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Macomb, Michigan
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I am going to Phuket in November. I have been looking into pricing. We are looking to stay at the Le Meridien for 11 nights 12 days. Is it a pretty standard price for hotel and flight to be $7,155 for 3 people or am I getting ripped off? Any advice would be appreciated.

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Leicester, United...
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1. Re: Pricing??

Why don't you just price it up on a DIY basis. Go online and look at sites like skyscanner and booking.com

Toronto, Canada
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2. Re: Pricing??

Further to above, if your travel dates are flexible check airfare on Google Flight Matrix for 12-13 days for a month at a time. And Hotelscombined.com for hotel prices.

I'm not sure of US airfare prices nor the quality of the hotel. But do it on your own usually better price in my experience.

Brighton, United...
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3. Re: Pricing??

might be aus dollars--who knows

Toronto, Canada
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4. Re: Pricing??

OP is from Michigan, in the US.

Pawtucket, RI
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5. Re: Pricing??

All the way from the US and just for Phuket? No stop at Bangkok?

FYI. When you return home more people will ask you about Bangkok than Phuket. Bangkok is cheaper than Phuket and also has summertime type weather. (Bangkok has cheaper local transportation.) Many flights from the US first land at Bangkok. (Up to you!)

You can price your own flights. If you have a frequent flyer account with a particular airline see if they or their partners fly to Thailand. Pull up their website, enter date you leave MI and date you depart Thailand. See what the cost is for cheap seats or business class or whatever you choose. Lots of frequent flyer miles from US to Asia and return. (Vary departure dates a little bit and see if price changes.)

You can price the hotels out yourself too. Even this forum has hotel prices for various hotels. If the price you have is from a travel agency back home check with another travel agency. Play dumb, ask stupid questions and see if they have a better price. But consider round trip to Bangkok and get those prices. You can fly from Bangkok to Phuket and return for the ride home. Schedule a final couple nights in Bangkok for exploring, shopping, eating and be a simple cheap taxi ride to the airport.

Three people in one room? Le Meridien hotels usually not cheap. In Thailand backpacker and budget travelers use cheaper hotels without any real problems. But if better hotels is how you travel - go for it!


Good luck.

Brighton, United...
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6. Re: Pricing??

who the hell would stay in a backpackers hotel/hostel? --imagine all the snoring and lack of peace ? one bathroom and toilet full of sh-t? all the smell of sweaty feet all the different nationalitys and religions? the mohammads praying on the floor every 10 min's?--

Chiang Khong...
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7. Re: Pricing??


that's an average price. Flight from USA at that time around $1200 US dollars Don't know if getting 3 rooms or just 1 and what else is included. If 2 rooms then depending on hotel from $ 30 to $300 a night can get a nice place for $100 a night.

and then which airline how much travel time how much layover what city transferring through

Not enough info to say if you are being ripped off . but I would say no you are not getting ripped off maybe paying a little more than if you did it yourself.

Melbourne, Australia
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8. Re: Pricing??

Use a site like expedia to price it then you can judge for yourself

Perth, Australia
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9. Re: Pricing??

hmm merdi is at bottom of karon hill,only place on the map in that area=https://www.google.com/maps/place/Le+M%C3%A9ridien+Phuket+Beach+Resort./@7.8688008,98.2817534,700m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m7!3m6!1s0x30502539de46d905:0x8a7fd477861ff666!5m1!1s2018-09-16!8m2!3d7.8662947!4d98.2830617

will cost you a small fortune in tuks or taxi's

very very sneaky adverts stating is patong beach,its not,look at the map & see where it is & where u want to be.

i am staying in a very nice hotel on 10th floor,at patong near jungceylon shopping mall.

3 of us for 21 nights cost is $500.s/g air is the dearest at $800each from perth.

from what i have heard your us air fares are cheaper than ours for a good airline not air asia type crap.

do ya homework.:):)

Penryn, United...
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10. Re: Pricing??

seems a lot in English thats £5500 , can do this from the UK for under £1000 - $1300 each

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