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First holiday abroad, and taking baby, help!

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First holiday abroad, and taking baby, help!

Hi all,

Am so glad to have found this website!

Me and my husband have booked to go to Bandos, it will be my first time on a plane, and my first proper holiday abroad (other than school trips when I was little). Our daughter is coming with us, she will be 16 months.

I am wondering what to do about milk for her out there? She has two bottles a day, she will drink cows milk, or Growing Up Milk (formula). Would I be able to buy cows milk over there for her, or would I be better off taking Growing Up Milk with me? Can I even take that in my luggage?

I am so excited about going, I have always wanted to go, but I am really worried I am going to forget something for my daughter!

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1. Re: First holiday abroad, and taking baby, help!

If she is drinking ordinary milk you haven't a problem as it is freely available in the resorts (I'm talking meal times here). I'm guessing she still has one of the bottles last thing before bed - not sure whether that would work getting milk from the restaurant. I'd suggest emailing the island and asking the question. No point in taking stuff if you don't have to. Try this link:



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2. Re: First holiday abroad, and taking baby, help!

this wont be a problem if she is taking full milk, just speak to guest relations on arrival and milk can be botled and kept in the mini bar in your room.


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3. Re: First holiday abroad, and taking baby, help!

We're off to Bandos on Fri :-) can't wait!!!

My DD is 3 but still likes a cup of milk occasionally, i was gonna take her cup, and fill up each meal then take it back to the room and store it in the mini bar.. so she can have when she feel like it.

When DD was 16 months we went away and i took a can of powered formula and made it up as she needed it (the toddler one ... aptamil 3 i think), that worked quite well!

When are you flying?

Have a fab holiday. :-)

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4. Re: First holiday abroad, and taking baby, help!

Thanks for the replies, you have made me feel less panicked. I don't know why there wouldn't be milk in the Maldives haha! I think I am just worrying as it is my first real holiday, so not having done it before, let alone having done it with a baby, it's all new to me!

I have emailed them as suggested just to check.

We fly out in October, my husband is in Afghanistan at the moment, and we never got a honeymoon after we got married because of his work, so we thought what better time to have one.

Now I just have to get over my HUGE fear of flying, but one way or another I will not let it stop me.

Thanks all :)

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5. Re: First holiday abroad, and taking baby, help!

just chill, relax & enjoy.It sounds like you both derserve a nice holiday.


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6. Re: First holiday abroad, and taking baby, help!

I'm sure you'll have a fab time... sounds like you deserve it! My DH is scared of flying and he finds a glass of red wine at the aiport does take the edge of it ... LOL... but then he doesn't have to take charge of DD on the plane!

I'll post a report on the island, and let you know how I get on with the whole milk situation. Back on the 18th, so will be some time just after that.


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7. Re: First holiday abroad, and taking baby, help!

Thanks very much.

Someone told me to try Rescue Remedy, not sure what it is, think it's a herbal thing. But I'm just going to cling on to my husband instead haha. I will probably bee too excited about getting there to be too panicky, and concentrating on our daughter too should take my mind off it!

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8. Re: First holiday abroad, and taking baby, help!

The guys at Basdos will give you (charge) a carton of milk to take back to the room. Just ask at the sunset bar... it is very creamy and does taste very different to our milk so I would take some formula with you just in case. I've just come home from the Maldives and we took bottles of Robinson's juice out, (my kids will only drink fruit & Barley) like you I was panacking thinking the security at Male would confiscate it. But they didn't even bat a eyelid. So I think they must have seen lots of bits and pieces show up on the scanners!!

Have fun and enjoy...

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9. Re: First holiday abroad, and taking baby, help!


Put the juice etc. that you take into your luggage else you'll have it taken going through customs.

Then bye some suitable drinks etc once through security from Boots. They have some good choice and in the sensible sizes.

If you carry milk with you freeze a bottle they may let you through with it, if it's frozen. If you make up a couple of pouders the stewardess will heat some fresh water for you to make it up on the flight.

Srilankan is a sruffy option some would say. BUT they do have higher number of staff on board and they do help you more than most.

Thye also leave juice and sandwiches in the galley kitchen for you to help yourself and they encourage you to move around the plane..always bringing around drinks etc.

When do you go ?

They would be really helpful with a baby.

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10. Re: First holiday abroad, and taking baby, help!

Have you been yet?

We first went when our eldest was 16 months old and they couldn't have done enough to help us... We took formula milk and you get enough mineral water to boil up so that's not a problem....

There's also cows milk available from every bar so you'll be absolutely fine...

One more thing. The staff on Bandos adore kids, you'll be thoroughly spoilt!

By the way... We're going back for our 6th visit in 4 weeks time and can't wait. Our first time on our own!

Any questions please let me know....


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