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Is Juarez, Mexico safe?

Houston, Texas
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Is Juarez, Mexico safe?

I am planning a 3 weeks road trip in July 2018 from Houston, TX to Telluride, CO and back. I plan on stopping and spending 3 nights in Alamogordo, NM.

On one of these days, I plan to drive from Alamorgodo to El Paso. Parking my car and walk across the border to Juarez, Mexico to spend about 2 hours to 3 hours to visit the place, eat and buy souvenirs.

It is 2 of us in our early 40s and US citizens.

Do you guys think it is safe to walk across and visit Juarez for like 3 hours and return to the US?

Any tips will be appreciated, especially from anybody who went across recently.

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Houston, Texas
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11. Re: Is Juarez, Mexico safe?

Here is the latest State Department warning (issued this past March): https:/…mexico-travel-advisory.html

Cd. Juarez is located in the state of Chihuahua. I suggest you read the section on the state of Chihuahua, and then decide for yourselves whether you want to take a chance. I personally am a little risk averse, and wouldn't dare set foot in the state of Chihuahua, but that's just me--you may be fine. Someone suggested El Mercado (also known as Market Square) in San Antonio, where you could go almost any weekend and find almost any of the same merchandise as you can in most of the border towns at only slightly-inflated prices and much lower danger levels. Muy buena suerte!

Houston, Texas
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12. Re: Is Juarez, Mexico safe?

I did go to Juarez. I blogged about it. Here is my trip report. Feel free to click on it and go to page 2 post #22 and read about it and see my pictures posted.

SUMMARY: DO NOT VISIT JUAREZ. The border patrol guys spent quite some time telling me it is very advisable to stay away from Juarez now because it is very unsafe. Go at your own risk, but the general consensus is it is very advisable to stay away from there.

Here is a link to my blog and to pictures.



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13. Re: Is Juarez, Mexico safe?

Wow, you were very smart to get out of there without leaving your vehicle and all that equipment outside on a public street in Juarez while having breakfast.

Did you have Mexico insurance for that vehicle?

Visiting Juarez is acceptable, yet dangerous, on foot during the day but driving in with a $40-$50K vehicle is a bit, let's just say not a smart thing to do!

I enjoyed your blog entries...

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Houston, texas, USA
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14. Re: Is Juarez, Mexico safe?

We walked across the border last fall with friends, my first time in ages, and it felt safe enough. A lot of Americans go across every day, or at least we had plenty of company when we went. I would not be overly worry about my safety but sadly I found little in Juarez that would make trip worth while. Like boarder cities in the Valley, okay less so than the Valley, it seemed the big draw for Americans was the good and inexpensive dental treatment available. It's a far cry from the days of great restaurants, good bands, and dog and horse racing.

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15. Re: Is Juarez, Mexico safe?

Have you taken your trip yet? My sweet friend just went their last week to renew her Visa (which she has done for several years...she's been here in Texas for 15) and went alone as she has 2 small children so her husband stayed with them since there has never been an issue and to my knowledge they do not have family here...her parents have passed. Unfortunately, with the new laws, she was being denied her Visa and with no family there she was stuck there at the border alone while waiting to see if they were going to approve her. While waiting, she was taken by a gang, robbed and badly beaten and I'm afraid maybe even worse. She escaped and took refuge at a church near the Immigration Office. The Priest took her to her final meeting with Immigration at noon last Friday because she was actually in a wheelchair due to the severity of the beating and upon seeing her the officer assigned to her had compassion for her and while her Visa was finally approved it was only approved for 6 months and after her husband seeing her on the video chat during the meeting (her husband told me she was unrecognizable as they had kicked her in the face several times as well)...he drove the 10 hour drive to El Paso in order to get her to a safer part of Mexico and to a hospital while they wait on her Visa to be ready for pickup. She told him and the Immigration Officers that she believed the gang was following her and waiting for a time to take her again and they all agreed that she was not safe. They had said she could wait at the Immigration Office for her husband to arrive but apparently sometime in the night, she was either made to leave or left on her own for some reason because he did not find her until about 5 am Saturday morning on the street barely conscious. The last time I heard from them was Saturday morning when he told me he was unable to take her to a safer part of Mexico as she needed immediate medical attention once he found her and had to take her to a nearby hospital there at the border. I am worried sick. This sounds like a movie I know but it is real and happening more than we can wrap our brain around. If we don't hear from them by Wednesday, I am filing a missing persons report. I feel helpless and afraid for them. My advice is that no one should cross the border into Juarez right now. If you have already taken your trip and decided to do so, I wish you godspeed.

Citra, Florida
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16. Re: Is Juarez, Mexico safe?

Thank you for sharing this ! We are coming to EL Paso in October 2018 and really wanted to visit over the boarder for lunch and shopping !

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17. Re: Is Juarez, Mexico safe?

I went on a day trip to Juarez last week 8/17/18. I went ahead and hired a guide (Richard Wright) just to er on the side of caution, plus I wanted someone to show us around. I went in the mid morning for about 3 hours and safety was never an issue. I did not note any unsavory characters hanging around doing nothing

or any of the other things that were a cause for concern. If you want to visit Juarez as a tourist in the day light

hours you will probably be okay, just watch the latest local news reports and travel in a group.

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18. Re: Is Juarez, Mexico safe?

"All Amercians should now how much people in Juarez get paid for a day of work"

Why should we know that ?

Stacy, Minnesota
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19. Re: Is Juarez, Mexico safe?

I have been reading reviews about Juarez, makes me a bit nervous. We may be going for dental work. Can we do any shopping or stop for lunch in Juarez? Is it safe?

Grapevine, Texas
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20. Re: Is Juarez, Mexico safe?

Most of the dentists have a van that will come and pick up patients, bring them across for the work, and then take them back. I would definitely use that service, which will mean they won't take you anywhere for shopping.

I do wonder how much money you will save on your dental work when you factor in your travel expenses from Minnesota...It can't be THAT much cheaper...

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