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Low season in Khao Lak

Poulton Le Fylde...
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for Khao Lak, Khao Sok National Park
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Low season in Khao Lak

To borrow the opening comment from a from a Phuket DE "Ok this is the Khao Lak forum isn’t it, I am sure it is or is it the "lets turn people off Khao Lak & send them somewhere else" forum. See the full thread at tripadvisor.co.uk/ShowTopic-g293920-i5037-k6… where my comments as follows were included:

"Same thing happens on Khao Lak Forum but you notice the serial poster who keeps doing this hasn't posted so far to defend herself. It makes matters worse when people don't even ask for alternative locations or views on what the weather might be like. So why mention any?

Weather patterns are changing all over the world and Thailand is no exception. Last year (2012) there was more rain and sun in October on the Andaman Coast locations, the last month of the Wet Season, than in November, the first in the Dry Season. The first 3 months of 2013 were the driest in the same area for 10 years with water reserves at very low levels. Especially for visitors from Australia where you have beaches to die for and the Low Season presents an opportunity to escape your Winter, just as we choose the Dry Season to escape ours, the fact that you can get accommodation at often half or less than Dry Season prices is often ignored.

When people ask for views they expect them to be balanced and not biased.

Now please, please, please come to Khao Lak!!! - as well as or instead of Phuket or anywhere else, it doesn't matter! :-)

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1. Re: Low season in Khao Lak

as you well know mr.a. we always travel to Thailand during the so called wettest don't go month of October.

this coincides with our wedding anniversary so this is when we want to go not when some idiot quotes from an out of date book of what the weather was like 20 years ago or have never been during the so called low season, or had a couple of bad days.

if it was so bad we would have found some where else years ago, but, believe me October like many of the other so called "bad months" to travel are becoming an open "secret".

khao lak twinned with Phuket,krabi or hua hin makes for a pretty good holiday during October before the European winter sets in and at a sensible price for accommodation that is out of reach for a lot of travellers when high season flight and hotel prices kick in.

South Australia...
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2. Re: Low season in Khao Lak

I agree 100% Arandora,

We have also been to Khao Lak during low season & it is still a fantastic time to visit the area. There has been so many negative replies trying to put people off going during this season & it really puzzles me why. If the weather was that bad there is no way we would spend nearly half the year there!

So everyone if your planning to visit Khao Lak or anywhere on the Andaman Coast during low season, do not be put off by people why have probably not been there for many years, or who rely on google to report the weather. Yes it might rain but you would have to be pretty unlucky to have non stop rain every day of your holiday. Enjoy your holidays, it will be hot, with sunshine, maybe a rain storm now & then but I know where I would rather be :)


hunter valley nsw
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3. Re: Low season in Khao Lak

We have been in Khao Lak for six days and the weather has been amazing. Rain yesterday for a short time.

Today we are off to Krabi for four nights followed by Phi Phi & Patong.

My advise is to see & experience more of beautiful Thailand. It is so easy to do.

Aonang, Krabi
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for Krabi Town
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4. Re: Low season in Khao Lak

We always go in low season - love it. JW's prices seem to have shot up this year though :(

Perth, Australia
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5. Re: Low season in Khao Lak

g'day all

have been to khaolak in oct for the past 4 years

and in total have had approx 5 days of rain

so don't know what the problem is !!!!!!

cheers bat

khao lak
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6. Re: Low season in Khao Lak

today sat 4th it is 8 am and it is no different that high season,meaning it is boiling. a little rain would be nice.but you are right Alan,the weather here in the low season has been fine,not like it used to be.

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7. Re: Low season in Khao Lak

Yeah, don't go in the green season !! ...........All the more great value deals for us Aussies.

Cheaper accomm & flights & warmer rain than Aussie winter!

Sydney Australia
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8. Re: Low season in Khao Lak

We are here in K L now and it's fine and very hot. We had a storm late yesterday morning for an hour but that was a big relief from the heat. We were also here last October and had perfect weather. In all we've done ten or so trips to the Andaman coast in low season and never had one spoilt by the weather.

Listen to posters who have been here recently not the stay at home googlers!

And don't tell too many, lets keep it a secret for us Aussies!!

Sydney, Australia
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9. Re: Low season in Khao Lak

Shhhh...I think I can hear someone trying to recommend a place that sounds like Koh Drambui....??...


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10. Re: Low season in Khao Lak

Hilarious coco tang indeed we are here now lovely long afternoon downpour 2 hours or so. Most of that we spent in to pool with the kids as many other tourists screamed in horror and evacuated! The warm wet stuff which falls from the sky make this place so great and lush! "Mum why is the rain so warm here it's like being in a shower". Okay it's hot but that's what beer pools and sunsets are for lol

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