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Sudbury, Canada
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I've been looking into the Infinity bay Spa and Beach resort. We would like to go visit around mid January for 7 days.

My question is; Is it safe to tour the island ( Roatan) by ourselves? Either renting a car or bike?

Would anyone recommend it? If yes, what is a must to see?

Thank you very much for your time.


Roatan, Honduras
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1. Re: Safety

If you use the "search" button in the upper right hand corner, you will find many posts related to your topic.

Roatan, Honduras
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2. Re: Safety

Or check the Roatan FAQ on the subject, this horse has been beaten to death turned to glue, glued together then beaten once more for good measure


Menlo Park...
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3. Re: Safety

bike: no way

rental car: maybe

cab with hired driver: definitely

Then ask the driver what to see. It's a long mountainous lovely island

Roatan, Honduras
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4. Re: Safety

If you ask the driver he will likely take you to his favorite places that offer him/her kickbacks for bringing rich gringos to their place, Roatan is not that big, Spend a few hours on Tripadvisor and Cruise Critic and get an idea of where you want to go, do not leve it up to the cabbie to take you where he/she thinks you want to go unless that cabbie is highly recommended from someone you can trust

Sudbury, Ontario
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5. Re: Safety

Hello Sunlover...we are also from Sudbury (Lively actually) and love Roatan. Heading back for our fourth visit this January (6-weeks yah!) We have always felt safe day or night but as with anywhere you go be cautious, leave the jewelry at home, carry smaller amounts of cash with you, when you head to the beach leave the tablet in the room.

The advise the others have given you is perfect. There is so much information out there already on Roatan you can read for days & days. It will all give you a good insight into Roatan. We have rented a vehicle & ventured out on our own (once we knew our way around) and hired a tour operator to take us to specific places. We've also hopped on the collective and went into Sandy Bay & Coxen Hole - unfortunately there is no collective from West Bay. Once you've done some reading you'll see there is a few different ways to get around; land taxi, water taxi, shared taxi. Snorkeling in front of IB is great.

Enjoy your vacation!

Mary Jane

"Never Sweat the Small Stuff"

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6. Re: Safety

Sunlover, check your messages please.

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7. Re: Safety

We just returned from a 10 days trip

To Roatan, and we felt safe the whole time. If you stay in west bay or west end you'll quickly realize you don't need a car. We rented one but we returned it the 3rd day, because we only used the taxi water, which runs all day till 6pm. At night we just asked the restaurant or resort we were at to call us a cab to take us home. We got one of the taxi drivers number, and we called him every time we needed a ride somewhere. A whole lot cheaper than paying $100 a day for a car that was in the garage most of the time. We were aventurous to drive a borrowed scooter all the way from west bay to coxen hole and back during the day, and we never felt unsafe other than people trying to overcharge. If you want to take extra precautions; just dont carry or wear fancy stuff, and only carry the cash needed for the day. After all the most you can loose is your pocket change.

Oshawa, Canada
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8. Re: Safety

Hello MJ , Ian here from Oshawa . I see you have visited Roatan several times so you must love it there . Well my wife & I want to get out of Ontario f/t & were looking @ St. Croix but with our dollar tanking we've had to look around where we'll get a better bang for our buck . We're going to visit the island & check it out for a house , my question is , where do you think is the best place to live on the island ? any other tips is appreciated . Happy Trails , Ian & Cathy .

Tokyo, Japan
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9. Re: Safety

LIVE? Like, to retire? Or just to visit long term? Either way, I would pick West End or West Bay ..... or in between the two. Everyone speaks English and you would have a variety of options for everything.

Nice homes on the other side of West Bay, too! Not sure if the price is right as it's pretty expensive on the West side if you want Northern American standards. But it's warm and if you like beer, it's only US $2!

Happy looking!

Burlington, Canada
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10. Re: Safety

I'll say it before someone else likely will....many people will recommend that you firstly spend some extended time on the island in a rental before you decide to purchase. Roatan has a few quirky things about it...some backwardly charming and others not so...you may want to understand the island a little better before you jump in head first and purchase. But perhaps you should start another thread of your own if you want to ask questions about living full time and purchasing there.