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West Bay Lodge

Louisville, Kentucky
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West Bay Lodge

There was a guy somewhere on this forum asking which is better La rocas or WBL, and that thread is already closed, but here is my answer.

We went to West Bay this summer and stayed at WBL. I hated that place. This place has #1 rating on trip advisor, so I decided to trust it and went for it. The description of the hotel did not sound good to me. I was really concerned about not having a place on the beach and about tiny cabanas i saw on the pics, but I thought that I should rely on other travellers experience, I was wrong!. It turned out to be such an uncomfortable stay, besides, I thought that the place really needs to improve their ecco friendliness.

First of all they have parrots with severely clipped wings, so that they cannot fly. These poor creatures are stuck on the poles around the restrant area yelling from boredom all days long. their yell is really loud and disturbing.

There are stray cats that reside on the territory and seem to be reproducing in geometric progression (is it so difficult to sterilize the cat that they consider to be their pets??). they are undernourished and beg for food at their restrant.

And the most of all - they have dead corals as decoration all over the place. Yes, you heard me right - DEAD PEACES OF CORALS. They are in the restrant area and in the cabanas serving as a decoration to the note on the wall saying "Help us protect the Roatan" (the note itself is issued by some preservation folks of the island, not the West Lodgers, the later cannot care less.

They use white towels - which means bleaching. Whic means killing the reef.

They use plastic bottles.

Their so called"Spa toiletures" consist of cheap department store shampoos like "Suav" with ingredients that are harmful for environment (that is the reef!).

Speaking about so many times mentioned beer in the cabana fridge (or minibar). They sell it for the same price at Infinity Bay restrant on the beach. Just in case... A lot of people say that the beer is very cheap at the lodge - not true. First of all there is no such things as cheap supermarket in West Bay to begin with.

The location . It is acutally bad. yes, it is 5 minutes walk just to get to the ocean line, but .. the thing is: there is no place right there of their own, like other hotels have. So, you come to the beach and realize, that there is no place for you there to sit down, let alone no shade. The sun is usually burning unbearably at 9 am on the island and you do need some shade. And the West Bay lodge serves breakfast at 8! long after the sun is up.

You can walk to Tabiana beach and rent a 5 dollar chair (chezlong) , but they will kick you out of their territory on cruise days . Yes, the cruise serving stuff is very rude to other tourists.

So, it is not a problem that you have to walk to the beach, it is a problem you have nowhere to stay there. There is no shade, nobody to guard your stuff. And if you walk past Tabiana beach, (which sums up to 10 min walk on burning sun already) then you should better bring all you need for the day. And bring some other people to watch your stuff while you are swimming. Be prepared to carry all that stuff with you when you go to lunch.

All in all, it makes a lot more sense to pay extra 25 dollars a day and get a room at a hotel that has chairs on the beach and a guard who looks after your stuff, like at Infinity Bay, or Captain Morgan. La roca , which is at the very left edge of the beach, is still a better choice. they have some place by the water. and their restrant is so much better.

Yes, the restrant at West Bay lodge is called "Selesté's Cuisine". It should be called Seleste's FOOD. The ingredients they use are usually ok, but the cooking! they have no respect for good produce. They have no idea how to cook. They put raw onien and carrots into breakfast egg tortillas, but no cilantro. it looks like somebody is experimenting with what to put in a tortilla. All their dishes at dinner is a variation of stuffed tortillas. They should get themselves a cook book. Yes, the restrant food is cheap, but no thank you. We were on a budget and still preferred other places to eat. The breakfast was Ok. It was very scanty. And coffee at breakfast is BAD. Bring the coffee you like.

I think WBL is overrated and overpriced. I did not like the handicapped parrots, turtles in a kinda ditch (see the picture of those too), neither did I like the trapped auguti in a cage (why the hell they had to trap those???) which we saw them living in the wild in that island, not a poor rabbit, always sitting in a cage.

The pool, with its cloudy dirty water, I did not like eigther ,

But most of all I hated the cabana which was so tiny with no room for suitcases, with no glass in the windows and old air conditioner. It only gets cool inside in the middle of the night. I got cold sores while I was staying there because we kept the thermostate on the air conditioner all the way down at night and at some point it got too cold while you were asleep.

I really do not recomend this place. Especially for the price.

I chose that place following the reviews on this web site and now I am sure that a great deal of them is planted.

So, I will not trust Trip Advisor reviews so much. I will only be sorting out bare facts. And if you just filter out the facts from the reivews, you will see that WBL is not a great place to stay at all.

Long Island, NY
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1. Re: West Bay Lodge

Wow!!! I have so much to say and yet it would all be pulled...

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2. Re: West Bay Lodge

Me too !! Can somebody remove this pack of lies?

None of this is true and coming from a one time poster, what gives?

The people that own WBL are probably the friendliest, kindest people you will meet in Roatan. I didnt stay there for my trip but have eaten there often and will be staying there for my next trip without hesitation. Lets get this straight. None of the animals are starving or unhappy, they are totally spoilt and well loved. The place is amazing, cozy , quiet and tropical.

We always had great food there, nothing wrong with the cook, must be your tastebuds. I could go on and on, you just have to read the reviews to see how wonderful it is and no they are not "planted" they are written by people that travel and post all the time .

Louisville, Kentucky
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3. Re: West Bay Lodge

I can attach pictures of those neglected cats,

and I can attach pictures of the parrots where you can see how harshly their wings are clipped, and I can definitely attach a picture of dead fan corals that decorate their walls. I am not sure how to attach pictures though. But I will try to add more pictures to my reivew about WBL and you will see them there.

Flowers Bay...
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4. Re: West Bay Lodge

Never had a bird so I can't compliment on that but as for neglected cats? It's third world Honduras, I can find neglected cats and dogs pretty much anywhere unless a place works to fence them to keep them out. Sea Fans decorating? Walk the beach after a good storm, They wash up on a regular basis. I chose not to collect them because i do not want folks to think its OK and try to "pick" them but a lot of places decorate with dead critters. Just look at how many collect shells which we all know a hermit crab could call home.

Please, Where would YOU Recommend on Roatan for the Eco friendly person. I know of no real "green" enviro friendly places. Some advertise eco friendly because they actually have a decent septic system and a quiet generator.

Louisville, Kentucky
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5. Re: West Bay Lodge

Yes, I am a "one time poster", but the fact that I find interest in life other than sitting on forums all days like you does not mean my review is all a lie.

I can provide proof of what I am saying.

And again", after all:"Nice people" in your regard, does not necesserily mean Green people, or smart people.

and the facts that I mentioned about animals WERE ALREADY MENTIONED IN OTHER REIVEWS. So, do not claim that something is a lie without any proof.

I do not see how I can benefit from belying WBL. I am just an animal lover and I returned from that hotel angry with the way they treat animals. So, tell me what is the reason for me to bely this establishment???

Now, I very well can see why YOU can be interested in boosting up the rating of that hotel.

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Kansas City
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6. Re: West Bay Lodge

I always take with a huge grain of salt posters who only have one post, and it is a negative / harsh review of an establishment. You may very well have had a bad experience with the place, but your credibility is in question when you have no track record of reviewing places and / or posting negative AND positive reviews or items on Trip Advisor. Too often folks will see a post like this and dismiss it as someone with an ax to grind, or even a competitor trying to trash the place in question.

You may have some legitimate complaints, but sea fans and/or shells is not a valid one (as BHG eludes to), nor is conditions of animals. I too am an animal lover, and you can find malnourished animals ALL OVER Central America, and Roatan is certainly no different. Rather than complaining on an anonymous forum about it, do something positive about it and look into donating to Penelope's RRR program that helps rescue animals in need of emergency care around the island.

And your complaint about it being "too sunny and hot" on the beach with no one to watch your stuff is just laughable. Sounds like you need to stick to an all inclusive resort .....maybe Cancun would be more up your alley. Although if the sun is "unbearable" by 9am for you, maybe you should avoid GOING TO THE TROPICS for vacation......just a helpful suggestion.

Kansas City
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7. Re: West Bay Lodge

If you are realistically looking for a more eco-friendly type of vacation on Roatan, I believe the small resort at Marble Hill out past Punta Gorda takes pride in their sustainability and eco conscious practices, and also Camp Bay Adventure Lodge is an eco conscious type of place as well I believe. You certainly would not have any issues with someone needing to watch your stuff while you swim, nor having to come up with a plan to have somewhere to sit on the beach since you would probably have the whole beach to yourself. I am in no way affiliated with either of those places, but I have visited each of those places and found them to be beautiful, and most importantly peaceful. I can not however, ensure that they would not take to such evil practices as using onions & carrots in a breakfast omelet, without using cilantro as well......(the nerve of some people LOL).....as I have not personally eaten at either establishment. Cheers & Happy Travels.

Flowers Bay...
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8. Re: West Bay Lodge

"First of all they have parrots with severely clipped wings, so that they cannot fly."

Clipping wings is typical of people that don't want tropical birds fly away, Many US Vets offer this option..

""There are stray cats that reside on the territory ""

Like you say, They are STRAY, How do you hold someone responsible for a stray? Should they pay to euthanize them so they do not bother you?

"they have dead corals as decoration all over the place"

Corals wash up all the time, there are roads made out of dead coral, Whats the issue?

"They use white towels - which means bleaching"

Would you complain if your towel appeared dirty even if they assured you it hade been through the wash?

"" A lot of people say that the beer is very cheap at the lodge """

Who are these people? Where do they post this information??

""The sun is usually burning unbearably at 9 am""

Uhhhmmmm, You did choose to vacation in the tropics, Would you be happy if it was raining and cloudy???

""And coffee at breakfast is BAD. Bring the coffee you like.""

Honduras has some of the best coffee available, Why did you not know that???

Roatan, Honduras
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9. Re: West Bay Lodge

This is Celeste from West Bay lodge. My husband and I are the owners. I would like to comment on this guest and wished she would have taken the time to ask about the animal rescues that we do here. First of all, all of our animals have been rescued or given to us by someone moving off the island who wanted them placed in a good home. Every cat on our property has been spayed/nuetered with the exception of 1 stray mama who comes into the restaurant and we are going to keep her. She still nursing. When she is finished with the last kitten she will be taken in also and get fixed. We have found good homes for all her kittens except the last one. Every cat we have has all their shots upto date and flee/tick meds every 30 days etc. I can show you all of their records. Dr Soto can back this up as he did all the surgerys and comes and gives the shots. He checks all the animals and was here just yesterday. Email me the picture and I can tell you the name, age, date of their last dr visit of every animal we have. They are not even close to neglected, one of our cats even weighs 15 lbs. We are part of 5 hotels that are catching strays in West Bay taking them in and having them fixed at our own expense. In the last 2 months alone we placed 12 kittens and had the mamas fixed from other hotels. We are feeding 3 week old kittens with an eye dropper every 2 hours that were found in West End in a cardboard box last week that were almost dead. They are very healthy now and have homes ready for them when they are 7 weeks old. I believe that was you British Texas? I gave you a complete tour and you met everyone of our beautiful animals. We believe it is better to have our family cats around then the rats/taranchula/boas. Yes, the little fat kitten in the restaurant begs as do almost all cats because people feed him. As for the watusas; 1 was brought to us as a small baby with a very badly broken leg, Milos splinted it and it has healed but she walks with a limp and couldn't defend herself in the wild or feed herself, the other was given to us by someone who had her since she was a baby and they didn't want her anymore. After years of living in the house with this family, yes she is litter trained, she would not be able to live on her own outside. She is taken out many times a day and played with. The parrots are all the same stories. Some were brought to us almost dead and we nursed them back to health. Others by friends moving off the island. Poncho was brought to us by some kids at night with his wing torn off and mauled by a dog. Very badly shaken up. He only has 1 wing but now lives a very good life. They are alowed to roam around in the trees; restaurant; office, pool area where ever they want. They get on/off their perchs all the time. Their wings have been clipped exactly the way they are supposed to be, just the tips. Yes, the turtles were rescued also and brought to us and spoiled with their imported turtle food as they wouldn't eat anything from the wild everyone takes them out and plays with them and they know their names and come when called.

Yes, we use white towels. What resort doesn't? This way we know they are clean and when to replace them. We DO NOT use bleach. We use EcoSense low sudsing detergent by Melaleuca. Please look this up as it is the most eco friendly product we could find. You could have walked into the bodega and checked the bottles. We have this shipped down from the states and it isn't cheap. If they get stained we simply replace them and give the older to the police dept. We do give every guest a plastic water bottle to use while they are here and a free 5 gallon bottle of water in your room to keep refilling the small one with for their stay. We replace the 5 gallons as many times as they want. If they bring the plastic back to us we will take them to West End where the recyleing bin is. All soda and beer in the mini bar are in recyclable bottles and we ask guests not to bring ones on the property that are not. $1-$2 isn't bad for soda/beer. All of our guests use the chairs at Bananarama resort, 3 minutes from here. We feel this is the best spot on the beach. For $10 per week they get chairs/kayaks and they have security. Each bungalow has a beach umbrella to take with them. The coral in the room/restaurant was all brought to us by guests walking on the beach after a storm. We are gold members of the Roatan marine park and contribute a lot of time and $$ for their support. You can see the certificate in our office. We serve Cafe Miramundo coffee proudly as we believe this is a excellent coffee; Judith Jackson toiletries, with a bottle of coconut suave for the men who don't like the fancy stuff; Your bungalow had a 12000BTU mini split AC's which is about 6 months old. You took pictures of the pool while Milos was cleaning and shocking it.

I could continue on, we buy 2 lbs cilantro per week, use yellow peppers in the eggs, not carrots, only buy legal seafood during the correct times etc but I won't.. I hope that next time you decide do launch a smear campaign you get your facts correct. You stated that you knew you wouldn't like it here before you got here. Anyone who questions any of this reply, I will be glad to provide photos, documentation or a tour of the property and let you meet our family of pets; they are each one special and loving.

Louisville, Kentucky
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10. Re: West Bay Lodge

I am not going to advertise any other hotels here for the only reason - I do not want to be accused by being associated wth WBL competition. I see from what is written under your avatar you are "destination expert"...

Well, well, what kind of expert are you, if you think it is ok for the hotels to decorate their walls with dead corals, thus giving their guests an impression that it is ok??

What kind of expert are you if you cannot appreciate some hotels building a sewage system in way that none of the water from their grounds (including gasoline from parking lots etc) is not washed directly into the sea with rain waters?? I am not mentioning here other things - like purifying the sewage that comes from the Hotel laundry etc....

So.. Speaking about cats.. Yes, some stray cats may keep coming to your territory, but why not spade those that live there on a regular basis? The cat who was always seen in a restraunt area had one really skinny kitten bugging her. What happened to his brothers in sisters from the same litter? Do you care to know?

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