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Akumal, Mexico Safe?

houston, TX
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Akumal, Mexico Safe?

I was instructed to re-post this topic in this forum. I am sorry if this is the second time you are reviewing it. If it is your second time, no need to reply again! "We are planning a trip to Akumal late July. There will be about 12 of us total and we are renting a house to stay in. This will be my wife and my first trip, but the rest of the group has been a few years in a row now. This is not the same house they have rented, but the same destination. With all the violence going on there we are pretty skepital about our safety. Has anyone traveled there recently ot heard and bad stories of Akumal in particular? I'd appreciate any feedback, positive or negative. Thanks so much."

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1. Re: Akumal, Mexico Safe?

We're heading to Mexico in April and I was concerned about safety as well being our first trip there. From all the research I've done online, it seems to be the same advisory over and over again. Avoid Northern Mexico, the cities bordering the US are where the drug wars are ongoing. According to all sources I've found, Riveria Maya/Akumal is perfectly safe.


Argyle, Texas
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2. Re: Akumal, Mexico Safe?

Akumal is perfectly safe. We have stayed in beach houses in the area 4 times total. 2 times on Yal-Ku lagoon in Akumal. No probems of any kind were encountered. The house we stayed at on Yal-Ku had a gated drive and an overnight guard.

The violence you speak of is along the Mexican/US border 2,000 miles away. It would be like worrying about taking a trip to Florida because you heard about violence in Dallas.

St. Charles, MO
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3. Re: Akumal, Mexico Safe?

"with all the violence going on there"????----there is no violence going on in Akumal (or the Riviera Maya.) The RM is far removed from the areas of violence in Mexico. It's kind of like saying that you won't go to California because there were gang wars in New York. We've been to the area 17 times--12 of those trips we have stayed in Akumal. We walk all over--day & night. That being said, just like going anywhere else, don't get complacent. Don't leave valuables lying around, etc.

houston, TX
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4. Re: Akumal, Mexico Safe?

I appreciate the feedback. I understand the distance aspect, but research also showed some violence in downtown cancun, so I am naturally getting as much info as possible. Defintely feel safer after these repsonses. My wife and her family should feel safe with your replies! I am personally satisfied.

Baltimore, MD
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5. Re: Akumal, Mexico Safe?

Last March, the Cancun Police Chief was gunned down two weeks before our trip to GBP. The Mother-in-law freaked and begged us not to go.


I woudn't worry about it though. There's certainly nothing going in in Akumal.

Detroit, Michigan
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6. Re: Akumal, Mexico Safe?

The most violent activity you encounter in Akumal is a starling grabbing a chip from another starling... have fun! Watch out for those birds, they steal packets of sugar right off the table!

St. Charles, MO
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7. Re: Akumal, Mexico Safe?

I've had those birds steal food right off of my plate--gotta stay alert!

Arctic Bay, Canada
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8. Re: Akumal, Mexico Safe?

I felt as safe or more so in Akumal as my own city....We just got back and what a wonderful area of Mexico...Snorkle off the beach with the turtles and sea life what a trip...

Safe Travels...

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9. Re: Akumal, Mexico Safe?

There certainly are some areas of Mexico that you want to avoid, mainly due to drug trafficking and drug gang wars. Ciudad Juárez on the US boarder is probably the worst. The crime rate there is off the scale, 5,400 deaths in 2008. You would have to be out of your mind, or in the drug trade to go there. The US are blaming Mexico for drug trafficking. Mexico is blaming the US for supplying the gangs with arms. And the gangs are shooting each other. But as a previous poster noted, this is some 2,000 miles from Akumal.

For resort areas things are not so good in Acapulco. I certainly would have second thoughts about going there. Again drug wars, so risk is much reduced if you are not involved.

I believe both Canada and the US have issued travel advisories for these specific hot spot areas. The news here last night featured some students headed to Acapulco for spring break. Parents canceled their trip due to safety concerns. Long faces!!

Cancun is a large city. I'm sure there are big city issues there, just like Dallas. Have not heard it linked directly to the major drug trafficking problems.

Akumal is a much quieter area, and my thoughts are just as safe as rural areas in Canada and the US. The worst I have heard about the area involved the murder of two Canadians in 2006 at the Barcelo Maya Beach Resort which is not that far from Akumal. The police seem to have bungled the investigation, and not sure it was ever solved. Last indications were that a former soldier working as a security guard at the resort was being sought. More detail here:


But that was 4 years ago now, and many thousands of tourists have come and gone. Random things like that can happen anywhere.

In the area I follow the same basic security rules as anywhere else. Ask the trusted locals where and when you can go, minimize travel at night, and obviously stay away from any drug or prostitution activities. Most deaths can be linked to those last two activities.

Lincoln, Ne
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10. Re: Akumal, Mexico Safe?

I don't worry about cartel violence in the RM. What I do worry about is people being safe when they go into the ocean. The akumal area has had several drownings in recent months, very sad. So please wear a snorkel vest and have a buddy with you. Lets worry about the stuff we can control and not over analyze the cartel violence in other parts of the country.