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Kalaheo Cafe, very rude service this morning

Moorpark, California
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Kalaheo Cafe, very rude service this morning

Hubby decided to try this place after all of the comments on this place here on the forum. He road his bike there from Poipu before heading over to Waimea. He asked for an omelet, al a carte, they refused. And then she said (he thinks it was the owner), "What's wrong with rice and potatoes"? and then she informed him it would cost the same, no matter what. ($10.95). He said OK and then asked for an egg sandwich instead and paid for his meal and stepped outside to wait. She brought it to him in a brown paper bag! He said, "Well, I was hoping to eat it here" (there are some outside tables). She just shrugged and walked away. He was very disappointed with the service and overall unfriendly attitude of this place. I know a lot of folks love this place but being rude to customers is unacceptable to us.

ON a more postive note, he had a fabulous dinner at Hulikau Lanai last night! I was on the phone with him as he described his dinner, service and over all experience. It was pouring rain and he sat on the upper level. The folks on the lower lever got a little wet but they pulled the blinds down just in time for the rain to stop!! Got to love Kauai!

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1. Re: Kalaheo Cafe, very rude service this morning

We stopped there in 07 on our way to Waimea, and I do recall the service being quite brusque when I tried to order my coffee after we had placed our breakfast order (see, I hadn't had coffee yet, so my brain was foggy, so I forgot to order coffee...).

The omelet we had was one of the best I've had in a long time, though, so we will probably stop there again... but if the service is that bad, that will be the last time.

I'd love to go back to Hukilau for the prix fixe wine and dinner, but it will all depend on how Baby Blue adjusts to the time difference.

8 days 8 days 8 days!

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2. Re: Kalaheo Cafe, very rude service this morning

I'm sure your husband was put off by the poor service but quite honestly I don't think it is fair to give them such a bad review over what was probably a misunderstanding or maybe just a bad day. Many small places do not (or will not) change their menu and he could have just said, "keep the potatoes I won't eat them anyway" if he really wanted an omelette.

Though I do not know this place from the moon, it does get good reviews. These little mom and pop places need the business and if your DH wasn't happy then he should just not return or better yet give them another shot and see if it was just an off day.

I remember eating at Oki Diner one time for breakfast. The waitress was the biggest crab I had ever met. I finally made a "joke" and she smiled and became a different person. It was just her personality. She wasn't all smily and full of aloha but after we got to talking she was a sweetie. I had thought about never returning but glad I changed my mind.

I can't wait for Hukilau next week for dinner. Oh yum!!!

Kaua'i, HI
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3. Re: Kalaheo Cafe, very rude service this morning

Aloha from Kaua'i!

Once upon a time, when the Kalaheo Coffee was just a little hole in the wall between "Scotty's Music" and the Mini Mart down past Papalina Rd.- it was still really popular, just tiny..I applied for a job there shortly after I moved here in fact, since the owner was a friend of a friend....I didn't end up working there, but the owner has always been consistently friendly and pleasant - even in the new and bigger, fancier location.

I have to say that I avoid the place most days since it is kind of a zoo in the morning and hard to find a place to park just to run in and grab a coffee like I used to (I don't think I've ever had a sit down breakfast in the new location, but coffee to go) - but when I have braved it she has always been there and always remembered me as well - always with a smile on her face for everyone.

I doubt it was the owner and probably some server just having a bad day - no excuses for it I know, but unfortunately it does happen - having been on the receiving end of unbeleivably rude customers, I know how hard it is to turn around with a smile to the next customer - unfortunately - probably your hubby! Which is why I'm not doing that anymore! Anywho, as you said, being rude is not acceptable, I agree.

I am very sorry that your hubby had a junk breakfast there though - if he feels so inclined - I'd give it another shot some day and see if things are better.

On a happier note, has he tried the Sunset Cafe and Grille yet down at Port Allen? I was down there yesterday for P.T. and it looked fairly busy for lunch - I went down to glass beach afterwards and enjoyed some (albeit windy) sun and lunch.

Anywho - sorry he had a bad experience there! I don't think it is the norm though.

Malama Pono,


Moorpark, California
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for Kauai, Catalina Island
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4. Re: Kalaheo Cafe, very rude service this morning

Hubby visits all kinds of places on Kauai. He usually does not say anything if someone was just having a "bad day". But he had lunch there with his customer on Friday and the service was just as bad. Anyway, I again urged him to try Kalaheo Cafe again (he tried it a few years ago) and he was disappointed. In today's economy, I think servers at any restaurant or other place dealing with the public, they should try and put on a better face. He had no problem with the 'no subsitution" policy. He was disappointed. But the paper bag really put him over the top.

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5. Re: Kalaheo Cafe, very rude service this morning

My daughter, my friend and myself had breakfast there in May, we had excellent service, we ordered and told them we would be outside at a table. Before we knew it they were bringing it outside, smiles and all(no paper bag, but REAL plates). I would go back.

Corona del Mar...
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6. Re: Kalaheo Cafe, very rude service this morning

My two cents is that it is over the top to make this a forum topic. Your husband should do a review of the restaurant so it can be balanced with the other 44 reviews and he can rate each element, food, service, value & atmosphere separately.

That is what the review section is for.

Kauai, Hawaii
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7. Re: Kalaheo Cafe, very rude service this morning

I really don't like Kalaheo Cafe. I think that the prices are way too high and the food is only so-so. I haven't had a bad experience with service, but I have stopped going there.

Santa Rosa...
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8. Re: Kalaheo Cafe, very rude service this morning

I'd hate to see folks making a decision to not visit there again based on one experience. We love Kalaheo Cafe & Coffee Co. But you've gotta take it for what it is - and that is a very busy place.

Yes, you might be rushed now and then. It's always best there to stand back and look at the somewhat lengthy menu posted and know exactly what you want before stepping up to the counter. (I'm not saying that happened in your case, martik. I'm just pointing this out to everyone.

It's also good to know that there are TWO lines and it CAN be a bit confusing to new people. There is the carryout line and there is the line for those eating in. The carry out line will also get their order in a styrofoam container or a bag, depending on what it is. The regular line will get their order on a tray and you go off to find your own table (which can be hard at times). I'm guessing either your husband ordered from the carryout counter or there was just some communication issue. Or, this person was just having a bad hair day!

I find the breakfast menu decently priced. The dinner menu is outrageously priced. So we just stop in now and then for breakfast but we go in knowing it's going to be busy, there may be lines, there may be some confusion and you won't get much chit chat out of the employees. But once we find a nice little table by the breezy windows we're happy. We may not get much chit chat out of the employees, because they're extremely busy, but we've never been treated rudely either. Works for us so far.

Huntington Beach...
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9. Re: Kalaheo Cafe, very rude service this morning

I think service like that deserves a phone call to the management. They may not know that customers are being treated rudely. A few years ago, I had a really bad experience with a server at Joe's on the Green. I had eaten there several times and knew that my experience was not the standard there. When I asked for "bacon crisp" at breakfast, the server yelled -- WE DON'T DO THAT!" I told her to please not argue and just inform the cook of my request. She continued to argue. I let the manager know how I had been treated. Funny -- I never saw that server there again.

denver, CO
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10. Re: Kalaheo Cafe, very rude service this morning

I think this should be in the review section too--not titled on the forum. We have been there for breakfast/lunch a few times and though busy, never had much of a problem. The prices and food are good (which I guess is why it is popular).

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