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Just some questions regarding Gumbet July 2012...

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Just some questions regarding Gumbet July 2012...

Hi, me and 11 other lads have just booked 14 nights in Gumbet at the start of July. We are all 19/20/21 years old, having previously visited Tenerife and Kavos (Only for a week though) I just have a few questions, it would be great if anyone could help...

-What sort of spending money would you recommend taking individually for 2 weeks? (We plan to go out pretty regularly on the nights, not too bothered about any activities during the day e.g jet skiing, boat trips etc, want to eat decent food for breakfast and tea but also at a reasonable price and just need the basics such as plenty of water during the day)

-How is the nightlife for people of our age? Any bars/clubs that you would suggest for us to visit? (Have heard about Bar Street etc and the area sounds very lively)

-How are prices of drinks in the local bars? As their are 12 of us do we have a pretty good chance of getting drink deals?

-Also we usually pre drink before we go out, do the supermarkets sell cheap local beer or something similar?

Any help would be great, thanks very much!

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1. Re: Just some questions regarding Gumbet July 2012...

If you have a search through the old posts you will find several with lists of rough prices for 2011. You should be able to get an idea from that of what things will cost for this year. If you go to the obvious tourist restaurants it will be more expensive than if you go a little away from the centre to the places where the locals eat.

Beer and local drinks are pretty reasonable but anything imported will be very expensive. If you like to have a drink before you go out then the best thing is to get your bottles in duty free as it will be much cheaper that way. There are plenty of supermarkets around to get beer though and if you want to get supplies for the room you can go to one of the bigger supermarkets just outside Gümbet, you can get a bus to Carrefour of Migros easily.

The nightlife is good in Gümbet with a variety of bars and bar/clubs most of which are along the main stretch of Bar Street. Everything is free to get into although drinks can be expensive in the club type bars. You can also jump on a bus to Bodrum if you fancy going to one of the bigger clubs, they run every 5 - 10 minutes 24 hours a day.

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2. Re: Just some questions regarding Gumbet July 2012...

We also would like to know answers to this as us 12 girls are going in july too, so this is helpful!

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3. Re: Just some questions regarding Gumbet July 2012...

I went to Gumbet last year (3 girls) and it is fab, as soon as we got back we booked again for 2012 (May).

We were paying between 7-10 lira (£2.40-£3.45) for Cocktails and this is pretty much all we drank - however as someone else has said there are other threads on this forum detailing prices. Think beer is cheaper and i know a spirit and mixer is about the same. We went all inclusive so only ate out a few times but we are going self catering this year and I plan on taking £500 to spend which will include food, lots of drink and also presents to take home.

We usually started at Leo's Bar (opposite La Maison Apartments) and also went to Smileys and Chico's (cheesy pubs but great staff) and then headed up to Bar Street later on. Central Bar is where most people end up but most of the bars were pretty much all the same in terms of the music/drinks etc.

For a mad girly holiday, I would never choose ANYWHERE else!!

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4. Re: Just some questions regarding Gumbet July 2012...

These should help with pricing from last summer




Sheffield, England...
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5. Re: Just some questions regarding Gumbet July 2012...

thanks everyone.

Surrey, UK
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6. Re: Just some questions regarding Gumbet July 2012...

If you are thinking of a night out in Bodrum there are some very good club/bars along the main strip running from Halikarnos (which is still closed unfortunately). Casa Del Sol, The White House (best lively bar in Bodrum and popular with visitors and the locals), Temple nightclub and of course the Catamaran......

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7. Re: Just some questions regarding Gumbet July 2012...

hey guys going to gumbet in july tooo but with family.... went last year met a group of guys n girls n went out... im 22.. so around the same age.. nightlife is great. great cocktails offers and the beer in most places is relatively cheap

the night life is great alot of deals for when you go out like buy a cocktail here an get 1 free in next bar... there is one big street full of bars... on certain nights you may need to pay to get in.

naturally its called bar street. shop around for drink at the local shops youll find a bit away from he busy areas are a bit cheaper... Raki the national drink is a must try but be warned lol

food is lovely id reccomend the parrot and the windy bay awesome steaks . hotels normally do good deals... near bar street there is a burger king and loadsa kebab stands.

the prices for food is quite cheap if you all chip in.

i took 600pounds for 2 week stay last year but then again everyone is different with their spending. and i was chipping in alot for meals .

i will advise watch when your walking about at night people on their own tend to get stuff stolen.


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8. Re: Just some questions regarding Gumbet July 2012...

This year, there's been (or will be) quite a lot of changes on Bar Street. For those of you who know Gumbet, Atlantis will become Club Why Not (reportedly nice decor inside), Boozers will become Club Vogue (looking good), Central Bar will become Pasha (with a total renovation inside and out), Club Posh is as was last year, as are X Bar and Temple Bar, and Hollywood Bar will be twice the size.

Will report on any more changes when I get back after Easter.

Jak xx

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9. Re: Just some questions regarding Gumbet July 2012...

We don't frequent Bar street ( too old) except Temple Bar in Winter but a friend has just posted pictures up of the changes there.

Hollywood and Posh are getting done up.

Central bar is getting a huge renovation as Jak has said (and owned by Zeynel in addition to X Bar and Temple Bar) It will look fad no doubt when completed.

As for drink prices we will not know for sure untill the season starts but just checked a receipe (from my "holiday purse") from Carrefour 30/01/2012 and the price for Efes 8x50 cl were 26.10 Turkish Lira which at todays rate is around £9 .30p (supermarket prices)

Spirit prices mmm the most popular restaurant in Bodrum were charging IO lira for vodka+coke last month .... I might add it is also the cheapest place we eat in as well.

Also a restaurant along the front last november had put the price of vodka+coke up to 13 lira but you do pay more for beach front..!

We can only speculate as I said and we will only really know when the Summer season is in full swing the price of alcohol.

It is a good idea to buy your bottles at your local airport as it would save you a furtune in the long run. ;-))

West Yorkshire
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10. Re: Just some questions regarding Gumbet July 2012...

One tip I always give to those with a holiday budget to keep to - pay for your drinks as you go rather than have them put on a bar tab (usual in lots of bars in Gumbet). That way you are more in control of what you are spending. If then you get legless, you are less likely to have friends and aquaintances adding to your bar bill or to find out at the end of the session that you haven't enough money to pay.

Would agree that what you need to spend will depend on what and how much you drink and where and what you choose to eat. If you drink through the day and night and also choose imported drinks rather than local, and are eating all meals out, I reckon you would easily work your way through a grand in a fortnight. However, would agree with previous posts, you can limit what you spend if you get canny. All depends how flush you are!!

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