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Best all inclusive

Nova Scotia, Canada
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Best all inclusive

We are looking at spending two weeks and can't decide between Infinity or Henry Morgan. Looking for good staff and good food. We know we'll have the best beach and great snorkelling. All opinions welcome. Thanks.

I wander the world
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1. Re: Best all inclusive

By Roatan standards, Henry Morgan is a more AI.

Infinity is more meal plan than AI.

The food the whole of the island is passable, if ya want good food go to Italy not Roatan. :)

Burlington, Canada
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2. Re: Best all inclusive

I don't think Infinity Bay does all inclusive. Henry Morgan and Infinity Bay are NOT in the same league so I would suggest doing a little more research if you have narrowed it down to these two properties. You won't get great food at Henry Morgan it is 3 star at best. You can get better prices at Infinity Bay by renting directly through owners who have their units listed on vrbo and booking your flight separately . For good food DO NOT go all inclusive to Roatan...there are miles and miles of posts on this on this forum that discuss how all inclusives in Roatan do not compare to the big players that do all inclusives state of the art.

Burlington, Canada
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3. Re: Best all inclusive

Missed you by a minute Nomad...yes agree...Roatan is NOT about great food..it is about diving and snorkeling and interesting island terrain to explore and friendly islanders. Yes there are restaurants you can go to there but most are just your run of the mill road house food...and some burgers..etc.

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4. Re: Best all inclusive

There is great food on the island - but mostly it is the great seafood you can buy and prepare yourself. People used to traveling "all inclusive" often are staying at resorts that are somewhat insular and the meal plan makes everything convenient. Often the food is pretty good to very good with lots of options.

On Roatan, there is no need for that. First of all, most people describe the food as OK at best in the all inclusive... and the free drinks are limited... so going AI for many means eating food they really don't get excited about and drinking free cheap booze and beer instead of what they'd actually like to drink. That doesn't fit my model of vacation!

most people on vacation don't really need to eat three meals a day. With a lovely condo like you would have at Infinity Bay, with a full kitchen, it is easy to stock up the fresh fruit, yogurt, granola, toast, peanut butter... whatever... for breakfast.

We prefer a seafood salad or a sandwich for lunch... would much rather make my own fresh than wait for someone to make something similar for $$$.

Even on West Bay, we would generally only have one meal out and then do our own snacks and whatever for the rest of the day. Though we love to cook up a mess of shrimp and a couple baked potatoes and some vegies and have a good bottle of white wine and watch cable tv, there are so many places along the beach that you can pretty much eat a different place every day.

And the drinks - the grocery stores in Coxen Hole have pretty good liquor selections at reasonable prices... Flor de Cana Nicaraguan rum is some of the best in the world and is ridiculously cheap. We pick up juices, coconut cream, and enjoy lots of rum punches and pina coladas and monkey lalas that are better than the bars - and not available at AI bars - and are really good.

The best AI on Roatan? A nice condo and your own refrigerator.

Davie, Florida
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5. Re: Best all inclusive

never go AI if you want good food that would be a oxymoron

Montreal, Canada
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6. Re: Best all inclusive

Infinity is back to being offered as an All Inclusive...as of a few weeks ago.

Roatan, Honduras
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7. Re: Best all inclusive

Maybe the BEST all inclusive on Roatan is the ONE that takes a lot of pride in what Roatan does best and that is Cocoview Resort. Is the food the best on the island? Are accomodations 5 star? Not by a long shot BUT Roatan is known for snorkeling and diving, everything else is fill in and CCV is the only place where it is easy to do 5 dives a day and esilly have meals, So, as you can see, "THE BEST" varies a reat deal as to what your looking for .Infinity Bay may be best as something but if diving is important then they are far from best option

Sudbury, Canada
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8. Re: Best all inclusive

Hi, I have been checking out Paradise beach club, the reviews have been pretty good...location is good... Food seems to be ok..

Overall the majority of people on this site will put down all inclusives when asking for opinions ...

I have did the calculations and when you are booking out of Canada with the AI option it usually works out to be cheaper then booking separate.

Which ever you choose have an awesome vacation

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9. Re: Best all inclusive

Somehow, I got on the Infinity Bay "owners" email list, at least for awhile, and they've signed a new agreement with SunWing for a huge number of rooms starting some time in the future. These are "all inclusive" rooms, as that seems to be all that SunWing offers, at least when I checked out their website. So, while Infinity Bay doesn't do AI now, it is in the works. I'm guessing that will be when there new facility opens up, because the Palapa Bar could hardly function as an AI. As to what kind of quality their AI will be, I couldn't say. It doesn't seem like fine dining is the high point of West Bay. In any case, I agree with Idiots, and others, that your room-cooked meal is likely to top any restaurant fare. My husband is still talking about the veggie omelette I made, served poolside along with fresh bread from the Hungrey Monkey deli and local fresh roasted coffee while staying at Infinity Bay. I also agree with the other posters; part of the fun of West Bay is going "down the beach" to eat. Oh, Gosh, now I'm thinking of the parrots at Celeste's when we had breakfast there ($5 a plate!), and the banana donuts, and I miss Roatan...................

Rosedale, Canada
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10. Re: Best all inclusive


We really enjoyed the Paradise Beach Club when we stayed there last month, although we stayed in the new building, the Paradise Oceanic. It is a very well maintained , compact resort with awesome staff and we got a great nightly rate.

We are also from Canada but from the West Coast it doesn't make any sense for us to book an all-inclusive trip from TO then turn around and pay for round trip airfare from Vancouver to TO, so we booked bed and breakfast only and booked airfare separately flying from Van to Roatan via Houston. From talking to folks who were staying AI at our hotel through Sunwing, they said that they found the meals adequate but there wasn't a lot of variety.

If you get a good deal on a package to the Paradise, I would highly recommend that you at least try some of the different restaurants in the area instead of just eating all your meals at the hotel. There is some decent food to be found at the Thirsty Turtle next door to the hotel, at Smuggler's Cove, and one we really enjoyed was the Blue Parrot in Sandy Bay which has awesome Jamaican/Chinese cuisine ( the owner is from Jamaica ) .

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