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Have you ever booked through Stan White realty?

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Have you ever booked through Stan White realty?

Hi guys -

We have found a great house that is rented by Stan White realty. Has anyone ever had an experience booking with this realty company? After reading some of the posts - we definitely know which ones to stay away from!


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1. Re: Have you ever booked through Stan White realty?

Hi, We booked through stan white. We stayed in Kill devil hills oceanfront (as always). It was nice and clean. We had no problems. We were there in july last year. Hope this helps.

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2. Re: Have you ever booked through Stan White realty?

No, but I'm looking to this year. A friend recommended them to me and had a great experience with them. Hope that helps!

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3. Re: Have you ever booked through Stan White realty?

Rented a house through Stan White during my wedding. No problems! They were very nice, easy to work with, and amazingly we got our whole security deposit back.

Richmond, Virginia
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4. Re: Have you ever booked through Stan White realty?

We list our house through another company, but Stan White has a good reputation. They have stayed small enough to likely offer good customer service. The only one that I really hear complaints about from renters and owners is Sun Realty...too big.

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5. Re: Have you ever booked through Stan White realty?

We unfortunately booked through Stan White and had the worst vacation of our life. The house was not habital with toxic black mold on everything. The house had peeling paint,sewage bubbling in the front yard, un grounded electrical and we did have an electrical fire. The furnishings were disguisting with mold and dirt all over them. One pillow looked like twenty dogs had peed on it. We went to cook and there was not a knife in the house. Over half the windows were broken and almost every screen was missing. only one light was working outside and over 17 bulbs were burned out inside the house. I was sick for 11 out of the 13 days I was in the rental and my roomate who has a terminal illness was also ill. We then had to evacuate the house due to large deck sections under the house not being secured. They acted as rafts when the high tide came in smashing into the pilings and eventually ripping the front section of the house off that had the un grounded electrical meter attached. The phone did not work either. We called Stan White to report our concerns and the agent, acting annoyed, said she would send maintenance to take a look. Within seconds of arriving he said for us to get out! They placed us with no choice in a duplex trailer down the road. It was a quarter the size of the house we had been in and was also not an acceptable unit. We have requested a refund and Stan White Realty ignored our daily emails and calls for months. We were chetaed ,lied to and ignored. one broker asked in an email "why are you being such a b" Stan Whites response to refunding our money was "F them, let them sue me"

I would not rent from this company again if they gave me 95% off. Once they have your money they could care less about you or your fellow vacationers.

ALL VACATIONERS BEWARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We have rented several times from Sun Realty and Surf or sound down south with no major problems in dozens of visits.I hear Joe Lamb associates is also a reputable rental company. Stan white is a slum lord.

I will also note that my mother rented from stan White also. The house she had rented was ok but also had issues including three square feet of rotted out flooring at the front door and a filthy hvac system.

Richmond, Virginia
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6. Re: Have you ever booked through Stan White realty?

We use Nags Head Realty with no problems. Smaller to provide better service.

Nags Head
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7. Re: Have you ever booked through Stan White realty?

We at Stan White Realty pride ourselves on being voted Best of the Outer Banks. We also understand individuals opinions vary depending on circumstances. We feel that our homes are accurately represented by the descriptions and pictures posted on our website. Our friendly reservationists are also knowledgable and ready to assist guests with questions and needs. Please feel free to contact us directly should you have any questions regarding our company and/or rental policies.

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8. Re: Have you ever booked through Stan White realty?

Nearlykilled. That is a priceless post. B.S. but funny none the less. I hope it gets removed.

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9. Re: Have you ever booked through Stan White realty?

I have been vacationing on the Outer Banks for 35 years, have owned property here, and have experience with several rental companies. Stan White is the worst by far. As I write this post, I am sitting in a Stan White rental. Wonderful sound-front home. Arrogant, awful customer service. Small things but highly annoying. For example:

1) You can't believe the property descriptions. House was advertised on Stan White website as including beach chairs. No chairs. Called the Duck office to sort it out. I figured they would just get me some chairs. No way. THEY POINTED TO THE FINE PRINT ON THEIR WEBSITE WHICH SAYS THEY ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ERRORS and told me sorry, no chairs. So I had to rent chairs for $60, and not have chairs for the first day. Unbelievable. The office manager was put out by even having to deal with it.

2) My booking was only about 2 weeks prior to my rental dates. It took them FIVE DAYS to confirm the price. By that time, my only options were to pay by credit card ($29 Stan White FEE), pay when I arrived ($25 Stan White FEE), or overnight a certified check (overnight FEEs). All of which could have been avoided by a timely response on their part. I asked them to waive these fees in light of the fact that it was THEIR DELAY making them necessary. No way.

3) It takes Stan White **45 DAYS** to return a security deposit.

I really tried to work with this outfit. I have never posted a critical review of anything, anywhere. But Stan White is all about a nickel and diming attitude, fees, penalties, and fine print. A classic GOTCHA outfit. NONE of the other rental companies that I have used have had any of these issues. In fact, they have all been perfect, even when problems arose.

If they make this right in the next 3 days, I will post an update. But I'm not holding my breath.

If you are a renter, make Stan White your last choice. If you are a property owner, do us all a favor and use a different management company. ANY other management company.

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10. Re: Have you ever booked through Stan White realty?


A 45 day return on the security deposit is pretty customary and not out of the norm. Don't think they are making any money on your deposit, many escrow accounts are not making any interest and the ones that do make a whole what, maybe 1% interest a year and they only have it a couple months. That won't pay for the stamp to send it back let alone the book keeping fee.