had a nightcap and could not wait for the next day to experience our first full day in Sedona.

The next day was hubby’s b-day. We were up early and did the Airport Loop Trail at 6:00 am where the trail begins right across the street from where we were staying and enjoyed the views all around the loop. Then we did Cathedral Rock. Temps still were in the high 90’s and it was a tad difficult but come hell or high water, I was making it to the top! When we got to the top, we signed the book that someone had placed for all to sign. It is placed under a tree, in a Tupperware container and protected by rocks. What a view from Cathedral Rock. Beautiful…………. That evening we headed to the Enchantment Resort for the b-day dinner and it was excellent. The food and the views were great and the resort was beautiful.

Tuesday we headed to the Grand Canyon. Took the scenic drive through Oak Creek Canyon and the views were spectacular!!! What a lovely drive. Again a 2 hour drive felt like it was a ½ hour. We had the top down of course and enjoyed the drive immensely. I won’t get into the Grand Canyon as I will post this trip separately, but I will say that I could not get over that impressive view and it’s just something that everyone needs to see and experience at least once in their lifetime.

For the remainder of the week, in a nutshell, we spent the majority of our trip in Sedona hiking. This trip was not about relaxing, taking tours or shopping. (possibly next time) It was all about experiencing the outdoors in those amazing red rocks! As well as doing the Airport Loop Trail, we also did Coffee Pot, Doe Mountain, West Fork, and Broken Arrow as well as a few trails in Red Rock State Park. The weather started to turn on Thursday and on Friday we received quite a bit of rain so our hiking trips were cut short which was disappointing as we wanted to do more. We could NOT get enough of this majestic scenery! Doe Mountain is a great hike. Once you get to the top you have to walk the entire rim which adds another mile to your hike. Lovely views from the top. Broken Arrow - AMAZING views!! It’s no wonder it is “the spot” for the Pink Jeep Tours. West Fork Trail is absolutely beautiful as you wind your way through the trail crossing back and forth over the creek many times and there are many types of vegetation in this canyon. These trails are NOT to be missed. Coffee Pot and the Airport Loop are nice, easy trails with still awesome views. All the trails are marked clearly with the cairns and markers people made from rocks themselves so it is very hard to get lost or off the beaten path. There are boxes placed at the beginning of every trail that have a trail sign book where you put your name, date and time. I think it is very important everyone signs this book before heading off onto the trails.

The morning we were leaving we woke up to see a light dusting of snow on the very top of the red rocks. The temp changed 40 degrees while we were there. We visited the Chapel of the Holy Cross which you just have to do when you come to Sedona. There is just something about the church when you walk in, sit down and take in the beauty of this place. A feeling comes over you that you just can’t explain and I am the last person to be of the spiritual kind. We opted not to do the Pink Jeep Tour (hubby refused) and I do not regret this at all. We enjoyed learning and experiencing Sedona on our own. I am sure we could have learned a lot more but this could be done on our next trip to Sedona. If you are in to hiking, I HIGHLY recommend “Sedona Hikes” by Richard and Sherry Mangum. This book came in VERY handy while we were there and we used it every day. I know many have mentioned the sunsets in Sedona and it is definitely not to be missed. Forewarning that there are a TON of people at the top of Airport Road and on the little knoll before the top as well. The knoll is the best spot but if you can find any other place to go if you want some privacy - do it! As I learned from people in the forums (especially RedRox) it’s not about watching the sun go down, it’s ALL about watching the Red Rocks change colors as the sun sets. Quick mention of the Vortexes. I did not experience any kind of “feelings” or “sensations” but I must admit, being in Sedona itself and being surrounded by the red rocks, hiking every day, all day, did give us a feeling of tranquility and peace if that means anything. …………….

We will be back and I cannot wait to do more and see more of Sedona. I can see why people have picked up and moved here after visiting. I would do it in a second if I could. I envy all who are there and enjoy those views every single day.

2 Thank racey_tay
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Bay City, Michigan
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“This place rocks...yes, I know, what a cliche...lol”
Reviewed 10 May 2008

I certainly won't begin to give information about Sedona, AZ. There is tons of that on the internet and Tripadvisor already. However, I did want to mention the overall impression I got of the town while on a recent vacation there. It is, of course, a beautiful small town, with all those red rocks, blue skies, sunny days, lovely resorts, flowers, perfect weather, loads of available activities, great choice of restaurants. But the one thing that stood out for us was the friendliness of the people, both visitors and locals alike. We were truly amazed that almost everyone we came across was polite, friendly, informative, and loved to talk to us. I am sure a lot of them get tired getting asked the same old questions, or even approached by tourists, though that may be a part of their living. I visited the library, and my goodness, I had people helping left and right. Same with the post office. Shop owners took time to chat, with such a good attitude. So, thank you, Sedona, AZ for providing not just a beautiful place to visit, but a wonderful reception as well.

2 Thank tymetraveler222
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