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visa $25? £25? 25 euro.. they AREN'T the same!

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visa $25? £25? 25 euro.. they AREN'T the same!

why is egypt getting away with ripping off those who pay in sterling?

$25 is not £25 . .its about £17..


how are they getting away with it?

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Port Ghalib, Egypt
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1. Re: visa $25? £25? 25 euro.. they AREN'T the same!

Hhhmmmmm no they aren't the same but what makes you think they are ripping you off?

Simple answer is always take $25 saves hassle and Egyptian Visa has always been priced in Dollars so your answer lies in that $.

Ok you pay in Sterling.

That Sterling is then converted to $$$$ or LE on the days bank set rate that day.

What you may think should be £17 doesn't actually work like that after converting Sterling to $

It's a complicated process to explain sometimes but far easier going somewhere like Asda currency that charge no commission and get $ and lay for visa.

Paying on the bus £25 Unfortunately that is the rep scam which happens at most Egyptian airports.

They.prey on people after a long journey and many fall for it.

No it's not fun but been happening a very long time.

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2. Re: visa $25? £25? 25 euro.. they AREN'T the same!

As I understand it, the sterling is first converted into Egyptian Pounds at that day’s buy rate for LE. Enough of this LE is then converted into USD to pay for the $25 visa at that day’s buy rate for the US foliar. You should now get a visa with any change owing paid in LE.

As suggested above, it sounds as if you have been buying your visas from the reps and not the official bank kiosk. The reps will charge around £25 for a $25 visa. The bank will charge $25 pp but, if you pay in sterling, the complicated process described above kicks in and the cost may not match the day’s official £-$ rate exactly. The difference, however, shouldn't, be too much.

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3. Re: visa $25? £25? 25 euro.. they AREN'T the same!


Smart, intelligent, well informed people pay US$ 25 for a visa.

Others will pay more.

Even if you buy a visa stamp from one of the bank exchange counters in Sterling, as BBeckett says, they have to convert the Sterling into LE and then back into US $ - and there is always about LE 0.10 difference between the bank buy and sell rates, ( which is very small compared to other countries, especially the UK ).

http://www.nbe.com.eg/en/ExchangeRate.aspx ( The "buy" rate is so classified because the bank buys from you and gives you LE, the "sell" rate is you buying from the bank the US$ and giving them LE. )

The reps charging British tourists 25 Sterling are doing so because that rate has been set and agreed upon by the UK tour operators and the Egyptian local ground handlers... they make money off you just like they make money off you selling over-priced excursions and often claiming that it is only safe for you to go on their excursions. So don't blame "Egypt" - launch your complaints first at the UK tour operators !! ( The German and Swiss are even worse !! ). I don't know about Marsa Alam airport but many years ago, the authorities put up signs clearing stating the visa prices at Sharm and Cairo airports.

I am amazed that people come on Tripadvisor to complain about Egypt ripping off them for over charging visas - and yet this very topic is plastered all over the pages here !!

But feel pleased that hopefully the next time you visit you will now be well informed and can label yourself as falling into the first category that I mentioned right at the top of this post !


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4. Re: visa $25? £25? 25 euro.. they AREN'T the same!

If you had done your research on visa prices on here top tips , its states $25 and also there has been numerous threads on here over the years about how the travel co reps (which are local ) charge an "admin fee " if you dont it it from the bank so you pay extra

it is Egypt no USA or Europe and these thing go on , not ideal but hay ho

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5. Re: visa $25? £25? 25 euro.. they AREN'T the same!

hanco, it's what happens if you don't do your homework.

Should have been on here to find out rather than complain.

thornaby on tees
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6. Re: visa $25? £25? 25 euro.. they AREN'T the same!

Its not difficult to get $25 before you go and it saves all the hassle when you get there,

you don't pay any extra for it from any major store with a currency exchange counter or any high street outlet travel agent,

It's surprising how many people are still getting ripped off after all the advice on the forum,


Llanfair Clydogau...
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7. Re: visa $25? £25? 25 euro.. they AREN'T the same!

So you can’t get a visa over the web then , you have to queue and get it in the airport??? Sorry, excuse the ignorance, it will be my first time in Egypt

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8. Re: visa $25? £25? 25 euro.. they AREN'T the same!

Hi Sue

Yes you can get in online before arriving, but it's not the easiest form to complete.

It's a lot simpler to just purchase it on arrival at the airport, using the official Bank in arrival hall.

It's priced at $25us per person, but the reps try to overcharge for the same visa, so avoid doing it through them.

If you want to do it online the official website is-


Enjoy your holiday ☀

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9. Re: visa $25? £25? 25 euro.. they AREN'T the same!

Recent experience (like last week) ... Came on here and was aware. However when I offered up my 50usd for two visas and pointed to the $25 on the visa he insisted no and demanded I pay gbp or I get off the bus. It appears they're getting more aggressive with this scam.

So it was about £8 more...and I didn't need the embarrassment on the bus of being frogmarched off. Does it make me sad? Yes, it meant I had less to tip with and a bad taste about the lengths some people will go to screw people over.

Shame really as it put a downer on my start to the holiday

Port Ghalib, Egypt
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10. Re: visa $25? £25? 25 euro.. they AREN'T the same!

Unfortunately MrBlueFox you fell for the rep scam.

The official visa sticker for $25 is only available before immigration from bank of Egypt Kiosk on the left hand side.

Unfortunately you went to the reps instead of the official bank kiosk. That is the only explanation for paying on the bus.

You do not pay official Bank kiosk or visa on the bus. Once you got off the plane you followed the reps with the boards.

Cost on bus is £25 or $30.

I agree it's not right and outrageous so just cut your losses.

The official price is $25 And The Bank Of Egypt Kiosk is on left hand side.

You should ignore all contact with reps until you have passed through immigration.

There are others after outside guiding you to buses.

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