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How many days?

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How many days?

Hi all,

We are off on our honeymoon on the 3rd of november and are doing some time in Patong and some in Khao Lak. I am just not sure how many to do in each. Our trip will be about 14 nights, we were going to do 10 in Patong and 4 in Khao Lak but now thinking either 7 and 7 or 8 and 6.

So my question is what do you think about that? Is it too many days in Khao Lak? We wouldnt do any less than 7 nights in Patong. Planning to stay at La Flora if anyone wants to throw in any info we need to know about that.

Also (while im on a roll) is it the same or cheaper more expensive than Patong?

Thanks everyone I am so excited to get back to the LOS! :)

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1. Re: How many days?

With all respect to members who love Patong, having spent a couple of days there during our 9 weeks so far in Khao Lak, I woiuldn't stay there at all. Other places on Phuket but, sorry, Patong is not for me! It depends what you want, particularly for a honeymoon but Patong and KL are chalk and cheese!

I will now retire to my bunker while my Aussie friends send the shells at a whinging Pom!!! :)

Seriously, at least 7 days in Khao Lak. You won't regret it.

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for Khao Lak, Khao Sok National Park
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2. Re: How many days?


La Flora Khao Lak is an excellent resort on one of the best stretches of Bang Niang Beach with plenty of restaurants and bars within easy walking distance both on or overlooking the beach and on the roads leading up and to the hgighway.

Prices, in our experience, are cheaper than Patong.

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3. Re: How many days?

Hi there,

Well, we are doing 8 nights in Khao Lak in (12 days YAY)..... we are also doing 8 nights in Patong, but I could easily have done less in Patong and more in Khao Lak and I haven't even got there yet! In saying that though, I have been to Patong 3 times before, it is just that we are travelling with a large group and had to please everyone. If you can wait 4/5 weeks I can give you an honest opinion.

No Alan, we only call them "whinging Poms" when they live here and do nothing but complain about the place :).... you are safe!! ;)


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4. Re: How many days?

LOL :)

AD - Patong is by far the busiest and most crowded beach area on Phuket. Those seeking a very busy place with shops and shopping mall, restaurants, 24 hr McD, Starbucks etc , bars and pubs and Soi Bangla style nightlife in a busy crowded and often nosiy place will enjoy.

For a honeymoon - well it depends, nothing wrong with that sort of thing if that is what you want ( though we lived for years in Patong a long time ago when it was really nice, and in the end gave up and left there, just too much, it is almost bursting at the seams with construction )

There are many other beach areas, Kata, karon, Nai Harn, Kamala, Surin, bangtao, in many of the quieter areas there are amazing resorts, hotels with pool villas etc.

If you want to mix a very busy plus nightlife place with somewhere more relaxed then fine, but if you want something quieter on Phuket it is easy to find.

Budget of course plays a big part. Note that there are not as many places 'right on the beach' on Phuket as many would expect. In Patong it is a 'few', eg La Flora Patong, Impiana Patong. Lots of hotels though on the other side of the beach road.

In Karon at north end ( not so far from patong ) are Centara Villas, on the hillside overlooking the sea, walkway down to the beach, nice, tropical, romantic, good value for villa style, nice spa. Ideal for honeymoon.

Mom Tri's Boathouse and villa Royale at kata also nice for smaller more small luxury boutique style at the beach.

It comes down to how you want to spend your Phuket time.

I think you will love Khao Lak and even on the way there once you cross the bridge I think you will feel you are in a different world.

Cape Panwa, Thailand
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5. Re: How many days?


I would do 7 and 7 you would find 4 nights not long enough to enjoy Khao Lak.


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6. Re: How many days?

Hi all,

Thanks for getting back to me.

I think I should have said that we have been to Phuket before and stayed in Patong. I myself luv it!! We are staying at the Patong Merlin as we have before.

I think that you have all convinced me to do more than 4 nights - so you have all done well. lol

So is there anything else I need to know about Khao Lak??

I was very excited when I found this place and yes it will be the opposite to Patong, so we can have the best of (imo) both worlds on our honeymoon.

Thanks again everyone (7 months tomorrow will be our wedding day - so 7 months and 3 days we will be back in the LOS!!)

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7. Re: How many days?

Hi, Not got any advice as such. I've not been to either place before but we're also on our honeymoon at the same time as you and doing a similar combo. Infact, we're staying at La flora too. We decided on 4 night in Hong Kong followed by 6 in Phuket (katathani on kata beach) and 6 in La flora, khao Lak. We're hoping its gonna be a good combination of sightseeing, nightlife and chill out time. have you been at this time of year before? I'm a bit obsessed with the weather and have been worrying incessently about the rain.! Anyway, we might see you there!

Dunfermline, United...
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8. Re: How many days?


We were originally on a 2 centre holiday in 2007, Bangkok and Patong. We changed our honeymoon plans due to disturbances in Bangkok at the time. We moved all 14 days to Khao Lak because the Seaview in Patong couldnt take us.

During our stay in Khao Lak we spent a night in Patong at the Merlin and if you like in your face noise and bars and other seedy elements, you'll enjoy Patong. For us personally that one night was like hell on earth.

Khao Lak is the complete opposite, quiet sandy beaches, not overly built up but plenty of bars and restaurants.

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9. Re: How many days?

We have just come back from our holiday 2 days ago. We spent 6 nights at Patong, 4 nights at Bang Tao Bay and 6 nights at Khao Lak and we thought this was a perfect mix. We found the prices very similar at Patong and Khao Lak food wise but tuk tuks were defiantly cheaper at Khao Lak.

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10. Re: How many days?

Thankyou so much to everyone for their reply's. Its great to get so much feed back and opinions. I have booked everything now and we are doing 8 nights in patong and 6 in Khao lak. We have late flights out too on our last day so it will be a full day our last day. Which is great!

Hey LiverpoolButterfly, no we havent been at this time of year before but I think that it will be fine. I've read that if it rains its usually only for a bit in the arvo...prehaps a good time to find a 'happy hour'! We like you are trying to get a good mix of everything. Would be great to see you at La Flora ;)

Chille - thanks for your response, but please dont worry about us in Patong - WE LUV IT!!! As I said we have been before. Didnt find it 'in your face' or seedy at all, well only when you looked for it. But thanks heaps for posting your view.

Alie (haha thats how I spell my name too!) - I hope that you had a wonderful trip and I look forward to your JBR. Im glad you found splitting your time between different places to be a good idea. Thanks for the idea about the prices too, it helps organise things. Anything else we need to know?

Thanks again for everyones help and responses!

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