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Corfu Airport

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Corfu Airport

Will be flying in and out of the airport on a Friday. As I have a problem standing for long periods I would appreciate any advice on how to negotiate this difficult airport.

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Chester, United...
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1. Re: Corfu Airport

Corfu Airport Arrival.

The Aircraft stops very close to the Terminal, but it is the usual Bus Transfer to the Terminal. There is a 20Mtr. slope up to the Terminal Entrance.

As you enter the building, there are toilets facing you, normally no waiting and no steps.

Turn left through the “Wave through Passport Control”. There are a number of seats down each side of the Arrivals Hall, with more room on the side nearest to the planes.

There are two carousels, T.V. advising which flight is using 1 or 2.

Toilets are downstairs on the R.H.S. as you enter the Hall, a long wait for the Ladies here.

Coaches are lined up under cover 20Mtrs from the terminal, there is a letter above each Lane and as usual the Coaches are numbered.

Baggage trucks are available free, but they are a pain getting up and down the high kerbs near the Coaches. Cases on wheels are the answer.

Corfu Airport Departures.

The Departure Hall is like organised kayos, a bit like attending a football match.

Typical Greek Island set up at the Check in Desk, each case is put on the belt for weighing and for labels to be fitted. They have to be taken off and you them go round to the end of the belt and your cases are checked by the Security Staff and Scanned.

After Check in there is another queue before you pass through Security and Passport Control.

At Peak Periods the Departure Hall is very busy and there is a big demand for the seating.

People with Disabilities.

As you enter the Main Entrance, turn right, there is a Waiting Area for people with disabilities.

You can make contact with the Airlines Agents; they can arrange for a Wheel Chair and give assistance to get you through the departure system.

Birmingham, United...
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2. Re: Corfu Airport

Arriving is not too bad, there should be no long walks. Departure might be a bit more tiring, the queues for check-in and for security can be long. It took us about an hour to get through to the departure lounge on Monday 1st September. I am not sure what the traffic will be like on Friday's,it may be quieter.

United Kingdom
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3. Re: Corfu Airport

Fridays (arrivals and departures) can be quite busy depending when you are travelling - if it during September/October you should be okay.

johnjoy has explained the procedure very well.....


Roda, Greece
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4. Re: Corfu Airport

I don't agree that the departure lounge is 'organised chaos' - which, despite it's contradictory appearance, means "a lot of confusion and no organisation." The airport is increasingly popular with tourists from across Europe and I see very little evidence of either confusion or lack of organisation. It is very busy, but that should not be confused with chaos.

I was there last night to meet people off two seperate UK flights arriving in a big storm. I wandered into the departure area to check where flights were going to and it was quite full, but I had no problem moving around and the security check-in was functioning well. That is on a Monday night, at peak time. There are lots of seats in the airport and I had a big choice while I waited for arrivals. Arrivals were processed very quickly and and there were several times when the carousels were completely clear. What about bringing with you a lightweight aluminium & canvas fold-up stool, a bit like those used by shooters & fishermen?


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Glasgow, United...
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5. Re: Corfu Airport

It would appear to be some time since a review was done about this place, so here goes, the place is a shambles. On arrival my wife and I waited for over an hour for our cases to be delivered, we then waited in a queue outside in the heat for a further half hour before being shown to our coach. The public address system is terrible and so tinny that you do not know what is being said even when it is in English. On arrival back at the airport to depart we were told to join one of 4 queues all going to different a UK airports.We stood out in the heat for forty minutes before being allowed into the terminal buildings. We then stood in another queue for thirty minutes to have our cases weighed then handed back to us. We joined another queue to have our cases put through a scanner, then another queue to go through security. Happy days,we were in the departure lounge. On trying to get some refreshments you had to join another queue, gave up after twenty minutes. The toilets are a total disgrace, no toilet seats and filthy. Corfu airport, keep it won't be back

Dumfries, United...
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6. Re: Corfu Airport

Agree with all of the above,we left on Thursday,stood in 7, yes 7, different queues.The toilets are disgusting,no seats,paper,or working locks on doors.The food outlet is a shambles,two people serving dried out pasties,folks standing for an age,gave up,and threw their shopping back on the counter as their flight was called.Like a human cattle market,we have used this airport many times over the years,and it is getting worse every visit.Surely the money raked in here,could be spent on updating the baggage check in system and toilets.We will return,as Corfu is a beautiful Island,and the people in the village we visit,are part of our family.

Suffolk, United...
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7. Re: Corfu Airport

I would suggest when you arrive for your departure back to the UK, speak to one of the reps at the head of the queues outside and explain that you have difficulty standing. I am sure they will tell you to take a seat near the entrance whilst your other half queues or something similar. Otherwise contact your airport and arrange assistance for both airports.

Norwich, United...
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8. Re: Corfu Airport

Yes Corfu chaotic and crowded and crowded but I still managed to get through arrivals in a third of the time I took to get through passport control at Stansted last month. What a shambles that place is and they'vespent millions and millions "upgrading" the facilities. At least the staff were friendly at Corfu

Darvel, United...
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9. Re: Corfu Airport

Yes, Stansted was a nightmare last October. I sat on the floor before going into the Departure lounge!!!

Corfu is no better or worse than any other airport and it wouldn't put me off going - I'm flying out next week.

Someone will always help you, the Greeks are very kind and accommodating.

Corfu Town, Greece
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for Corfu
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10. Re: Corfu Airport


I wonder how you had to wait in 7 different queues at Corfu airport during your departure. I can count one for checkin, one to hand over your luggage to security- if you have luggage- three, go through security and four, at the gate to board the aircraft. It's not much different than any other airport in the world- with the exception of maybe the extra line for handing your luggage to security...Which ones were the other three lines ?

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