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Drinks this year? (2018)

Birmingham, United...
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Drinks this year? (2018)

So it looks like I might be coming back to SB this summer after all.

If I do, it will be visit 10. It just felt wrong ending on number 9...

Anyway... one of my main pet peeves last year was the watering down of drinks which seemed to happen almost everywhere. This was particularly prevalent in cocktails but even had my paranoid self questioning some of the bottled drinks. Unfortunately, when you're in a beach bar, it's pretty much always the cocktail menus which draw you in.

Back in 2011 when I first visited, cocktails were potent. Last year, however, it seemed I could drink an unlimited amount of cocktails while feeling very little. And what was really annoying is that it was happening in my favourite bars. Bars that I've supported year after year and spent a small fortune in.

Being ripped off was one of the reasons why I thought last year would be my last.

But a year (almost) has passed and I'm now remembering only the good things. I've convinced myself that if I go back I'll just stick to beers - probably better for my stomach anyway. But the reality is, i'll probably be drawn to cocktails again. It's nostalgic. When in Rome and all that...

So for anyone who has been this year, how are the drinks?

Heart is hoping that more stringent rules will mean that bars will stop watering down drinks and we will get the value for money, potent cocktails that we remember from 2012 and before. However, my head is telling me that the watering down has been getting gradually worse for the past several years to the point that it was obvious last year. If bar owners want to continue increasing profits at the same rate, this year a cocktail will be full water with food colouring and flavour drops.

Any of the early visitors, can you please shed some light on what to expect?

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Rochester, United...
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1. Re: Drinks this year? (2018)

I feel exactly as you do! and imo people who tell you drinks are not watered down are holiday drinkers who don't really know what a real drinks strength should be, or say ridiculous things like 'watered down drinks are alright during the day' yeah like we all turn our taste buds off till around 8pm anyway don't we! It beggars belief. And if that is the case I would like 3/4 of the cost of the drink back please.

The only place's I have any confidence with are The Condor / iglika and Spiders.

I doubt it will ever change because I have been going 12 years and it seems to be getting worse all the time and even places I have gone for years are robbing me now. Everyone is on the band wagon and who can blame them if they read this board they will see people are happy to be robbed in the afternoons and think why not extend it to the evening, stupid tourists. Rant over!

p.s some bottles are being watered down, just so you know.


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2. Re: Drinks this year? (2018)

The Bar (that's it's name) opp the Red lion which is a rip off and always empty. Is a very good bar it's cheap and they certainly aren't out to rip you off. Good beer, cheap and all round spot on.

S Wales
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3. Re: Drinks this year? (2018)

Hi Mrcmfc, is The Bar the one attached to The Grand Hotel please?

Salisbury, United...
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4. Re: Drinks this year? (2018)

I only found this watering down of drinks in sunny beach never found it anywhere else

I have noticed sometimes on a Sunday night that the cocktails have more mixers in them

Maybe busy Saturday night waiting for the Monday morning delivery

South Lanarkshire...
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5. Re: Drinks this year? (2018)

Am not really that clued up on sunny beach only been last yr, returning for 2wks on 29th i only had cocktails in 2bars condor and morris,cocktails in condor where FANTASTIC.but really poor in morris and i mean shockingly poor,food was good but that aint any consolation .

these bars should be named and shamed post would probably be removed and make little difference to the bars but it would give fellow travellers a heads up

Amsterdam, The...
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6. Re: Drinks this year? (2018)

Isn't The Bar called The Pub?

Preston, United...
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7. Re: Drinks this year? (2018)

I brought this up a month or two ago.....

The response I generally got was that a lot of the draught beers were not 'watered down', but deliberately brewed to 2-3% strength (some bars excluded, including Condor), and to stick to bottled beer as this was normal.

South Lanarkshire...
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8. Re: Drinks this year? (2018)

The beers will be brewed this way to 2 or 3 % that is true its the coktails with very little spirts that is annoying i dont drink low beer i drink bottles in europe all the time had a bad pint in Amsterdam once put me off draught for life

London, United...
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9. Re: Drinks this year? (2018)

Yes, the bar the bar across the road from the red lion, is called the pub,and its drinks are good, and cheap,spirit with mixer , good measure,are 2-4-1 all day, 5.50 lev cant go wrong really, except you might want headache tablets next day


Rochester, United...
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10. Re: Drinks this year? (2018)

Shinobi55 … The first time I said we should list the bars that rob you was 2011 but nobody got behind the list I started and I'm sure nobody will now. apathy always seems to be the default on here because we are going on holiday and are feeling happy.

We simply hope for the best but life's not sunshine and lollipops and the smiling waiter is complicit in the robbery each time you're brought a drink and then we tip them!!

the only way I get a real drink if I'm in a music bar watching a band is drinking on the bands table from their real bottles they always have or by taking it with me, which I have been doing for years now and that kind of cheap behaviour is so not me in any other place other than 'Sunny Beach' and for a long time I put off doing it but as the night went on I would always regret it, till I had enough of spoiling my holiday and had to leave and go to the Condor for a real one.

not only is the alcohol being watered down, in some places it's not even real, it's often in back rooms in big plastic bottles which refill the optics. happy holiday everyone.

Cheers. Gary.

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