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Is Roatan safe...read this

Pickering, Canada
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Is Roatan safe...read this


The above is a link within Sunwing. It speaks to a lot of crime perpetrated on individuals as well as weapons. Initially when I read all the reviews for Roatan I was thinking I was going to a wonderful and safe spot. Now I'm very concerned and feel uneasy. We leave this weekend. Any feedback that negates what is said in this article would be much appreciated.

Thanks so much.

Roatan, Honduras
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1. Re: Is Roatan safe...read this

I did a fast search on other popular holiday destinations and the "warnings " were basically the same for Dominican Republic, Mexico, etc.

Crime is on the increase everywhere. You use common sense, don't flash cash, jewellery, etc. and don't walk alone at night anywhere. I have been going to Roatan for about 4 years now, including from Dec. to April (just returned) and have never been the victim of a crime. I love it there, love the people, and I will be back again soon.

Pickering, Canada
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2. Re: Is Roatan safe...read this

Thank you Shawnda for your reply. I actually had a fleeting thought to check out other countries and the reports. I should've. I'm sure they do say the same thing. I wonder what it says about Canada. I must take a look. I'm sure it will make me feel better. I must admit it's caused me to feel a bit uneasy but hopefully that will dissipate real fast once I arrive. If doesn't, perhaps one of these Monkey la la's would be in order.

watertown, Minnesota
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3. Re: Is Roatan safe...read this

Before my husband and I traveled to Roatan last month, I was a google freak! I did an extreme amount of research and found that most of the crime and warnings were for mainland Honduras. Hence, we flew into Roatan direct at a higher rate and not the cheaper San Pedro. ANYWHERE you go, you have to use common sence. If you are staying in West Bay, rest at ease. I never felt as if we were being watched or targeted. We walked from bar to bar on the beach at night and there were plenty of other people doing the same. It does close down early and we weren't out after places closed. We also went with another couple on a Friday night to the Argentionian in West End for dinner, then bar hopped from Slippery Sue's to the Booty Bar, then Rickl's where we danced til close (GREAT BAND!). Cabbed it back at about 1am. Just don't go strolling alone or flash any cash. Use your head and stay safe, but most of all, HAVE A GREAT TIME!

Amsterdam, The...
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4. Re: Is Roatan safe...read this

as a young woman safety is something i'm very concerned about as well. i traveled with my boyfriend and i felt completely safe in roatan but just like anywhere use your common sense. i wouldn't do the walk between west end and west bay as i've heard stories of muggings there. don't walk anywhere alone where there isn't many people and don't carry around ritzy jewellery or electronics with you. really there is crime anywhere. in terms of at resort destination i felt very safe in roatan and would not hesitate to go back.

Huron, Ohio
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5. Re: Is Roatan safe...read this

we are going next month.. I too was a bit concerned, but I'm trying to stay away from reading all the 'bad' things.. and I keep telling myself. this DOES happen everywhere.. a few things from our last couple of trips

Grand Cayman - last year.. break ins galore going on the island

Antigua - 2009 - a tourist was murdered

Big Island of Hawaii - 2008 - if you leave items in your car, your car will get broken into

the list goes on and on...

so needless to say it DOES happen everywhere and we will just be smart travellers and not do anything stupid

Sudbury, Canada
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6. Re: Is Roatan safe...read this

'I would suggest you read the thread named 'Robbed at Casa Tabyana'. I know there are a lot of entries but there is a lot of information there that may give you and others a sense of the safety in West End/West Bay as well as pointers on how to stay safe. I have been to many Caribbean islands as well as Mexico but have never been anywhere where a condo complex (such as Sunset Villas, West End) has been hit six times in two weeks, and with some B&E's at gun point.

League City, Texas
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7. Re: Is Roatan safe...read this

Just returned a couple of weeks ago. Used common sense and never felt unsafe. I was also concerned after reading about the crime issues. This made me a little more "aware" of my surroundings. I did not bring any expensive jewelry, just a few costume bracelets and earrings similar to the things they sell there. I live in Houston and I assure you the news here is full of murder, armed robbery at banks, drive by shootings, you name it. I also use common sense here and there are areas I would not go to at night or alone. Crime is everywhere and Roatan is no different. Use good judgement and enjoy yourself, it is a fabulous place.

Davie, Florida
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8. Re: Is Roatan safe...read this

fear/paranoia tends to be a north american thing. its common to se europeans and south americans backpacking around central america without a care in the world.

Utila, Honduras
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9. Re: Is Roatan safe...read this

words of sanity from katzgar, this forum becomes more paranoid by the week. i guess it's all the cruise shippers who have "discovered" the bay islands.

Burlington, Canada
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10. Re: Is Roatan safe...read this

Sand and Sea....you are "probably" staying all-inclusive at one of the property Sunwing offers....as you would be from Canada as I am....if you are staying in West Bay this is one of the most secure areas in Roatan. We went two years ago and stayed at the Mayan Princess in West Bay. People walking up and down the beach there day and night all the time!!!! This year we booked our flight with Sunwing but booked a unit separately at Infinity Bay. I think you will feel safe here...a lot of the things on the official government site refer to mainland Honduras....however we notice a difference between our trip in 2010 and the one in February 2011...still felt very safe ....but we will not do the beach walk between West Bay and West End as a fellow was robbed just before we came along. If you stay where the tourists are and don't walk in isolated areas you will feel quite safe on West Bay. The locals do say that crime (petty theft type stuff) is increasing on the island...so just play it extra safe and you will have a lovely holiday...don't worry it is a really neat place to visit. What resort are you staying at....is it in West Bay?

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