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Kenya - are there bumpsters/beach boys?

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Kenya - are there bumpsters/beach boys?


this year myself and my partner are thinking of going to Kenya in January for 2 weeks. We went to the Gambia last year at same time and although it was in most cases a great holiday, the bumpsters/beach boys were a bit of a nightmare and it turned us off going on long beach walks.

We only go away once a year and like the ocean/beach holidays and walking around without being too hassled, just being able to chillax.

Whats kenya like in this regard? Honest answers please!


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1. Re: Kenya - are there bumpsters/beach boys?

It depends where you go on the coast. Some areas have very few beach boys. They are certainly nowhere near as persistent as the Gambian bumpsters.

Most people find that fronting up to people approaching them and giving them a hearty "Jambo" and "we'll talk to you later, we're just walking in peace, thank you" usually works.


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2. Re: Kenya - are there bumpsters/beach boys?

thanks Ricahrd, thats very helpful

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3. Re: Kenya - are there bumpsters/beach boys?

Clarabello, we have been to both Kenya and The Gambia and you do not get the bumsters on the streets in Kenya as you do in Gambia, yes there are beach boys, who can be a bit of a pain but as Richard says a polite hello and they will leave you alone just don't start them on football. Having been to Kenya 3 times now we find it a better destination than Gambia. I am sure you will enjoy Kenya.

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4. Re: Kenya - are there bumpsters/beach boys?

There's often more beach boys on the beach than tourists who watch the beach from the comfort of their sunbed around the pool. I find them a pain in the proverbial and a polite "no thanks" doesn't always work. I don't want to be accompanied on a walk along the beach or talk about my family to a stranger or buy over-priced tat - I want a peaceful stroll in the sun! Its such a shame that people are put off setting foot on Kenya's beautiful beaches because they don't want the hassle from the beach boys.

Shanzu, Kenya
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5. Re: Kenya - are there bumpsters/beach boys?

From someone who has "beachboys" as friends I must concur with Tembo.

State on verandah at Yul's a few days ago and watched the beachboys "in action" outside Bamburi Beach Hotel. Felt sorry for the few tourists that braved it..

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6. Re: Kenya - are there bumpsters/beach boys?

the beach boys in kenya are pussycats compared to the bumpsters in gambia

a polite no thanks and just keep walking usually does the trick , the main problems are from the sellers on the beach

so go and enjoy

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7. Re: Kenya - are there bumpsters/beach boys?

If you stay on south coast and right at the bottom, Galu Beach (Pinewood Village Hotel) there are very few beach boys. Also this particular hotel has an arrangement with the beachboys so that they do not come onto the beach immediately in front of the hotel. This is the only place on the coast where we have managed to actually lie on the beach undisturbed.

They are a pain, but bearable.

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8. Re: Kenya - are there bumpsters/beach boys?

When I first looked out from the sundeck to the beach, they all started to yell ("Hey friend!" - that's me ;) , so that put me off from going down. But the next day I did, and yes, bought a small small thing and talked to some of the guys about possible tours. They kept referring to it the days after, as if we had some sort of arrangement. This was quite annoying, but after some days they gave up and started stalking new arrivals.

Then I could quietly sit down in the sand with my kids, noone bothered talking to us. This was at Bamburi Beach. If you go there, don't miss a beach walk on sunday, when all the locals flock the beach (and all those people don't interfere with you).

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9. Re: Kenya - are there bumpsters/beach boys?

hi does the arrangement happen outside the diani reef as well thanks.

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10. Re: Kenya - are there bumpsters/beach boys?

Ah they are only trying to make a living.

The 1st day I got to the Voyager and went on the beach yes they all came up to me and I did spend some money, for the following 10 days I used to chat with them for hours and got to know each other and to be honest the amount of Jambo Sharons I got made my holiday. 2 of them have text and emailed since Ive been back (2 weeks) and Im already looking forward to going back just to see them!

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