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Sickness and Sayulita?

Boise, Idaho
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Sickness and Sayulita?

I have been going to Sayulita for 20 years and have been sick once. Putting this in context, I travelled for work all over the world and experienced the most severe illnesses in So Korea and Japan - both times after eating some adventurous food. The big lesson is this - if you eat food on the street you put yourself at risk - same is true in New York or Barcelona. You also need to recognize that when you travel you will be exposed to bugs that you don't encounter back home and expose yourself to risks. I don't think Sayulita is any worse than other fun destinations. Could the water be cleaner - sure, could there be better food handling at make-shift vendors, of course - it can always be better but it's not a reason to never leave your backyard. If you're really concerned - take Imodium with you and Pepto Bismol and take them for a few days before your trip, then use common sense, but don't go with the expectation that you are going to get sick because you'll probably talk yourself into it.

By the way - I just returned from Sayulita yesterday and now have a cold because on the way down I sat next to a guy who sneezed on me for over 4 hours - no big surprise how I caught this cold...but I blame the crowded plane - not Sayulita.

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1. Re: Sickness and Sayulita?

Thank you for posting this. It's important to get the word out.

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2. Re: Sickness and Sayulita?

Cold.count yourself lucky.

Huge Issue..

Read the other Threads..https://www.tripadvisor.ca/ShowTopic-g445056-i9130-k9327751-Sickness_Still_in_Sayulita-Sayulita_Pacific_Coast.html


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Sayulita, Mexico
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3. Re: Sickness and Sayulita?

That is not a safe post to promote a place I know for a fact that lots and lots of people are getting very sick. Most of our group got sick within days vomiting and diariah. Even the person that takes care of our house and others is telling us that almost all the visitors are getting very sick.

Something is very wrong in Sayulita.

I recommend staying away from l whatever is going on is fixed.

W of Paradise
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4. Re: Sickness and Sayulita?

There is a VERY big problem in Sayulita.....most of my party got very sick and all are world travelers. To start with the town is nice ancd charming, but there is a river of sewage, yes sewage that cuts right through the center of the beach. You walk across it on a wooden plank as it is your only option. The sewage (there were tampons and underwear floating in it) flows into the ocean right in the swimming area which is a big problem. The locals told us they do not e en get their feet in the water! We will not be back until they divert the sewage and deal with their dirty little secret. Plan an extra 2 days to be in bed sick into your vacation and pack some Cipro as it is a bacterial issue.

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5. Re: Sickness and Sayulita?

This is a real thing that has been going on for at least two seasons in Sayulita. I've never gotten sick on a trip anywhere in the world but did get sick last week in Sayulita. Cipro won't help because it is a norovirus, and is probably not related to the ocean water (though it's possible), more likely food and water. I've been there nine times and haven't gotten sick before, but even if this were New York, food handlers, housekeepers, van drivers, or whomever can transmit it (super contagious). It's not the end of the world--not particularly dangerous for an otherwise healthy person.

Paris, France
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6. Re: Sickness and Sayulita?

We visited for a day 15 years ago and the ocean was a disgusting brown foamy smelly cesspool. I can't imagine anyone would swim there.

Sayulita, Mexico
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7. Re: Sickness and Sayulita?

Just FYI we arrived to Sayulita 2 weeks ago in our RV, staying 6 months to work and surf. Last year the noro virus was rough, no doubt. Many (most) went down the requisite 2-3 days, including us. Like clockwork sometimes. You lose a little weight, and then it passes. No different than in Minn. or Santa Monica and the other many places that had outbreaks. Probably some from there flew here and brought it along.

And yes there was trouble with the water treatment plant last year, which got everyone's attention (including us surfers). The good news is that the 2-stage renovation of the town's sewer and water plant is ongoing. Bigger pipes, more capacity. Just today they announced more progress, and the whole town is paying attention.

That's good news in the surfing world.

FWIW, after 2 weeks we haven't had any health problems, nor has anyone we know. Been out eating, been in the water every day (and I don't swim in "cesspools" LtCorson - jeeze). Doesn't mean I won't lose a little weight somewhere down the line, but so far so good. Feel lucky to be here.

Baltimore, Maryland
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8. Re: Sickness and Sayulita?

Hey my friend planning to come surf for a few weeks in the beginning of Dec. Question is that sewage still traveling through the beach down to the sea? How has the clarity of the sea been recently? Thanks

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9. Re: Sickness and Sayulita?

was there last week and didn't get sick. Didn't hear of anyone getting sick around us and met up with other travelers from different groups and none of them got sick. The situation must be improving so I say it is safe to go.

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10. Re: Sickness and Sayulita?

We have been here almost a week so far, swimming daily and eating out at street places and restaurants. My wife and I have both been fine with no sign of anything except maybe too much tequila. Also have not heard of anyone being sick, water at the beach seems great. Come down and enjoy yourself.

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