car rental montenegro

Had a bad experience with Carflexi and there associate Sixt. Booked a car at Tivat airport and when we arrived were told there was no such bookings even after we showed the documentation. The rental booth were helpful but still couldn't find out what had happened. I contacted Carflexi the next day and they maintained that the car was available and that we were classed as a no show at the airport. Despite sending them receipts proving we at the airport and we had may extensive enquiries to make good the booking, Carflexi then took the line that the nominated pick up time was 1830 and we did not begin enquiries about the car until 1845. My experience is that they avoid any responsibility for things going wrong. The bright side of this that the taxi driver taking us to our accommodation put us onto Arger rent a car in Tivat who are associated with Casper rent a car who were a dream to deal with. They delivered the car to the apartment, picked it up from the hotel in Podgorica and even when some damage was caused to the bumper by another car were happy with 20 euro to patch it up. They also deliver to all areas of Montenegro

Bottom line

Carflexi / Sixt not helpful at all, quick to take your money and dont take responsibility

Casper / Arger Friendly helpful and offer great customer service