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Yarmouth, Maine
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Hi everyone, we have a 14 day trip planned in February and just checking to see the current safety issues of Honduras. United States just issued a travel warning to the mainland due to the election results. First time traveler to Roatan so just seeing if issues on the mainland spill over to the islands. We are very experienced travelers and not wondering about general safety concerns on the island. Just wondering if anyone has any insight specifically to any dangers as a result of the uprising of the election results. My guess is that it’s business as usual but thought it would be worth asking at least

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1. Re: Safety

This thread is under yours, posted a few days ago.


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2. Re: Safety

I had the same concern before coming here. I decided to come. I am glad I did. There are no political issues here. Everyone is happy and having a great time.

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3. Re: Safety

Weather forecast looks awful! Is that accurate? Anything to do in the rainy weather?

Calypso, North...
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4. Re: Safety

Yes, that is accurate.


Birmingham, Alabama
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5. Re: Safety

Don't believe it. It's just like at home meaning a guessing game. It rained for a very short while today it was awesome we chilled had a drink then threw on our swimsuits after and went paddle boarding it sprinkled a little the a big hot ball of fire came out and it was a great day!

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6. Re: Safety

We just returned from a week on Roatan two days ago. As to your first question, There wasn't any obvious spillover impact on Roatan from the presidential election instability on the mainland. However, there was a recent mayoral election on Roatan and the transition has had a negative effect, leaving the island somewhat less than ideal. For example, there has not been trash removal for awhile and every dumpster is overflowing with trash, so at the very least this is visually unappealing. And sadly, there are many starving stray dogs on Roatan picking at this trash. Another sore spot visually are the armed guards holding shotguns at the petrol stations, indicating a lawless environment. As to the weather, note this is still the rainy season and we experienced some rain on most days, and it was heavy at times. It doesn't totally spoil your time, but is something to be aware of so you don't wrongly anticipate lots of blue sky sunny days. On the plus side, the diving offshore on the reef is amazing and there are many worthy attractions on shore to enjoy.

Roatan, Honduras
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7. Re: Safety

To clarify, there is no lawless environment, of course guards are armed, unarmed guards are just bystanders watching. Most business must take care of their own security unlike Bridgewater New Jersey where you can dial 911 and in short order have police arrive, investigate and prevent crime. All in all there is very little crime on Roatan, though I did read today of some tourists renting a house were burglarized, of course not only did they decide not to put the house alarm on, they chose not to lock the doors. Garbage and stray dogs have been a problem for years and has nothing at all to do with the current election other than the fact the mayor for the past 4 years did not solve the issues.

Tokyo, Japan
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8. Re: Safety

Those armed guards have been at gas stations, banks, resorts, heck, sometimes even supermarkets, for years! They keep out the riff-raff and can be a deterrent to someone who is thinking about doing something "unkind." There's no more "lawlessness" than in many parts of the USA. Or Paris.

Yes, the garbage and dog situations are terribly sad. Someone needs to build a good incinerator! But meanwhile, the dump on the west side is literally overflowing onto the street. So..... here's a thought. Please take your trash home with you, ie airline tags, paper, plastic bags, pamphlets, newspapers, empty boxes of cookies, cereal boxes etc., especially things that you brought with you. Say NO to plastic straws, plastic utensils and styrofoam boxes. Take your own container if you're planning on "take-out." If you're staying at a rental, don't go to Eldon's and buy plastic cups and plates. Please use the china and glassware provided.

And be mindful that electricity is expensive, Gas and water aren't for free, either. Take SHORT showers and don't keep the water running needlessly. Turn off the A/C and open the windows instead.

This year, 2018, Roatan is expected to have OVER a MILLION cruise ship visitors. Imagine all the trash they will bring to the island, too!

Sadly, one hears more about petty crimes these days. It's always a problem no matter where you go in a society where there are "the haves and the have-nots." If you're on the first floor, don't keep your doors and windows wide open when you leave the house, even for a few minutes, to talk to your neighbors. Keep electronic devices away from windows (and that open door). It's easy for someone to peer in....and reach. Keep your valuable out of sight so they'll be out of mind! It's really common sense.

Yep, read georgee's last sentence. Four years with a lousy mayor, and this is the outcome. One hopes the new mayor will be able to find the proper solutions in fixing the basic infrastructures of this little island.

Thunder Bay, Canada
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9. Re: Safety

Just got back from one week on Roatan, Rented a scooter and rode around half of the island. At one gas station/ATM there were three security guards holding shotguns with both hands on the shotguns. It would take less to "keep away the riff-raf" We felt safe on the island, walked from West Bay to West End many times. But, there is a reason why there are heavily armed guards around. The reason is that without the security there, there would be robberies at these establishments. The big question is, what are these robbers doing when cannot rob these heavily guarded businesses? Of course they go after easier targets. Unless you are a diver and stay mostly around West Bay/West End, I would look elsewhere. We still had a nice vacation and found the local people extremely friendly.

hudson valley
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10. Re: Safety

"holding shotguns with both hands on the shotguns."

You'd rather have clowns from a TV show who don't know how to hold a shotgun?

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