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Kuantan Hyatt Regency

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Kuantan Hyatt Regency

Hi, I'm planning on going to Malaysia in March. The preference is Hyatt Regency in Kuantan. Has anyone stayed here, can you offer any comments and more importantly how well is the hotel situated to restaurants. town, local shops? i.e. walking distance etc? Is this a good place to visit...

Thank you


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1. Re: Kuantan Hyatt Regency

it's difficult to recommend this hotel to anybody as it's probably the worst run Hyatt hotel I have stayed in.

The food served in the Kampung restaurant leaves much to be desired,the service is appalling and the staff keep apologizing saying they are new.Interesting that the Hyatt would use this hotel to train using paying guests as guinea pigs.

Recently they underwent a ownership change but little esle has changed in the way of improved service.

Apart fron an extraordinarily beautiful natural beach setting ,this hotel has little to offer.

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2. Re: Kuantan Hyatt Regency

The Hyatt Kuantan used to be our favourite for family holidays when I was growing up - we returned there recently and needless to say, it's pretty run down compared with other Hyatt's.

I'm sorry I can't recommend alternative hotels in Kuantan. I've stayed at the Swiss Garden once many years ago and that was good then, but not sure what it's like now.

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3. Re: Kuantan Hyatt Regency

Thankyou for your replies we have already booked the swiss garden resort now as I found so many bad reviews for the Hyatt in the end.the swiss garden looks much cleaner and more modern and has lots of good reviews so I have choosen that.

We have decided to go for 1o days to Kuantan and 3 days to the park royal plaza in Kl does anybody have any ideas of things they recommend to do in Kuantan.

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4. Re: Kuantan Hyatt Regency


nothing much in Kuantan but the coastline about 40km onwards is great to explore.Cherating is a pretty and relaxed place to chill out with a turtle hatchery nearby and further north the beaches around Kemasek is worth exploring especially south of Kemasik which has a series of coastal caves which is only accessable by foot.

Sungei Lembing (about 30minutes from Kuantan)to be a mining village and now boast a temple of the sleeping buddha well worth a visit.

restaurants in Kuantan town are aplenty and seafood fare is good-a local speciality called baked crab is worth trying out.

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5. Re: Kuantan Hyatt Regency

Hi Pinkgizmo (Ms Tracy),

If you're still listening... I've been to both... Stayed Swiss garden a year ago (bad mistake), and Hyatt last oct (yearly).


Hyatt - is the closest resort to town. At their locals fav beach. Shops and eatery are around (just steps out) although limited. Cab RM8-10 and 5mins.

Swiss garden - is RM20-40 and 20mins away from town, depending on you bargaining skill. Swiss garden provide transport but RM12/pax/rtn. Shops around swiss garden... i seriously don't feel safe walking around outside the resort.


Swiss Garden - Almost unspoiled. (spotted lots of cute hermit crabs, probably the only reason to be there.

Hyatt - Crowded, but still nice.

Resort ground:

Hyatt - may be about 30 yrs old, but its pretty well maintain by malaysian standard. Swiss Garden - is less than ten years old but no effort was made to upkeep the place. When you're at the beach, be careful when strolling off the resort ground, to remote to be safe.

Pool: Hyatt's purple shade pools, either you love it or hate it. Love it + the swim-up bar. Swiss Garden's landscape pool is nice, but didn't like the whistle round every pool attendents neck. When you hear it every 10mins or have to pause a few times while trying to complete a lap, you'll know why...


At Swiss Garden - I'd the 2-bay Seafront Exec Suite, the best they had, RM1000++p/n. The suite was very very basic... Bed basic and 2 thin soggy feather smelly pillows were provided. Bathroom with 2-bath Jacuzzi and separate shower (spotted cobweb on every corner of the bathroom). Living room with dining table and sofa. Basically a bigger std room. No cable TV.

At Hyatt - had the 4-bay Regency Exec Suite, only RM750++p/n. Std bottle of wine and fruit platter as welcome gift, club access, cable TV. Room quality was 10times nicer than Swiss Garden (and clean pillow is my basic requirement for a good rest). Std room bed and set-up are similar to my suite's bedroom.


Swiss Garden - Seriously needs help... Only the Cafe and Chinese restuarant was available thru-out my 5 days stay. Ordered a Chicken rotisserie at RM33 but served with only half a breast portion not bigger than a slice of mango, 2baby carrots and a table spoon of mashed potato! Highway Robbery! Chinese Restuarant was nice but we were the only guest most of the time (doubt the freshness). Average $40-50 p/meal/pax.

Hyatt: 4 restuarants open during my stay, but the Chinese Restuarant and Coal by the Beach were fully booked for dinner thru-out. But they still served room-service from the two restuarants. Had my 4-course lobster meal for 2 in my suite for only RM120nett. Average $40-50 p/meal/pax. Outside Hyatt RM10p/pax/meal.

Conclude (IMHO):

Swiss garden - Run by locals for the locals. Think Jayakarta in Bali for maintenance, 100 yrs old hostel for bed comfort and Watson Bay in Sydney for remoteness. Room is cheap, but you'll ended paying more for food and transport.

Hyatt - It may not be the best Hyatt around (everyone loves PH tokyo, me too), but its the best resort kuantan has to offer, at only US$64. Think Hyatt Bali Sanur less the location.

So be prepared.



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6. Re: Kuantan Hyatt Regency

I only just read this message now,3months after being back from Swiss garden and I would say this is pretty accurate of the hotel.

It was so remote it was in the middle of nowhere and as for walking out the resort there is nowhere you would want to walk to.Beach was clean and quiet entertainment in bar was fun but drinks were a rip off,Chinese was okay but never busy ,outdoor restaraunt was a hit or miss,tree house restaraunt on the beach was the best though.

After 10nights we had spent £350 at the hotel just on food and drinks it was no cheaper than home.Staff were friendly ,hotel average ,pool average,food average,beach good,location nightmare

I felt trapped in a mediocare hotel in the middle of nowhere with nowhere to go .We actually paid more to stay here than the Hyatt as Hyatt had loads of offers on but had more facilities.Kuantan was an experience we did some great trips but i wouldnt go back .Unfortunatley we choose kuantan as it was somewhere a little different,we hit the jackpot with Krabi 2years ago being the untouristy fab place and took a gamble with Kuantan unfortunatley it was just a really expensive lesson to learn.