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We loved it so much!

Panama City Beach...
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We loved it so much!

Oh my goodness. The pictures and videos I viewed before going just can’t possibly project the “feeling” I got when we were in Valladolid. It is that super happy joyful feeling that brought tears to my eyes at every turn. My husband and I were on our annual golf trip this July in Akumal.

We usually spend a few non golf days on the beach but because of the sargassum this summer we decided to take a break from golf about halfway through our trip and go to Valladolid for 2 nights. The best decision we could have possibly made and the highlight of this trip.

Thank you all so very much for your wonderful trip reports and advice on this forum. You all made it so easy for me to plan.

We took the ADO from Tulum and got to Valladolid around 11:00 am on a Saturday morning. We walked from the terminal to our hotel the Casa Marlene. When we got the first glimpse of the square and I saw the beautiful cathedral with the 2 most perfect palm trees in the world ........I was crying! We had a fabulous lunch on the square and went to the convent and the Cenote Zaci with many micheelada/cerveza breaks in between. We just loved the convent and enjoyed sitting in the park in the shade just staring at it all. Dinner at El Meson del Marques was an absolute treat! The service and food was excellent. The courtyard and all of the art just beautiful. My favorite part of the day was after dinner. After all of the micheladas and a few Tamarind margaritas, it was time for a Diet Coke. We picked up a few at the oxxo and “ plopped “down in front of the cathedral. We sat staring at this gorgeous building for about 30 minutes. It was beautifully lit and the square that night was so peaceful. I made my husband take my picture because the clock said 11:15!!! None of my friends would ever believe I had made it up that late.

Day two we were off to Ek Balam. We decided to “splurge” and take a cab instead of the collectivo. It was only 200 pesos! It was a gorgeous drive to an even more gorgeous park. We were very impressed with Ek Balam. We were there for about 4 hours and just had the best time. We had lunch at the Cenote and a much needed swim. This place was heaven and I would return and do the day again in a minute. We came back to town and had a much needed micheelada at a little bar we found called La Joya. It is in between the Casa Marlene and Cenote Zaci. The guy who runs this place was just super nice to us. I desperately wanted to shop and planned on leaving my husband at La Joya to do so when it started to rain. We ended up having quite a few cocktails and a VERY good time sitting under the veranda and watching it rain. Thankfully the rain stopped and we were able to enjoy a Sunday evening on the square. We loved listening to the band and watching the locals and tourist dance. The square was so beautiful that night with so many families out enjoying the festivities and the vendors.

I know I have to stop this report as it is getting so lengthy. I’m sure my husband will read this and roll his eyes because I am such a chatter box. I want to add a few thoughts before I end. Every single person we encountered in Valladolid was friendly and very kind to us. We are so appreciative to be made so welcome in such a wonderful town. The food in Valladolid was exceptional. We were shocked at how inexpensive everything was and overwhelmed by the quality of everything we tried. We always felt safe and could not wipe the smiles from our faces the entire time we were there. We didn’t even scratch the surface of Valladolid. So, husband, if you are reading this please be advised we will be taking many more weekend trips to “V” and I am going to do BUNCH of shopping.

I am a middle school physical education teacher. When things get stressful and crazy at work this year, my new inner chant will be Valladolid, Valladolid,Valladolid.........then I’m going to run into my bathroom and look at my pictures of the cathedral and cry a little!!!

Thank you again to all of you who have posted so much helpful information. I am forever grateful.

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1. Re: We loved it so much!

So glad you found the awesomeness that is Valladolid. We’re ditching Riviera Maya altogether this coming winter (except maybe a couple of day trips to Tulum beaches) and spending most of our time in Valladolid and some of it in Merida where we’re flying in and out of.

Cozumel, Mexico
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2. Re: We loved it so much!

I lived in Valladolid a few years ago and it is a great place. And as said, very friendly locals. When I decided split my time between Cozumel and Merida, I asked the owner of the little liquor store if he knew anyone who could take some of my things to Merida. His reply was that he had a nice new truck and would send a couple of his employees with me if I just paid for the gas. Which I happily did along with a good kid for his driver and helper.

Crozet, Virginia
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3. Re: We loved it so much!

Juliepcb - Thank you for posting your trip and sharing your enthusiasm! We are heading there tomorrow and can't wait. So excited to read everyone's trip reports and love of V.

Overland Park...
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4. Re: We loved it so much!

Oh my goodness I LOVE your post. You literally sound exactly like me! We just got back 4 months ago and we're going back again in 3 months. I literally fell in LOVE with that charming darling town.

Sounds like your itinerary was just like ours pretty much, except we did not go to La Joya. We will have to go there in October when we go back.

I literally got a tad choked up reading your post because your feeling when you arrived was EXACTLY how I felt. Your enthusiasm is exactly how I felt. I mean exactly!

Are we twins? LOL

Anyway, thank you so much for sharing your happiness. I agree with you wholeheartedly and have fallen in love.

P.S. I love Akumal also, actually love the beach Xpuha the very best (just north) and what a shame about the Sargasum. Terrible.

But glad you made it to this happy little town.

Maybe I will see you one day in the square!

Panama City Beach...
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5. Re: We loved it so much!


We are twins. Your report along with Susan M’s report is what really made me “pull the trigger. In fact I shoved my iPad in my husbands face and made him read your report.. We are such golf freaks that all of our vacations are wrapped around golf and we are missing out on other things when we travel. We are going to try to start breaking things up a bit on our Mexico trips and go enjoy these beautiful towns. Robertsdf has had me worked up over Merida for a few years and Valladolid is a definite must do again.

My mom and I will be in Akumal at Christmas and I’m trying to talk her in to one night at the Casa Marlene. I would love to see that square decorated and she would absolutely love the Casa Marlene.

I’m sure that when you and your girlfriends descend on the Casa Marlene that place will never be the same again because you sound like so much fun! Please be sure to give us a full report

Cleveland, Tennessee
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6. Re: We loved it so much!

We also have fallen in love with Valladolid. We were there this past February and have plans for Feb, 2019. It is the perfect spot for traveling around the Yucatan. The people are so friendly and the restaurants are fantastic. Can't wait to get back!

Overland Park...
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7. Re: We loved it so much!

Hey Sis -

Ha, I couldn't resist Julie!

"shoved my iPad in my husbands face"......... Ok you have no idea how much I'm laughing right now.

I did that very same thing trying to prove to hubby how much he'd love Valladolid.

"Here, look at this....Oh my! Look at THIS!" All the while turning my laptop around and forcing him to watch videos and see pictures on Tripadvisor.

Your Mom will LOVE Valladolid at Christmas-time. That's one of my dreams to spend the Holiday on either Isla Mujeres or traveling the Yucatan.

I hope our path's cross one day, and YES, I know you guys love golf, but be sure to squeeze other things into life's equation. It sure sounds like you are FULL of life and appreciate the WONDER of things.

Happy Traveling Friend.

And Hope to share a Michelado with you one day.

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8. Re: We loved it so much!

Great report!

Valladolid is such a special place, I loved my 2 visits there!

No immediate plans to return to Mexico, but if I was, I would be going to Valladolid and not the beach. So many cenotes in the area to cool off in if needed!

The square is so enchanting. In my 7-8 trips to Mexico, sitting in that square in the evening is one of my very best memories!!

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