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Safe eating with children

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Safe eating with children

Hi guys! We booked a holiday to Vietnam but I am a bit worried about the food, not for me or my husband, more for the kids.We gonna stay in a 5* resort but as I read more and more reviews I really do not know what to expect! I personally would love to try street foods,so I am fine with stuff, but is the food( ice-cream,veg,salads etc) safe for the children in the resort? Or should I still be very careful even there? I would really appreciate your help in this matter, thanks.

Perth, Australia
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1. Re: Safe eating with children

How can anyone reassure you your kids will not get food poisoning? Its safe most of the time, but you cant tell by looking at food.

Brisbane, Australia
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2. Re: Safe eating with children


We do a fair bit of travelling with our 3 children. We are open to trying different dishes, restaurants & street food. We have never had a problem with getting sick. Unless your children have certain allergies it shouldn't be a problem. Buy bottled water.

Have a great trip!


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3. Re: Safe eating with children

Food at 5* resort is very safety. Do not worry about that. But with street food, a little more care. the best way is eating boiled food. Welcome to vietnam

Terrigal, Australia
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4. Re: Safe eating with children

We have taken kids a few times. No problems but we had some great advice in our first trip. If there lots of locals eating there the chances are you will be fine. Its all about turn over of food. If it is slow then you may be a bit higher risk. Same goes with Western styled restaurants. We always look for busy places and eat there.

Brisbane, Australia
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5. Re: Safe eating with children

Just came back after a 2 week trip. Food is great with a large range of local, eastern and western foods. There is a French influence and you will find many western foods additional to great local choices. Our family of 4 never had any problems. We didn't eat too much street food. Restaurants are plentiful and very inexpensive.

Hygiene looked to be taken seriously in most places.

Fantastic food choices.

Victoria, Australia
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6. Re: Safe eating with children

Take your meds from home in case anyone does get sick. our family was careful where we ate but my son still got sick and it was miserable for him. Hopefully you will all be ok!

Melbourne, Australia
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7. Re: Safe eating with children

Hard to say be careful when it seems you don't know what you are doing. Best to have some medication to deal with issues.

Put a new thread asking for what medication to take or purchase in country.

Da Nang, Vietnam
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8. Re: Safe eating with children

For 5 star resort in Vietnam, it will be ok. Just notify staff about your concern when checking in.

For street food, should not as I am Vietnamese but we still cook for our kids at home.

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9. Re: Safe eating with children

Food in a five star resort is often not as "safe" as food in a busy local restaurant. If the resort restaurants aren't busy, then food can be sitting there for a long time, can be reheated, etc. The resort food is also very expensive compared to local food which is usually much better.

You need to obey all general good hygiene rules when travelling. That means good hand washing after every bathroom break and befor every meal. Carry hand sanitiser. Don't drink the tap water anywhere, don't use it to brush your teeth. Be careful with ice. Choose restaurants that look busy and clean. My kids tended to like cooked food more than salads anyway, but love the pickled vegetables and always ate the raw carrot and cucumber. Ice cream is delicious. Use some common sense and basic knowledge, and pack the hydralyte (although we never needed it).

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10. Re: Safe eating with children

Hello, I have heard of food poisoning in 5 star hotels so no one is safe, however our tribe stay in 3 star hotels(which are better than Australia 4 star hotels) and in 6 trips have never had any problems so please don't limit yourself to food in your hotel, we have ice in everything and brush our teeth in tap water and also try lots of street food. Take some tummy medicines as a precaution, there are plenty of pharmacy's around as well if needed. Unlike Western restaurants in Vietnam the food is purchased on a daily basis so you are getting a fresh product, you can see the food getting well cooked on the street, if there are locals buying take that as an indication to try some.


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