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Icmeler Review 17 May - 8 June Part 1

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Icmeler Review 17 May - 8 June Part 1

Just returned earlier today and still very much in holiday mode.


We were on the 7am Thomas Cook flight from Glasgow which is our favourite time as it gets us to Icmeler in the early afternoon. I know there has been a lot of criticism of this company in recent years but we had no complaints. Both flights left on time and we had a seat. That'll do for me. Prices on board, like all flights, are ridiculous. £2.50 for a tea or coffee, £1.50 for crisps or small tub of Pringles. Spirit miniatures £4.20 except Bombay Sapphire which is £4.50. Shouldn't really complain though as Mrs IainD had already spent the equivalent of a small South American republic's GDP in the perfume hall at Glasgow Airport.

On arrival at Dalaman we had not bothered with the new e-visa so had to wait in line to have the old style one put in our passports. Not a great problem as the time to clear both visa and passport control was about 15 minutes. As I saw it this meant 15 minutes less hanging about waiting for our cases at the carousel.

So far so good. However whenever I travel things never seem to go smoothly and this trip was no exception. Eventually when the cases started to arrive I joined the scrum ready to grab our cases. I managed to get my wife's case but round and round the carousel went without any sign of mine. Eventually I was the only one left with one case left on the carousel. Unfortunately it wasn't mine. Off I went with the offending case which fortunately for me and potential burglars had a luggage tag with the owners name and a home address.

For those unfortunate enough to have to find the Lost Luggage office at Dalaman, be aware that for some reason there are 2 which are next door to each other. Just accept it as karma that whichever one you pick first will be the wrong one. After a lot of checking of lists in the first one we were directed to the other office. Here a young lady after checking her lists swung into action. She had a mobile phone in one hand and the land line in the other and proceeded to speak into each one simulteneously. A couple of minutes later we heard on the tannoy an announcement for the owner to report to the Lost Property office. It was a pity that by this time I was the only tourist left in the arrivals hall to hear it. Impressive nevertheless.

By this time my wife had had enough and went out to warn our driver of events. Unbeknown to me she then went on to all the coaches demanding to know if this person was on board. He was then found as was my case and we were both finally reunited.


We used DM Transfers after reading good reviews on TA. They were excellent A new people carrier with water supplied. A bit of a luxury at £74.00 for 2 return if you are on a budget but I must admit you really feel you are travelling in style. The journey took 1 hour 20 minutes.

To be continued.........

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1. Re: Icmeler Review 17 May - 8 June Part 1

Thanks for posting, enjoyed reading part one, looking forward to part two


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2. Re: Icmeler Review 17 May - 8 June Part 1

Oh no I was just getting into this when it stopped....you should write for TV Iain:))

Seriously though, thank you and can't wait for the rest once you've recovered.

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3. Re: Icmeler Review 17 May - 8 June Part 1

enjoyed part 1 Iain cant wait for follow on

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4. Re: Icmeler Review 17 May - 8 June Part 1

Great review cant wait 4 the next part

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5. Re: Icmeler Review 17 May - 8 June Part 1

Good on Mrs Iaind, glad you were reunited with your case, looking forward to part two lol

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6. Re: Icmeler Review 17 May - 8 June Part 1

Excellent Ian

We have booked DM transfers just the 2 of us

I haven't bothered with the online visa either but I suppose I might want to get through customes quicker now to ensure nobody takes our suit cases!

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7. Re: Icmeler Review 17 May - 8 June Part 1

come on Iain.....have you done it yet..lol. regards Gavin

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8. Re: Icmeler Review 17 May - 8 June Part 1

waiting with bated breath for part 2. fabulous review and a real pleasure to read. Thank you Iain.

ps please hurry with next installment


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9. Re: Icmeler Review 17 May - 8 June Part 1

Great part 1 of your review. It brought memories back of my missing luggage, with someone else taking my case and leaving there's in the carousel. I do not know how she took mine by mistake as it was bigger with luggage tags and hers had an array of ribbons attached.

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10. Re: Icmeler Review 17 May - 8 June Part 1

The only similarity with my case was that they were both black. I also don't know how the person could take mine as they were both so different. I can laugh about it now but it wasn't funny at the time especially as all the coaches were about to leave.

Edited: 11 June 2013, 20:24
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