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Rental Car Scams - Executive Car Rental Tampa Airport

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Rental Car Scams - Executive Car Rental Tampa Airport

Car Rental Companies have been know to rent previously damaged vehicles, then claim the next renter caused the damage and charge for excessive repairs. Proving innocence after you've already accepted the car is difficult. In my case with Executive Car Rental TPA, the damage consisted of a two inch scratch on the front bumper lower lip that was only visible by lowering oneself to the bumper level, impossible for seniors to see. The Florida Better Business Bureau of West Florida states that Executive Car Rental at the Tampa Airport has numerous complaints and "has a pattern of complaints concerning consumers not receiving the refund of their $250 security deposits from the business." They are also under investigation by the Florida Attorney General. In my case, Executive Car Rental TPA placed an additional $500 unauthorized charge on my VISA card for damages that I dispute. They have ignored my request for an investigation and information on when the car was last inspected, if the car had been driven after that inspection and information on where the car was parked subject to other traffic that could have caused the scratch.

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1. Re: Rental Car Scams - Executive Car Rental Tampa Airport

We recently visited Tampa Airport and had a reservation with Fox. After waiting in line for 45 minutes at least, we got up there to find out they could not communicate with the people in the garage, but were sure they did not have our car. I took our quote and started shopping other companies. Sixt said they could not meet our quote, but executive said they would. Aaron was very helpful, got us a car we wanted at a price we could live with, and got us on our way! We had no problems with the car or the service.

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2. Re: Rental Car Scams - Executive Car Rental Tampa Airport

Executive Car Rental: Deposit Refund and Tollway Charge Scams: Terrible service, misrepresented and gauging toll charges and 26 days for deposit refund. I'll never go back. Started with really bad service where our assigned car was blocked in and there was no attendant on site so I had to go back up 3 flights and was assigned a different vehicle. I declined tollway pass service of $ 9.99 per day as I know there was only a $ 1 manned toll where I exited. It was falsely explained that all tolls were automatic. Even with declining the toll pass, the one in my car was active and they charged me $ 42 for two $ 1 tolls. An additional $ 40 profit. It took 26 days to receive my deposit refund. Worst car rental experience by a frequent traveler.

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3. Re: Rental Car Scams - Executive Car Rental Tampa Airport

I am a ONE TIME customer of executive car rental. They are deceptive at best and an out right fraud depending on how bad they treat you. Would never rent from them again - fool me once shame on you. fool me twice (that isn't going to happen) shame on me.

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WARNING: Executive Car Rental holds on to people's deposit. I rented a car at the Tampa Airport for a week Sept. 16-22nd. Executive Car Rental took a $250 deposit. I returned the car on Sept. 22nd. Afer 3 calls to the Tampa location number (813 344 4359) I was promised a next day return deposit. Now after 21 days, I still do not have the deposit returned to my credit card. NOW, the number is no longer in service!!!!

I have looked up their Facebook page and there are multiple complaints of the same nature as mine. No returns of deposits. I wish I had done more investigating before renting a vehicle from them.

I have filed a complaint with the BBB of Tampa as well as the Attorney General's office of Consumer Affairs in Tampa, Fl.

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5. Re: Rental Car Scams - Executive Car Rental Tampa Airport

Also notify the Hillsborough office of Consumer Affairs


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6. Re: Rental Car Scams - Executive Car Rental Tampa Airport

I have had the exact same experience. I have filed complaints as well. Do NOT use this company.

Brooklyn, New York
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7. Re: Rental Car Scams - Executive Car Rental Tampa Airport

Looking for a good deal, I booked a rental with Executive Rental Car on a recent trip to Tampa. Their published rate was attractive at $158 for the week. Turns out that these people are the "Spirit Airlines" of rental car companies. At the counter we asked the clerk if he could add my wife on as an additional driver. No problem, we were told. But when asked if it would cost extra, the clerk was evasive and had to to be asked three times. In the meantime he kept on entering data into his computer.

He then presented the contract for signature, It amounted to $542. Turns out to add my wife as a driver cost an additional $183 - more than the original rental charge. We then told him to undo it, and make my wife the sole driver. He said that he couldn't do that unless we paid a $100 change fee.

This is all on top of a $200 "refundable" deposit. Eventually, the clerk worked it out - at least on paper - that we would be refunded both this deposit and the $183 he charged for the additional driver. He then proceeded to lecture us on how "my wife better not get caught driving the car".

Upon return of the car a week later we were told we'd see our refund posted to our credit card in a few days.

Two and a half weeks later, no credit. I called and after being on hold for 20 minutes, was told that the credit should have automatically been credited, but no. So, the woman on the phone said she'd do it manually.

This morning I received a credit memo for $212.20, not the agreed upon $383.48, without explanation. Too much. I will now just file a complaint with my credit card provider. They'll take this off my bill.

Avoid this company. They're bottom feeders.

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8. Re: Rental Car Scams - Executive Car Rental Tampa Airport

Don't let them do this to you and others. File an online complaint with the BBB of Tampa, the Hillsborough office of Consumer Affairs as well as the Attorney General's office of Consumer Affairs in Tampa, Fl. All three are currently investigating Exec Car Rental.

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9. Re: Rental Car Scams - Executive Car Rental Tampa Airport

Never use executive. I agreed a price of $200 with them via Priceline but when I got to the counter they insisted because I wasn't from the US that I had to take their insurance even though I had my own (better) cover that I bought from elsewhere. The total they wanted was over $700. I had to walk away and went to one of the other places. This was at Tampa airport.

10. Re: Rental Car Scams - Executive Car Rental Tampa Airport

for the dates of October 3, 2018 through October 12th 2018 . I purchased a Full size car for a total of 9 days. When I arrived on October 3rd they did not have my full size car and because I wasn't aware of the $250 deposit and $100 toll booth fee's the gentleman at the counter said they would upgrade me to a SUV for free. They kept telling me to take pictures of the vehicle for my benefit which I thought was very odd. I did as they kept telling me. Against my better judgment I rented this car for $212.39 plus $250 deposit plus $100 in toll fee advance payment to the Executive Car Rental company which totals $562.39 but they charged my card $554.63 which doesn't add up either if you do the math. I did not use $100 in toll fees since I only went through a toll booth a total of 4 times during my whole trip. I questioned the $100 toll fee advanced payment and the man at the counter stated that you had to have it because if you didn't they would bill you $35 for each toll you go through which I thought was total bullcrap. So, against my better judgement I let him talk me into getting it since he said it would save me money in the long run. On October 12 I returned the car at 9 am in the morning. The guy at the counter checked the gas guage and moved the vehicle. He came in and said everything is ok you are good to go. No paperwork no anything. I asked if he needed to give me any papers and he said no you are good to go. I said what about my deposit and he said it would be back on my card in 3-5 business days. On Friday October 19, 2018 I called about my refund and the lady who answered the phone stated they misinformed me it would be 7-10 days before I get the refund. On Friday October 26, 2018 I called again to be told they aren't sure why it hasn't been credited yet and they would look into it. I called again on Monday October 29th , 2018 and they said they were crediting my card the following Tuesday which never happened. I then got very suspisious as to why they were keeping my money and started investigating them on google, this company has HORRIBLE REVIEWS about this same thing. They always keep everyone's money. Please help me put a stop to these people and let them know they can't just keep people's money when they were good customer's. I am appauled that someone hasn't

shut them down yet and they are continuing to get away with this. If you read their reviews and there are several hundred of them on how they are scamming people out of their money. Below I am attaching a few just so you know how they are. I assumed they were through Priceline and had to be a legit business but boy did I find out different. DON'T WALK RUN LIKE HELL FROM THIS COMPANY!!!!

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