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1st visit to Nigeria

Rochester, New York
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1st visit to Nigeria


I'm planning on visiting in April a friend from Nigeria and this is my first time going out of the country. I met my friend online and have been talking and videoing for about 6 months everyday and I've seen and talked with his mother and sisters. For the trip we'll be in Abuja and visiting his family in Lagos Does anyone have any advice about the travelling or the area?

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Ikeja, Nigeria
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1. Re: 1st visit to Nigeria

One thing am sure you know is about the risk involved in coming to visit a friend you meet online putting into records the situation of things around the globe and making sure you made your research worthwhile if you can contract a third party to investigate the true nature of the family before your plan date of coming, am a Nigeria and giving you this advice based on passed incident

Medway, United...
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2. Re: 1st visit to Nigeria

Be very careful, meeting anyone online then meeting in a foreign country. My father is Nigerian and I visit him on a regular basis, however, I know not to travel at night, to be aware of where I am and who I am with. I only ever travel with family and even then we have our own drivers and security. Please again be very careful and take note of the reply above

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
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3. Re: 1st visit to Nigeria

My good friend (and airline cabin attendant) is in Lagos now. And is restricted to staying INSIDE the hotel for the entirety of her "vacation". Had been elsewhere in Africa and thought it would be nice to go there. Military personnel with assault rifles everywhere. It is an apparent police state with considerable civil unrest. She can't wait to leave. (Unsure why she doesn't go home early).


Ludwigsburg, Germany
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4. Re: 1st visit to Nigeria

Advice: Don't go. If you both want to meet, you should meet on equal/neutral grounds. Meet in Ghana, Togo or Benin if you really, really need to meet him. Don't ever go anywhere. Just meet at the hotel (there will be guards).

United Kingdom
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5. Re: 1st visit to Nigeria


I don’t want to pour cold water on your friendship, but if you have ever sent your on-line friend money, before you proceed to book your flights or have any further contact with your friend, you might like to take a look at the information in this link to the US State Department/Nigeria Embassy website.


I obviously your friendship is genuine and works out well for you, but please be very careful.

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6. Re: 1st visit to Nigeria

I went to Lagos last year and had a wonderful time. I am also going back in April. Be careful and aware just like any other big city you might find yourself in. My one point of advice would be always stay with a Nigerian when you go out. An Oyinbo lady wondering along is not a good idea, doubly true at night. My boyfriend actually prefers we don't go out after dark just because it can be unpredictable. Be careful Nigerians can be warm, wonderful people but the 419 and green card hustle are no joke. Stay at a reputable hotel with security. The guards and the police carry huge guns, they don't play. I don't think I would term Lagos a police state with considerable civil unrest but I also would not consider traveling outside of Lagos if that tells you anything. Be careful, aware, check in with friends regularly and have fun. I think hiring an outside company to look into the person and family you are visiting is also a prudent choice.

Lagos, Nigeria
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7. Re: 1st visit to Nigeria

Unrespect of all advices above given to you, here is my take good and bad is everywhere all round the world 🌍, Nigeria has the highest numbers of expacts in Africa due to the businesses and attractions, if you truly wish to visit your friend you meet online it's never a crime just make sure you carries out some checks on him/her before coming lagos is more saver than Abuja. Thanks

London, UK
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8. Re: 1st visit to Nigeria

Having worked in Lagos for several years I would strongly advise you not to make this trip - there is a very high probability that this is a scam. Lagos is a cultural shock if you have not travelled there before - on the whole Nigerians are lovely people - but meeting someone online and believing in them is just plain silly - just be safe do not make this trip. Life and death yes - I have witnessed a lot of death in Lagos so beware.

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9. Re: 1st visit to Nigeria

It's usually the case that the airline is protecting themselves by restricting cabin crew to inside the airport. This however doesn't mean that lagos is unsafe to visit. I've lived here for 5years now and had foreign friends visit and taken them around with absolutely zero issues. So if you're coming to lagos, there are a bunch of things you can do - there's a big social scene on the weekends. Depends on your interests really. Let me know if you need help with curating your trip

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10. Re: 1st visit to Nigeria

The Canadian Government advises Canadians not to travel to Nigeria. for a lot of reasons. Kidnapping, robbing, zika virus, murder. It is a very poor country, especially in the last year when the nigerian currency dropped 30% (because it is tied to the petro dollar and petrol is dropping in price on the world market) it is environmentally degraded. 419 fraud is very common. People will think you very wealthy and see you as a target for fraud. There are open sewers. rubbish in the street and tons of people trying to scam you. Probably including your online friend. Just google Nigerian scammers. however, on the other hand, if you want to suffer culture shock, be scared, but learn a valuable lesson about what the world is really like, go to Nigeria, go to Haiti, go to Syria, go to Afghanistan. If you want to go to Africa and be safe, go to Morocco.

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