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Xanadu visit: Questions re Spa, things to do etc

Trying to make some plans about our impending visit in Aug.

1) want to have a Spa/Hamam experience and wondered what opinions were about the Hotel Spa - value for money and range of experience?

I've read of the Hamam by the sea but that would be difficult to coordinate going off site with the children

2) Shopping. I've read that Belek is generally expensive for fakes etc (compared to Lara and Kaleci)? Where can we go both for some evening browsing as something to do (is there anywhere walkable) or else for actually thinking of shopping?

Am I right in thinking the Market is on Saturdays? Any good?

3) Finally on previous Lara visits we've been to the Apollo temple (is that nearer or even further from Xanadu?), Duden and Mangavat falls

Are there any boats trips or other excision's recommended locally please?