1. How far is Gimhae Airport to Changwon? 1 hr?

2. Upon arrival of Changwon, how to get to Hotel Avenue?

3. From Hotel Avenue, how to get to Jinhea by public transport and how long will it take?

4. Are all the Cheery Blossom scenic points inJinhea within walking distance?

5. I shall stay in Changwon for 2 whole days, how would be the best arrangement for enjoying cherry Blossom of Jinhea?

6. How to get to Hadong from Changwon by public transport? I would like to spend 1 day there.

7. Is there any long distance bus from Changwon to Gyeongju directly? What will be the schedule and how long will it take?

8. How long will it take from Changwon to Busan by bus?

9. I would travel to Busan from 3/19 - 3/26. Will there be any chance that I can enjoy cherry blossom?

Thank you so much