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Report - Khoa Lak - Le Meridien. 16-24. Nov. 2010

Tehran, Iran
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Report - Khoa Lak - Le Meridien. 16-24. Nov. 2010


arrived at 11:00 PM to Patong. Stayed in Baipho lifestyle hotel.

It was small but clean hotel. Just ok for us to stay for one night and rest. The room had nice decoration and the bed was comfortable and clean. It was enough for us. We went to Bangla Road to have some fun but we were very tired after a long flight. So we just had a dinner in a restaurant around there and come back to the hotel. This hotel was very near to the shopping center and Bangla Road but it was far enough to be away from those noises.


We woke up at 12:00 PM!!!!! And check out in hurry! We had a breakfast as they served it till afternoon. (Good Chance!) After breakfast we went to jungceylon shopping center and bought some drinks for ourselves from Carrefour.

At 3:00 PM Boss’ drivers came after us (We had arranged with Boss from home). I had heard a lot about Boss and his great service through my search in TA website. I thought that the driver is Boss himself and started to chat and asked some questions but the driver didn’t know any English besides his driving was really bad. (Instead of enjoying the sceneries on the road we had stress because of his careless driving)

Around 6:00 PM we arrived to fantastic Le Meridien. Check in process was easy and fast and guys in front office were so kind and caring. Then they gave us a ride to our room (It is a really big hotel). Yada (Very nice lady) from front office showed us our room. We had a room in Spa wing in third floor (Thanks Pey – Reservation Team – for following up my requests). The room had really great view.

At night we ate at Café Lilawadee in the hotel. Nice buffet meal and friendly staff.


We had breakfast in Café Llawadee. Great breakfast. Lots of options form Thai food to fresh fruits.

during the day we relaxed on the hotel’s nice beach. In the evening we went to Khao Lak Center. It was a nice small city, surrounded by the forest. Friendly people. Lots of shops but that place was not really for shopping. We just walked down the street and ate dinner in Jai Restaurant. It was a good restaurant and also very crowded! We chose 2 Crabs and 2 pieces of Fish and they prepared our dinner – Very spicy!! But delicious.


Same as Thursday but had dinner in Hill Tribe Restaurant. It was really good restaurant with very good service. I ordered Prawn in Thai Red Whiskey and it was very delicious.


Same as previous days. At 03:00 Boss picked us up and went to Bang Nga. We visited Tsunami Museum and then went to Saturday Market. Ate Banana Pancake there, bought some cotton shirts and other things as souvenir.


After breakfast we walked along the beach and went toward the white sand beach. (Left side of Le M’s beach. Rim Lay restaurant is also located just left side of this hotel (Very close to it but hard to go there for dinner because the tide was high all nights and we had to pass through the water to reach there! ).

We stayed on the beach for some hours and enjoyed and relaxed. I walked along that beach and saw Sarojin hotel too (I was happy to choose LE M because Sarojin’s beach is just located near a public beach in that area)

In the evening there was krathong festival in the hotel. It was a nice program. Staffs from different departments in the hotel had made their Krathongs (Made by vegetables and flowers) and guest could vote to the most beautiful one. Then they had a dinner program with special Thai dance and other activities. We had to reserve it earlier but we didn’t, so we couldn’t participate in the dinner program. But we had our perfect dinner in Mama Lak restaurant at the beach. This restaurant was a Thai Restaurant right side of the hotel’s beach. (Of course it was the last restaurant at the beach but really was great) after dinner restaurant’s owner gave us a ride to our hotel by free.

Monday: Perfect Day

At 8:30 we left hotel to Khao Sok National Park (with Suniya – Arranged by Boss). We just enjoyed on the road. Very nice and great sceneries on the road. We had a private tour. Went to the lake by long tail boat (I wish the boat didn’t have engine!) The lake and the limestone around it were really beautiful. We stayed at a rafting house (wonderful and like a dream), No one was there but just us. Spent our time swimming in the lake and canoeing which was very fun. Then had a huge lunch! After that we had to jungle tracking. I liked that part too but got a little tired! When we reached to the other side of the lake – At the end of our tracking - the scenery was amazing. You could look at the lake from the above and it was really like a card postal. Again we went to the lake by the Bamboo raft (In this time I couldn’t believe that this Bamboo raft had an engine! And I really wished that if we didn’t hear the engine’s noise and experience perfect silence) but it was still good. We went to the cave and it was beautiful too (in the way we saw some monkeys in the trees). (Little hard to climb up and down in to the cave!). We took several photos in this day and now when I look at them I really want to come back there!

We had a very perfect day and enjoyed a lot. Thanks Suniya for his service and information during the tour.


We had a hotel tour by ourselves! We walked around the hotel and took some photos. As I said this hotel is really big and it needs to spent time to see every corner of it! Then Again walked toward white sand beach area (We wanted to record all the beauties in our mind!) and back to Le M’s beach. Suddenly it rained while the sun was shining and it was very pleasant. I’d never had experience of swimming in the sea with rain and shining sun. It was amazing. (Of course during this trip we had this experience more than once – Loved it)

We had Massage on the beach (just right side of Le M’s beach there was a massage place which was very cheaper than Hotel’s massage) and it was good. I had Thai massage. And enjoyed it a lot especially by listening to the sound of sea during my massage! (I really missed it)

In the evening we went to Bang Nga again (with Boss driver) we wanted to go to Jane Isaan or Candle restaurant but there were closed around 10:00PM (closed very early!) Boss told us that due to fewer tourists they close early.

It was the last night of our trip and we wished we had a longer stay in this beautiful place.


After breakfast we check out earlier. Boss sent one of his drivers to pick us up to the airport. Before going to the airport we went to the Outlet near Phuket (some brand like Nike, adidas and other brands) It was a really big shopping center but we didn’t have much time.

Then went to the airport and said goodbye to all beauties over there.

Khao Lak is a really nice place to visit and I am very happy that chose this place for my vacation.

Great Beaches, Great restaurants and friendly people made our trip very perfect.

Special thanks to Arandora and Mossy which helped me a lot and answered my lots of questions!

Perth, Australia
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1. Re: Report - Khoa Lak - Le Meridien. 16-24. Nov. 2010

Hi Nani-Traveler

thank you for your report, i enjoyed reading it so much, you described everything so well it felt like i was in Khao Lak, it's such a wonderful place to stay isn't it? Le Meridien sounds beautiful, i haven't been to the Khao Lak one but the one in Phuket is great too

So happy you enjoyed the day tour in Khao Sok and the lakes that was our favourite day too and Sunya is such a great guide and very informative

ah! love those beach massages so relaxing while listening to the sea

thank you so much for sharing with us, you bought back so many lovely memories of Khao Lak for me

take care and all the best

mossy :-))

Cape Panwa, Thailand
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2. Re: Report - Khoa Lak - Le Meridien. 16-24. Nov. 2010


I really enjoyed your JBR of Le Meridien and your time spent in Khao Lak. It is indeed a fantastic hotel and 3rd floor over the le Spa pool has always been my preference as it is nice and quiet there so peaceful and relaxing. The Loy Krathong evening is a really special night at the Le Meridien your report certainly took me back .


Poulton Le Fylde...
Destination Expert
for Khao Lak, Khao Sok National Park
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3. Re: Report - Khoa Lak - Le Meridien. 16-24. Nov. 2010

Hi Nani-traveller,

All your research proved well worth it, didn't it? Khao Lak and Khao Sok is a wonderful combination and you certainly seem to have made the most of your time in both!


Toronto, Canada
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for Ko Pha Ngan
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4. Re: Report - Khoa Lak - Le Meridien. 16-24. Nov. 2010

FYI, all beaches in Thailand are public. They are owned by the King. But sometimes a resort is the only one on that particular stretch, but it is in no way private. Anyone is able to enjoy any beach in Thailand.

But I enjoyed your post and glad you liked Khao Lak.

Khaolak, Phang Nga
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5. Re: Report - Khoa Lak - Le Meridien. 16-24. Nov. 2010

Dear Nani, I would like to thank you for sharing your travel experience in the Trip Advisor. Your detailed information will certainly benefit other travellers. We thank you for helping us introduce the destination.

Wishing you a wonderful festive holiday

Kind regards

Le Meridien Khao Lak

Adelaide, Australia
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6. Re: Report - Khoa Lak - Le Meridien. 16-24. Nov. 2010

Terrific report and thank you so much for taking the time to write so much. The details and descriptions are great for us first-time travellers (April 2011) who love to find out about the place.

Might just have to take another look at Le Mer....sounds lovely.

Really enjoyed reading your report.

Tehran, Iran
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7. Re: Report - Khoa Lak - Le Meridien. 16-24. Nov. 2010

Hi PJswan,

I hope you enjoy your trip to Khao Lak. As the others said in TA this place is really relaxing with very nice beaches.

I will be very happy if my report help you to plan your trip in better way.

Tehran, Iran
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8. Re: Report - Khoa Lak - Le Meridien. 16-24. Nov. 2010

Hi Khaolak Yoga,

Thank you very much for the information about the Thailand beaches.

As you may found, my meaning of public beach was a area which was not belonged to a hotel and was very crowded.

Tehran, Iran
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9. Re: Report - Khoa Lak - Le Meridien. 16-24. Nov. 2010

Hi Arandora,

Yes, my research and your help and info really made my vacation preferct.

Thank you.

Tehran, Iran
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80 posts
53 reviews
10. Re: Report - Khoa Lak - Le Meridien. 16-24. Nov. 2010

Hi Mossy,

Le Meridien in Phuket is a good hotel too and I like it so much. (I was there in 2008) and at that time our guide ( a man from Phuket) belived that the Le M's beach is the best one in phuket. but you know Le M in Khao lak has better outdoor. very green and big. (like a small size forest!)

I planned my perfect day in Khao Sok by reading your very helpful report in Khao Sok Foroum.

Thank you.

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