Anniversary Trip To Punta Mita in Early September

Good Afternoon Travel Family!

My wife and I are celebrating our 6th wedding anniversary at the Four Season Punta Mita during the first week of September. While we love relaxing on the beach at the resort, we love local flavor and excursions also.

Since this will be our first time in the area, we are hoping to have some guidance on the absolute best things to do in the area while we are there. What are activities or excursions that must not be missed?

Also, we love to eat. For a anniversary dinner, what are the absolute best restaurants in the area? We don't mind traveling a little bit if it's worth it. Price is not an obstacle. I want to make sure she has the best dinner! As an aside, she cannot have any wheat or anything with gluten (I don't feel that this is a huge issue in the area). We also love local spots that have tasty food and are informal.

We are planning to to go Sayulita for a day but are open to other suggestions. We love music, people, food, drinks, and life! We want to make sure that we experience all there is to offer in our short time.

Who knows, maybe we have so much fun based on your recommendations, that we come back!

Appreciate your feedback in advance.