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Feelnyc.com-> a scam, really?

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Feelnyc.com-> a scam, really?

I was making a booking via www.feelnyc.vom

But I started to read tripadvisor forums about it and I am shocked that it is illegal in NYC to rent apartment... It feels so strange that the site is STILL up + running? I think it has been online for several years now. Why it hasn't been closed if it's illegal business?

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1. Re: Feelnyc.com-> a scam, really?

I cant answer your question....but I suggest you try a hotel's website...as they frequently have good rates (a reputable hotel)....and also try quikbook.com.

Never make a rez at a place where you have to put ANY money up front, and make sure it is a cancellable reservation up to 24 hours before arrival.

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2. Re: Feelnyc.com-> a scam, really?

The authorities have no control of INTERNET listings - many sites offering illegal apartments have been around for many years.

The bottom line is - short term apartment rentals in NYC are illegal and visitors should not pursue that lodging option.

Right now, The Hotel at Times Square 46th b'twn 5th and 6th has some great rates for the winter season. Check their website for details.


new york city
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3. Re: Feelnyc.com-> a scam, really?

1. Anybody can create anything over the internet. I am sure there are things created in your country that are not true but on the internet.

2, When people talk about something being illegal they are talking about violations of zoning ordinances for the most part and that is what is control of the city.

3. The city and it's officials have no policing power over what is on the internet even if it refers to anything in New York City.

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4. Re: Feelnyc.com-> a scam, really?

These apartments are illegal. You'll note that FeelNYC also shows listings for apartments in Barcelona, where the majority of short-term rentals are also illegal.

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5. Re: Feelnyc.com-> a scam, really?

I'm wondering if I register the domain www.wonderfulnewyorkapartment.co.uk i'd actually get any hits....

obviously, I don't have an apartment, but I know how to register a domain, make a website, and make it look HELL of a lot better than feelnyc.com .. i mean.. who chooses pink for a colour scheme.. (sorry... color scheme!!)


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6. Re: Feelnyc.com-> a scam, really?

M4RKM you link doesnt work ....... ;-)

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7. Re: Feelnyc.com-> a scam, really?


I was about to book an Apartment through Feelnyc.com but having read a few post here I'm not entirely sure??

Are people saying this is a genuine site that you can book through, but the are technically illegal.........or are you actually saying it's a hoax and the properties dont really exist??

Thanks in advance

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8. Re: Feelnyc.com-> a scam, really?

"Technically illegal?" Technically illegal means illegal. Illegal apartments rentals are damaging to the residents and legitimate businesses in New York City. In many cases low-income New Yorkers are illegally evicted in order to make space for tourists paying higher rates. Those people often end up homeless. There's nothing "technical" about that.

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9. Re: Feelnyc.com-> a scam, really?

BB is right but so you are clear on this. The website FeelNYC accepts postings from people without verifying whether 1. the place even exists or 2.the place is in violation of local zoning laws and therefore breaking the law by renting out rooms to visitors.. We have seen both in great numbers of late in this city

FeelNYC is not breaking any laws by doing so. Their business is done once the posting is given and they have no knowledge of the actual conditions you are about to face.

Playing this out to it's conclusion here is what you face if you go forward with this.

1. If the place does not at all exist you will pay your money in advance, get on a plane, come here go to the address and there will be nothing there and you have no recourse because you don't know who you are dealing with in the first place. In other words YOU HAVE BEEN SCAMMED.

2. If the place actually does exist you will pay your money in advance, get on a plane, come here go to the address and even if the person is violation of the local zoning laws you may be able to stay there or the place may have already been shut down by local authorites for the violations of zoning laws and you will not have a place to stay. You yourself will not be doing anything illegal.

Either way this is not a winning situation for you and if you take your chances after being warned that this happens in this city then so be it.

So to answer your question maybe yes maybe no but you do not have enough information to make an informed decision and it is likely that you will get burnt.

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10. Re: Feelnyc.com-> a scam, really?

Bil is right on al aspects.

I would just like to touch on something;

M4RKM; I also design websites; but you have to also remember that a design reflects the type of hits a website is looking for.

On one hand; you can be a great designer; but not necessary a great business person in knowing what design works for a company and their market and/or what they want.

Then on the other hand; you have sites which (in a personal opinion) is unattractive to the eye. But, if they are getting thousands of visitors a day; the design would not matter (in the end). As long as the vistor can manuver though it.

I mean look at the famed VRBO.com it is a simple as they come; but on top of the search engines.

So if staynyc.com was on top of the search engines; you would have all the "illegal" apartment listers running ads with them and/or have them handling their apartments. It would not matter in the end as to the design; just the hits the website gets. However, I do agree with you with the color scheme.

But, in the end it is more about the number of hits that specific site gets than the design.

UNLESS, you are aiming at a specific individual in a specific marker. Then the design would matter.

The only reason I am pointing this out is because I put a lot of effore in my designs and then the marketing behind is even more substantial and costly. So it is not that easy.

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