Dear all,

I would like you to be aware that this agency took money from me for trip from Phuket, Patong to Railay Beach and they did not showed up to pick me. Nobody answered their contact phones I had on my ticket, and on English version of page. After I translated page on Thai, I found cell phones under contacts and guy answered that he will call me after he find someone who speaks English. At first, they told us that van is coming to pick us up, and then that they forgot to forward our ticket to Sea Angel Cruise operator who supposed to pick up us. They offered to refund the money but did not give a damn how I shoud come to Railay and they told me that don't have any alternative transport for me. They refunded money to me and they also spoiled the whole day and my hotel reservation at Railay Beach. So never use https:/…index.php to book your ferry trip when you are on Thailand.