Runing From Mancora beach to Punta Sal around 16-17 km Feb

Hello Folks,

Quick one. Has anybody ran by the seaside from Mancora beach to Punta Sal?.

Google tells me is around 20km but takes me by the road.

I can see that there is an entire line of beach between these two points but I can't find information about any runner's experience here. By the coast, it should be around 16 km and it should be an amazing run.

If anybody can give me some useful info I would be very grateful.

Also if someone wants to join me that would be cool. I live in London and I'm half Peruvian so I'll be exploring the North, Starting from Tumbes, dates are not confirmed but I'll arrive to Lima on the 06th so I may leave to Tumbes around the 11 or 12 of Feb, stop in Mancora and well many other things. I'm fluent in Spanish, chill out, love cooking, doing sports and eating in markets :-) and well, that's it. Cheers!!