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Another weather question !

Hi All,

Once again seeking invaluable guidance from the TA community.

I am planning on going to Cape Town for a few days then self driving the Garden Route after having completed a safari and gorilla (Uganda & Rwanda) trek in late July next year.

I have found lots of comments about the weather along the Garden Route in August and wonder if it's worth thinking of another destination for the last two weeks of my trip ?

Due to other commitments my availability is limited to May-August next year and with two 80 year old parents joining me for the last portion of the trip I thought the Garden Route with scenic views, wineries and some short easy scenic walks, whales and self-drive safaris would suit us all better than another destination that may require lots of hiking to see all that it may have to offer. I will have also just joined them from lots of safaris and animal viewing so Kruger (as an alternative destination) would be somewhat duplicating what i have just done and be potentially too expensive for my parents.

i know one can never predict the weather but are there any good news stories out there that can convince me that it is still worthwhile doing Cape Town and the Garden Route in August and that I won't be taking my parents on a bleak , cold holiday ? I'm not adverse to cold weather or the odd rainy day but I'm worried we could cop a full two weeks of awful weather ..

Thanks in advance !!