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Y.O. Ranch----Wow!

This is a 40,000 acre working longhorn cattle ranch that has been in continuous family operation since 1880. Starting about 50 years ago, the ranch began a program to import species of exotic game from Africa and other parts of the world. Since the habitat in this part of Texas is so much like the plains of Africa, the animals thrived. In fact, the ranch has an active program to return many surplus animals back to their homeland where habitat destruction has driven them to near extinction.

The ranch hosts an extensive summer camp program for kids, a controlled hunting program to manage the population of big game animals and they provide wildlife photo tours. On site accommodations are historic log and stone cabins with modern amenities. There is a swimming pool and outdoor hot tub and a lodge. Meals are served at their Chuckwagon restaurant and it was very good and plenty of it.

It's a wonderful, other world, experience surrounded by the best nature has to offer.