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Why so much Italian in Las Vegas???

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Why so much Italian in Las Vegas???

Just got back from Las Vegas and have a curious question...noticed the Belliago, Venetian, Ceasars...everything is so Italian..including lots of Italian tourists. Crazy question..but why is that???????

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1. Re: Why so much Italian in Las Vegas???

This is the best you could do? Yes, the Venetian and Caesar's definitely have an Italian flair to them. But the Bellagio, the only thing Italian there is the name. The inside makes me think of what a French House of Ill Repute must look like. As for Italian tourists, hardly even notice them. I guess I just think they're Canadians with tans and funnier accents.

Kathmandu, Nepal
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2. Re: Why so much Italian in Las Vegas???

That's only three out of a bunch of properties on the strip . . . maybe you have a particular genetic filter that is turned on?

You could very easily make similar arguments about other "triple" groupings:

Hard Rock, Palms, Mandalay Bay . . . "Why so much fake body parts in Las Vegas?"

Circus Circus, Excalibur, Orleans . . . "Why so many kids in Las Vegas?"

Monte Carlo, Bally's, Harrahs . . . "Why so many casinos with vanilla themes in Las Vegas?"

Barbary Coast, Four Queens, Boardwalk . . . "Why so many ladies of the night in Las Vegas?"

TI, NY NY, Wynn . . . "Why so many places trying to look like Disneyland on drugs in Las Vegas?"

[insert any casino], [insert any casino], [insert any casino] . . . "Why so many places that take my hard earned cashola in Las Vegas?"

Countin' down the days till I'm there folks . . . countin' down the days.

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3. Re: Why so much Italian in Las Vegas???

not biting on this one

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4. Re: Why so much Italian in Las Vegas???

There is nothing Italian about Caesars

London, United...
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5. Re: Why so much Italian in Las Vegas???

You must be talking a different Caesar's than I know!

ROTFLMAO @ your post Jaco!! Thanks for the laughs.

Glasgow, United...
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6. Re: Why so much Italian in Las Vegas???

I agree it is quite Italian but I like it.

Bellagio sell Italian Ice cream! And a couple of Italian restaurants. I think their pools are Italian style, not that I'm suggesting you'd get pools like that in Italy!

Venetian - obviously very italian - gondolas, st marks, rialto.

Caesars - very roman - spanish steps, colloseum. And Bertolini's little indoor 'outdoor' style italian restaurant. And we noticed the Trevi fountain this year too (is it new?)

Also on the corner beside the Venetian (towards Wynn) they're about to build another Italian style one. Can't think what city they'll do, as they've already done the most important ones - Rome and Venice. (not sure what Bellagio is supposed to be themed like City wise???). I guess they've missed Tuscany. They could have a Duomo like Florence or the Leaning Tower of Pisa.....and a Montecatini Terme spa? Or there's Milan....they could have men drinking beers in the street.....

Estados Unidos
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7. Re: Why so much Italian in Las Vegas???

Because everytime the Italians tried to get out of Vegas, they pulled them back in with an offer they couldn't refuse!

syracuse, ny
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8. Re: Why so much Italian in Las Vegas???

Has anyone every studied Rome and her culture or her incredible architecture? Ever heard of the Collesium, the Appian Way, Venice, Florence, Michaelangelo, DaVinci, Vivaldi, etc, etc, etc. . .

Open a Western history book and you'll find the answer to your own questions. I don't think it's a crazy question but the answer is obvious.

Are there a lot of Italian tourists? I noticed a lot of Canadians.

Chicago, Illinois
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9. Re: Why so much Italian in Las Vegas???

Well from looking around at the ethnic mix there ( especially in the high roller rooms in some hotels ) one would think that the new properties should have an Asian theme.

Maybe a ' Great Wall Casino and Resort ' , ' Rising Sun Hotel ' ,

' Geisha House Gentleman's club ' , ' Tai - One on bar and grill ' , ' Ho Chi Minh HO House ' ( Outside of Clark Cty ) ........

Park Forest...
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10. Re: Why so much Italian in Las Vegas???

Don't worry, Mandarin Oriental is on the way. Although, based on Jaco logic, we still need one more. Maybe one that looks like the casino in Rush Hour 2.