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Can somebody tell me about the food

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Can somebody tell me about the food

I am planning to travel to West Bay and stay in Infinity Bay. I've tried to review the restaurants based on the forum, but I'm still uncertain about few things.

Can someone tell me if there are restaurants in walking distance that serve B/L/D or should I expect to have to catch a ride to pretty much everything? What about the restaurant in the resort? What is the most I should expect to pay for any meal on the island? So far I think the most I have seen anyone mention is $40 for dinner.

Is the swim up bar the only bar in the Infinity Bay resort?

Has anyone chosen to grocery shop while they were there? So far I have only read about Mangiamo Mkt & Deli. Are there other gorcery stores close to the resort?

I know I'm loaded with questions, but I can't seem to find these specifics in any of the reviews. Thank you.

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1. Re: Can somebody tell me about the food

I stayed there in March, so I can help you with some of your questions.

There are several restaurants within walking distance. We enjoyed walking on the beach in the evening to dinner. Bite on the Beach was my favorite spot for dinner. It is approximately a 15 minute walk down the beach, and they have a varied menu and a nice view (with resident eels to keep you entertained). There is also a decent pizza spot called Il Pomodoro within easy walking distance. We enjoyed breakfasts and lunch at Bananarama - also a very short walk from Infinity. The food at Infinity is pretty good as well, but I found the choices to be a bit limited for breakfast and lunch.

West End has a greater variety of restaurants, but you would need to take a car or water taxi there from Infinity.

In general, I found the food prices in Roatan to be a bargain - especially compared to other Caribbean islands. Breakfasts were around $5-6. There are some upscale restaurants where the prices are more inline with those in major US cities, but I found that the food at those spots was very good and well worth the price tag.

The bar at Infinity has a swim up section and a regular section with stools. You would not need to be in the pool in order to have a drink at the bar.

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2. Re: Can somebody tell me about the food

The store inside the deli is pretty pricey. There is woody's grocery store in West End that has a good selection and decent prices. Just take a water taxi over. We were there for 5 weeks and went to Woody's quite often and to the big store in French Harbor once a week.

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3. Re: Can somebody tell me about the food

I would recommend against the bar food at Banarama. I'm here this week and just getting over food poisoning from the burgers there... Infinity Bay's food was good but the pastas are pretty rich. Bite on the beach is good as well. For lunch check out Celeste's at West Bay Lodge (on the road up from the beach).

The pizza place has been closed every time I've tried to go.

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4. Re: Can somebody tell me about the food

On your way to IB have them stop in Coxen Hole at either Plaza Mar or Eldons/warrens. You should be able to find whatever you may need for cooking, snacking and drinking. Just be aware that most meats, produce and such will not look anywhere near as pretty as what you might be used to and american products will be more expensive than your used to. I would avoid buying meats and would get fruits and veggies off the truck. Good fish can be bought at the Flying Fish also in Coxen Hole. Sometimes there are guys selling from coolers, if your sure its fresh then it can be real good but beware as if its frozen hard you might not know just what its like till it thaws.

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5. Re: Can somebody tell me about the food

There are a couple of places to buy groceries in the West End, and also the fruit and veggies trucks drive around West End all day. So, just take the water taxi over from West Bay , and you'll be set. The water taxi's charge about $2.00 - 3.00 per person one way. And as the other posters say, there are tons of very good restaurants in West End as well, but note quite as geat of a selection in West Bay. West Bay is also a bit more expensive for most things. You won't go hungry, as there are still lots of restaurants to choose from, its just not the restaurant/bar hub that West End is.

To put it more in perspective, West End is a town, West Bay is by far the nicest beach on the island, and is one resort/hotel after another lining the beach, including Infinty Bay.

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6. Re: Can somebody tell me about the food

We were there in June at West Bay Village (Just beside Infinity Bay)

Lots of places to eat within walking distance from your resort

The Mangiamo Mkt & Deli was great and took credit cards with no extra charge. Loved the deli whole cooked chicken and other deli meats/ cheese (opps BEER)

On another note the specials I am aware of that help save money on guests pocket books are:

Monday's 2 for 1 pizza. Il Pomodoro

Monday's 2 for 1 Margarita's Bananarama 6-9pm

Tuesday's 2 for 1 well drinks Bananarama 6-9pm

Wednesday's 2 for 1 Monkey La La's Bananarama 6-9pm

Thursday's 2 for 1 Lobster at Foster's evenings

Thursday's $5 burgers/fries Bananarama all day

Friday's $25 local fish day Vintage Pearl 6-9pm

Friday's 2 for 1 fish/seafood Bananarama 6-9pm

Saturday's 2 for 1 Pasta Bananarama 6-9pm

Sunday's $5 burgers/fries Bananarama all day

Sunday's $1 Beer's at Bananarama 4-6pm

West Bay Lodge always has $5 gourmet Baleada's for lunch which are filling and pretty fast.

Breakfasts at West Bay Lodge, Bananarama and West Bay Bed and Breakfast I believe are all $5 each.

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7. Re: Can somebody tell me about the food

Star: The usual WB suspects have already been mentioned....Thirsty Turtle Bar/Grill(liveliest beach bar/beach grub....nothing fancy).....Bite on the Beach....great sandwiches at the Mangiamo deli.....Vintage Pearl (wonderful food but pricey). Try the Grilled Seafood Platter for Two at Infinity....For about $30 you get 2 grilled lobster tails, 2 grilled fish filets, a dozen grilled shrimp and conch with 2 baked potatoes and veggies....We tried it last May....gets my "best bang for the buck" award. Haven't stayed there yet but u will enjoy Infinity Bay. We toured some of the units.....sweet. Best snorkling right in front of the place.

Enjoy, Roatan is my most favorite Caribbean island....

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8. Re: Can somebody tell me about the food

agree w/ most all of the posts above. in addition we really enjoyed meals at Las Rocas a few evenings. just past bite on the beach. We only discovered those roast chickens at the deli on our last day but they looked great. definitely go to a grocery store on the way from the airport if time allows. it will save a trip and you'll save a lot of $ on staples, snacks, drinks etc.

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9. Re: Can somebody tell me about the food

Yep.....forgot about Las Rocas.....hopefully they still serve the whole fried snappers(2). Good grub....also across the street from Mangiamos at West Bay Lodge try the lobster or shrimp baliadas and a cold Port Royal with the owners. Damn, I can't wait to get back.

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10. Re: Can somebody tell me about the food

Hi Star135! As the other posters have mentioned there are lots of restaurants within walking distance of Infinity Bay (nice choice of resorts by the way!). My FAV restaurant on the island however is in French Harbor- called Gio's. Awesome seafood, romantic location!!!! Another fun place is the View which is near Milton Bight - the name says it all. Have fun!

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