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corrupt staff at marsa alam airport. stealing !!!

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corrupt staff at marsa alam airport. stealing !!!

100ml antibacterial gel is ALLOWED> they take it off you

50ml body spray is ALLOWED> they take it off you

75ml deodorant is ALLOWED> they take it off you

lipsticks ARE ALLOWED > they take them off you


you name it.. they take it.

5 body rubs

4 xrays

swabbing feet, and phones. searching through BOOK PAGES, purses, its TOO much!! stop with the corruption already!!!!!!!!!!!

just do what aviation rules state..

sniffer dogs on cases on the tarmac outside the airport.

hotels that INSIST you leave your case with them and dont allow you to keep hold of them!!> ? ! anything could be put in your case .. ! (it didnt.. but jeez.. can you imagine)!!

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Port Ghalib, Egypt
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1. Re: corrupt staff at marsa alam airport. stealing !!!

How many posts that now 5?

Hhhmmm pack it in luggage next time

Like I said blame British Government they set the extra checks nothing to do with Egyptian Government.

Unfortunately it's the British that demand the extra security checks.

We all go through it in Egypt and you think it's just Marsa Airport?

Guess again

Then again I been through Marsa many times never had anything taken off me either.

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2. Re: corrupt staff at marsa alam airport. stealing !!!

A couple of years ago I had a 75 ml shaving gel taken off me at Sharm, and years ago at Zurich a 100 ml Azarro Eaus de Toilette ( fortunately almost empty ) when, apparently back then Swiss airports were insisting that items had to be under 100 ml. And at other times, at Geneva and Zurich, a joghourt and another time a tube of mayonaise, but those two times were my own, ( or I should say, my wife's ) fault.

Back in 2009 almost lost a very nice Swiss knife which my son had forgotten in his hand luggage - fortunately I dashed back and wrapped it in plastic bags and that and got it checked in... was amazed it arrived ! This year I had a problem with a brand new hand held blender, still in its box, at Istanbul Airport transit - forgotten it had a very small blade and it had sailed through security at Cologne Airport... had to go through passport control and then try and check in. The cost of the additional bag would have been several times more than the blender ! Thought sod this and went through security to go to my flight and my little, ( or I should say my wife's ) sailed through security no problems. A layover of several hours turned into a dash for my flight !

Over the years have also lost a couple of nail clippers, ( one at Lagos and I think one at Heathrow ). Tiny things with tiny blades - much much smaller and less dangerous than the stainless steel knives and forks they hand out on the planes !

But I am wondering what exactly did you have in your hand luggage - how did you fit all of that in one single plastic transparent bag ??

Bolton, United...
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3. Re: corrupt staff at marsa alam airport. stealing !!!

I can’t understand why you would want to carry liquids in hand luggage these days. You see so many people with crammed bags, not even plastic bags, getting upset because they’re told they can’t take more than the stated limit.

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for Nile River Valley
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4. Re: corrupt staff at marsa alam airport. stealing !!!

I'm always being swabbed and body searched for drugs at UK airports. I think I look so harmless they use me to fill their quota.

United Kingdom
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5. Re: corrupt staff at marsa alam airport. stealing !!!

I had to "throw away" a half used bottle of anti-bac gel at Luxor airport last May, on our way home. The bottle was well within the limits when full so I have no idea why they took against it. Mr DD had a similar bottle he was allowed to keep. I put it down the boss watching the checkers!

Cairo, Egypt
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6. Re: corrupt staff at marsa alam airport. stealing !!!

Instead of complaining.....just put all that stuff in your checked luggage.

London, United...
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7. Re: corrupt staff at marsa alam airport. stealing !!!

Correct. Why people put the likes of shower gel in cabin bags baffles me.

England, United...
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8. Re: corrupt staff at marsa alam airport. stealing !!!

Can't see why any hotel would insist on keeping your case either if you were adamant that you wanted to keep it with you. You are the customer, you can tell them what you want to do. Unless it means trying to take a huge case into a restaurant for example or have it around the pool and then they are perfected within their rights to ask you to leave it with them. This is not unique to Egypt, this is the case everywhere.

Came back from Marsa in Nov, nothing was taken off me and i had a whole clear bag full of eye drops, lip gloss, nose spray and various other things plus a small unmarked bottle of Gaviscon.

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9. Re: corrupt staff at marsa alam airport. stealing !!!

I can imagine why you're feeling annoyed. I'd be if I had my stuff taken off me. I usually have some hand gel and lippy/lip balm with me when traveling due to the dry air in the plane.

Thanks for the info. I'll just take the hand wipes instead but I def need to take something for my lips, so I may just email the manager directly at Marsa Alam airport to check. He was very prompt and got back to me before.

Antwerp, Belgium
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10. Re: corrupt staff at marsa alam airport. stealing !!!

We flew from Marsa Alam to Germany end of March.

Had no problems with Nivea lipstick and a normal old fashioned deodorant.

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