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“Still waiting for my promised refund-avoid this airline”
Review of Nature Air (no longer operating)

Reviewed 6 April 2018

Booked in 2017. Their first mistake was to give me 2 tickets-luckily they hadn't charged for 2 though their staff seemed unaware of this and I was told a refund would take 8 weeks...Well just one day before my flight of January 24th I was told it had been cancelled [rather like what happened to other reviewers]. I was able to book with Sansa and have nothing but praise for the latter company. My advice to visitors is to fly with Sansa who are efficient, pleasant and punctual. I was told by Natureair on 4th February I would receive my refund in about 4 weeks. Despite being reassured several times since then I have received nothing and they are no longer answering my polite emails. One employee told me last week to contact my bank about the matter, though I wonder what they can do at this stage.

Thank MettiChania_Crete
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Reviewed 22 March 2018

Nature Air gave me the runaround for weeks leading up to our trip. I booked this flight (leaving 2/28/18 and returning 3/8/18) last July. They changed our flight times AND AIRPORT in February. I chatted online with an agent and asked why the airport was changed. They told me it was never changed. I had both itineraries in front of me, with different airports on them. They were so sketchy on the chat that I printed out the itinerary and brought it to Costa Rica with me in case there were any issues. When I arrived in Costa Rica, I called Nature Air to confirm my flight on 2/28. She said "that flight is cancelled." I asked when it was rescheduled for, she told me "Maybe March 7th?" and then hung up on me. I called back 7 times before I got someone on the phone, who told me "there are other ways to get there." I said yeah but I have a confirmed flight with you that I paid for, and no notice that you cancelled it.

I ended up taking a cab to the Tobias Bolanos airport, where I was told our flight was leaving from. The airport was abandoned except for the Civil Aviation officials. They found a Nature Air representative for us, who said that there's nothing they can do for us and I might get my refund in 4 weeks. I had him call his supervisor, who told me maybe she'll find me another flight. I said no thanks, I don't trust your airline and I just want my money refunded so I can pay for my transportation to Panama. I also had an Airbnb reservation in Panama that was non refundable, so I wanted to get there ASAP. I ended up receiving an email telling me that my flight was cancelled while I was on the phone with this Nature Air employee. The email that one of their customer service agents had told me earlier in the day was sent out weeks earlier.

We ended up getting a refund and taking Sansa air to the east coast of Costa Rica, then the Caribe shuttle to Panama. Everyone else was extremely professional and awesome to work with. Nature Air is terrible and they are still booking flights right now that they have no intention of fulfilling.

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Reviewed 20 March 2018

Booked with Nature Air 2 months prior to visiting Costa Rica. Paid for our flight with no issues. The day before we were to fly out of Puerto Jiminez, we received an email telling us our flight was cancelled. We hastely had to rebook with Sansa Air. Once at the airstrip, we found out that Nature Air has been grounded for over 4 months due to a couple accidents and Safety issues. Now we are trying to get our money back from Nature Air.
If you are travelling within Costa Rica, I suggest using Sansa Air until Nature Air starts flying again.

Thank Marcel L
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Reviewed 18 March 2018

I booked in 2017 all my domestic flights on Nature Air for my vacations in 2018 in many locations as i didn't want to have long drives. I already travel with them few years ago and it was fine. But i ignored that the costarican civil aviation requested more investments for Nature Air in crew , aircrafts .. for security issues after a review. Air Nature never do anything and end 2017 there was 2 deadly accidents and in january 2018, Nature was forbidden to fly. I lived in Europe so i didn't know about that. And Nature Air never contacted me to update me. So i arrived in march 2018 in Costa Rica and i received the cancellation email the day before my flight ! so it was to go to la fortuna and at the last minute i had to take an expensive taxi and all my trips were that way. All Sansa flights were full as most customers switched in time on their flights.
so for me the company had a unacceptable behavior :
- 1st : not following the requests of civil aviation exposing their customers to accidents and it'w what happened with deaths on 1 accidents - They knew they were operating flights without respecting security rules but they made it and i hope the justice will take care of this
- when they knew they were forbid for flights : they have to inform their customers and refund them on request , as passengers had to find another solution for each flight
- and after i had dozens of emails with their customer service to learn that all my flights for around 1000 USD were cancelled and of course i requested refund as i had to pay others transports - but the only reply was "send your credit card numbers" - i did and no money was refunded and the customer service wrote that they have no money to refund
- so how a company which didn't make any investistments, don't respect security rules despite civil aviation requests and obviously it costs less money for them, selling to tourists expensive tickets , more than europe, fo such small distances can have "no money" ??? It's a big question
- so it was a kind of Ponzi pyramid as the customers which were booking in advance theirs flights were paying the company to operate the flights at the time of therr booking. And when they were unable to sell new tickets, they ran out of money and be unable to refund their flights ! they have to change their name for Madoff airline
- how it can happened in the 21 th century ? and why Madoff air wasn't forbid to fly BEFORE the accidents as they refused to apply the civil aviation rules ?
- and WHERE IS THE MONEY ? left offshore ? bad management ??? this case need justice investigations. How a company can receive money from customers and spend the money for other purposes?
so i will fight to be refunded of my money like many people scammed by madoff air
and i was coming often to Costa Rica, as i liked it, but it's the last time as i can't believe anymore any airline in this country.
so avoid booking with this company, if they can fly again but locals thinks they are bankrupt - i don't know if it's true

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Thank cdelx
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Reviewed 17 March 2018


Nature Air @natureair didn't fullfilled the Civil aviation resquests in 2017 and they get 2 deadly accidents. Now they are forbid to fly but they cancelled all flights without refund the passengers. So how it can happened in the 21th century ? and where is the money as all tickets are prepaid ?
Nature air gave a very bad image of Costa Rica and i won't come back as such practices seems to be accepted here

i relay a message from a local from 31th january " Nature Air legal situation
Jan 31, 2018, 9:11 PM

January 12th 2018 the license to fly to NA were suspended aby Nationa Aviaton.... Aviacion Civil

Last year they notify NA that they need ....at least 5 planes and 30 pilots.

That warning was never fully accepted by NA>

They have 12 routes around the country. That many routes need at least 15 crew members all the time...incuding the back up crews.

Some other important issues were informed by AC...that NA never fullfill.

They expect to have the rights again to fly as soon as the end of this week.

AC is waiting for a complete inform by the Canadian company that manufacture the airplane engines.

For now SANSA can be the answer.


for myself they owe me 1130 USD as i didn't want to take any car to visit the country. And Nature Air cancelled the flights just the day before so i had to pay taxis to go to my destination, so hours on road and they waste my vacations

many people on social networks haven't been refunded , and a message said the company is closed. I don't know but it's incredible it can happened

so adios Costa Rica - beautiful country but dangerous airline and no rules , just the jungle for tourists - so i will spend my money in others destinations

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Thank platinoum
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