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Safety Alert

Toronto, Canada
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Safety Alert

We stopped for lunch at Subway Restaurant and our car was broken into and we were robbed in broad daylight and parked by the main road. Our car was locked and yet things were taken. Being from out of town we feel the police have not accomodated us to their full capacity. So when in Waimanalo or anywhere in Honolulu, do not leave ANYTHING in your car even if it's locked as you have no one working to recover your items when taken.

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1. Re: Safety Alert

So were you robbed or your car burglarized? Big difference. Unfortunately dozens of cars get broken into everyday in Hawaii just like any tourist area in the US or Canada. I think most of here know if we leave anything in a vehicle it's ripe to be stolen. Always a sad way to spend your vacation. Hope the rest of it has better luck!

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2. Re: Safety Alert

Yes, it is discussed on here quite frequently. I would never leave anything of value in your car. I would not even do that at home. Lots of cars are burglarized all over the country.

What was taken? and was it left in plain sight in your car?

What help would you like to have to help you recover our items really? Have you checked to see that your homeowner's insurance might cover some of the cost of items? Mine does but it has a deductible.

Sorry it happened and thanks for the information and warning. Hope the rest of your trip was much more enjoyable.

South Coast NSW
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3. Re: Safety Alert

I'm with Placebets - I never leave anything in the car even at home. I did on this last trip to Hawaii completely by accident leave my handbag in the car once and it was still there when I got back, which was a huge relief. You should have seen me freak out when I realised I didn't have it with me.

Just the other night here at home I was getting coffee before work and walking back to my car across the carpark and some guy was walking past my car looking in the window - nothing to see there, nothing to break the window for.

Lucky he didn't touch the Volkswagen Polo, I am very protective of it. I know people like to look at it, because it is cute, but there comes a point where staring is rude.. :)

I have a sad that there seemed to be zero Polos in Hawaii. I saw some Golfs and Jettas, I was reliably informed the Polo is not imported to Hawaii.

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4. Re: Safety Alert

My wife and I have been coming to Hawaii since 1968, and never had our rental car broken into. We have always used common sense as far as valuables and things in sight. Very sorry you had yours broken into, but now you learned. Take care and have a Happy New Year. Chuck.

South Pole
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5. Re: Safety Alert

I'm really sorry to hear you were a crime victim.

The police here do not have the resources to recover items stolen from cars, either for residents or visitors. Do not expect anything to happen. Your police report is more to make you eligible to file an insurance claim than to start an investigation.

Your stuff is gone so you may as well accept that. We tell people to be vigilant and keep valuable items safely with them and not in the car.

Btw, it is not a robbery unless they confronted you in person, which is a much more serious crime as people can get hurt in the course of robberies.

Hope you can recover from this.

Candy Land
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6. Re: Safety Alert

I lived Nalo for a couple years and its really safe, please don't leave valuables in cars.

yes police do not work the best here and am sorry 4 ur loss. attention doesn't hurt here.

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7. Re: Safety Alert

Sorry that happened to you!

All of the guidebooks I read stressed to never leave anything of value in the car, including the trunk, etc, and to take anything with you versus leaving it in the car. It caused us to have to really plan our sidetrips in regard to what we really needed to take, but I am glad I was aware of the possible issue ahead of time.

Although it can happen anywhere, most touristy spots in the continental US I have been to it really isn't as much of an issue--generally if you leave something in your trunk or glove compartment you are fine, so it is hard to get used to in Hawaii to do it differently.

Elk Rapids, Michigan
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for Lanai
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8. Re: Safety Alert

Sorry to hear this happened to you.

The one thing to remember, locks just keep honest people honest, they do not even slow down a thief.

Never leave anything you can't do without or of any value to you in a car, out of sight or not really does not matter.

Denver, Colorado
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9. Re: Safety Alert

Sorry this happened to you.

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