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Comped - what does it mean ????

Blackburn, England
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Comped - what does it mean ????

I keep hearing on TA Quotes like, staying at NYNY got 3 nights comped. Does it mean free if so ho do people get comped ??

Sorry if its a simple question

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1. Re: Comped - what does it mean ????

Free. But it's based on your casino play, so it's not really "free". Usually someone who is getting 3 nights comped might have spent thousands of dollars at some point gambling with the place.

"Comp" is short for "complimentary".

Do a search on the Forum for "comps" and you'll get all the info you need.

Blackburn, England
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2. Re: Comped - what does it mean ????


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3. Re: Comped - what does it mean ????

If you get a player's card and gamble a lot you will get offers to get comp rooms and other items.

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4. Re: Comped - what does it mean ????

the operant phrase being "gamble a lot." Thousands, not hundreds KGH.

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5. Re: Comped - what does it mean ????

The word "COMPED" is very much abused on the TA.

COMPED is when your bill is reduced or you receive FREE meals, etc based upon your current play.

If you are a card club member, on occasion the casino will send out advertising , offering you free rooms, if you will come to Vegas for a visit. This is too generate human traffic in the casino.

TOO MANY people interpret this as a COMP. It is not a comp its a promotion.

Las Vegas
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6. Re: Comped - what does it mean ????

COMP= You gamble too much.

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7. Re: Comped - what does it mean ????

I've said it before-

To me, a "comp" is anything but "complimentary." Nothing is free in Vegas, except maybe the porn slapper cards, but I digress. I look at my "comps" as "COMPensation," just like my paycheck. I put in my time at work, sold for the company, and they are compensating me for it. If I stayed home 40 hours a week and did nothing, and still got a paycheck, then that's "complimentary." You spent time and money in the casino, and they are compensating you, in a small way, for doing so. It may be a free drink, or it may be a private jet sent to your home airport, a limo and a penthouse suite. It all depends on what your play is. Me, I don't get the private jet part. Oh, and also no limo. And I get a Grand Tower room at MGM, no suite. It works for me, and I don't think I'm gambling too much to get it, either.

niagara falls
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8. Re: Comped - what does it mean ????

hi, if it helps the formula to earn table game comps

is based on the game you play, the number of decisions per hour on that game, your average bet and how long you play. A lot of this is estimatd by the floor supervisor and is not an exact science.

i.e. blackjack, house edge about 2%, 80 decisions an hour, your average bet is 10 bucks and you play three hours. Yout THEORETICAL loss is 48 bucks and the casino's will comp you around 40% so you just earned $19.20.

Bristol, Connecticut
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9. Re: Comped - what does it mean ????

My husband and I just returned from Vegas and a stay at the Mirage. We were offered $59 a night, based on previous play and $50 free play on slots. We gamble about $2000 over the course of our trip. That is not losses just an appoximation of what goes in and out.I play slots he plays slots and cards. This last trip we were comped two buffets ($50) two sit down meals ($40) and one night ($59). I also accumulated $45 in free play and my husband had $30 plus the comp $50.

Honolulu, Hawaii
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10. Re: Comped - what does it mean ????

One could make a living on Patron's errors and overstatements...

By definition: Complimentary = "given free as a courtesy or favor" (Merriam-Webster).

No matter how it is given to you; based on past gaming play, joining a players club, some promotion, because you are the son-in-law of the manager, or that your name was picked at random out of a phone book, if you are getting a "free room" in Vegas, it is a "comped room".

And, it will be shown that way on the Summary Profit & Loss ledger for the hotel under "comp. rooms occupied"