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Management responses are condescending and rude

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Management responses are condescending and rude

I've been researching the Sarojin as a possible resort to stay at and read all the reviews on here. The one thing that has struck me above all is the arrogance of the management responses to negative reviews. I find them incredibly condescending and rude. They are often unnecessarily defensive. I understand the desire to respond to a critical reviewer but I find Andrew Kemp's replies nasty. I suspect some of the complaints guests had are in reality pretty trivial, but it's not their critiques that will prevent me from staying there. It will be Kemp's ungracious and vindictive (and sometimes personal) attacks on reviewers. This website is supposed to be a democratic medium for people to voice their opinion and it shouldn't be subjected to hotel management's patronising attitude.

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1. Re: Management responses are condescending and rude

As a guest who's stayed twice at The Sarojin and ardent supporter of this forum I must disagree.I've found Andrew Kemp's responses to be objective and honest.The Sarojin is a unique property and if you are put off staying there by AK's comments you are doing yourselves a mis-service.

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2. Re: Management responses are condescending and rude

After reading the OP, I was curious and had a look at a number of the reviews, and must say I am amazed that management actually took the time to respond to the precious few negative reviews there, and in such a thorough, measured manner...seems to me it is more a case of having a clear understanding that no matter how hard a business works to please clients, there are inevitably going to be the rare few who have a bone to pick, whether reasonably justified or not. I thought the handling of the case of the honeymoon couple who were greeted at the airport by a neighboring resort was creative, and the attentive, generous compensation for the inconvenience was stunning. I have never stayed at the resort, and likely never will, but certainly not because of what I read in the resort reviews, it is simply a budget issue. I wish we could afford a stay in the type of place that offers up that level of compensation for such a minor inconvenience, must be nice...

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3. Re: Management responses are condescending and rude

I considered staying there & got a lovely reply from the manager, telling me that due to my handicap it would not be an accessible place to stay due to many stairs. His honesty & rapid response was excellent. No hotel is perfect, yet one can expect near perfection at places like the Peninsula, Oriental, etc.

When I see complaints by honeymooners, I take it with a grain of salt... between the outrageous sums that many (Americans) are spending on their weddings & the unrealistic expectations that many have of their honeymoons, it would be nearly impossible for many resorts to please a couple that are expecting: PERFECTION.

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4. Re: Management responses are condescending and rude

Seems very strange indeed that someone is criticizing management for actually replying! Complaints are always difficult to deal with especially when they are posted for the whole world to see.

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5. Re: Management responses are condescending and rude

I think some people have gotten the wrong idea about my post. I'm not criticising the Sarojin as a vacationing spot. Nor am I defending some reviewers' negative feedback. In fact, from the very beginning I conceded that some of their complaints are probably pretty trivial. What I am defending is their right to complain on a website whose purpose is to gather a diverse range of opinions from people. What I am defending is their right to do that without an ungracious hotel owner talking down to them or insulting them personally. It seems like the Sarojin is a lovely resort with friendly and attentive staff by most accounts and that most guests have a wondeful time. I'm not disputing that. What I am drawing attention to is hotel management's condescending attitude to negative feedback.

For example:

"The reviewer does not elude as to whether he experienced a spa treatment and was therefore in a position to comment on the value for the experience." - This implies that the reviewer doesn't have a right to an opinion just because he may not experienced the spa treatment itself. That's like saying that you don't have the right to say that you think Hermes bags are expensive just because you haven't shelled out $10000 for the bag.

" This may be as a result of their age, experience " - It's incredibly unprofessional to insult someone's age, it's personal and unnecessary. In this same post Andrew Kemp starts by referring to the complaining couple as the Bride and Groom to 'protect their privacy' but mentions them by name later on.

One reviewer said "The owners gave a cocktail party- very nice- but didn't attempt to meet the majority of guests (some of whom had things to say that they didn't like)"

Kemp then replies "The cocktail gathering is usually a lovely time where we, our staff and guests mingle and meet. It really is not an appropriate forum for sharing grumbles or concerns. "

but, had replied to another post, "The couple in question did indeed attend the cocktail evening with the owners but did not raise a concern to them, the management or any of the staff hosting the evening" as a response to a reviewer stating his intention to complain at the cocktail party but then hadn't.

Seems a little schizophrenic, chiding people for not doing it and accusing others of inappropriateness for wanting to do so.

There are also many instances where Kemp implies that "value for money" is not a valid criteria for people to base their opinions on. And that those who do are inferior in some way.

Finally, someone replied earlier that they thought Kemp's replies were objective and honest. Objective rarely plays a role on this website. It is built on everyone's subjective opinions. Kemp is co-owner of the resort and therefore has a very personal stake in what he writes. That's not objective. Unless your standard for judging objectivity is that of the FOX News network.

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6. Re: Management responses are condescending and rude


We got back from the Sarojin this past weekend. I think his replies have kept me so far from writing a review.Altho, I don'y see us going bac and staying there , not because it was not a good experience , just that we have had it , it was nice and we will move on.

I will do one soon tho. I have minor issues, but issues none the less, all in all it was a good experience. I think people should know certain things that they might not going into staying there. Even with all the reviews we were still surprised by a few things. We are experienced travelers, so we are not naive in booking and staying in different types of hotels and resorts. Obviously everyone had their own quirks about things, so some people will have very different experiences at the same place.

For Instance ( we went to a Sandals Resort a few years ago , we would never go back to one, however we met lots of couples that were on there 5th,10th year at these places)

I do have to say that after attending the cocktail party where, I did not meet Andrew but he did make a speech( which inc much of a TA theme) I liked the place a bit more.


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7. Re: Management responses are condescending and rude

<<<What I am defending is their right to do that without an ungracious hotel owner talking down to them or insulting them personally<<<

so customers have a right to complain, but management should bite their lip and kowtow when they feel a particular negative review warrants a response? that hardly seems fair... No matter how you justify it, there are folks here who simply may not agree with your subjective assessment of the management's responses, not everyone may feel he is being insulting or rude, and as you defend unhappy customer rights to post negative reviews, I will certainly defend his right to respond in any manner he sees fit. If any response is deemed inappropriate, the moderators here will have it pulled, that is their job, not yours. It is fine if you want to plan your trip around how someone might come off on a forum like this, but you will also need to accept that not everyone is going to agree with you. Seems like it is more important to you to make this chap look bad, for whatever reason, you are clearly bent out of shape about it, so don't stay there. But trying to get everyone else to jump on your bandwagon is in poor taste and come off like an attack.

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8. Re: Management responses are condescending and rude

I believe that The Sarojin is a hotel where guests expectations are particularly high and the management, endeavour to meet them all. There will, of course, be some who are impossible to please.

It's right that both guests and management should be able to post thier comments here.

It's more important, however, that this forum is used to advise people who are travelling rather than some sort of soap box. After all it's TripAdvisor, not MoanAdvisor.

I draw everyones attention to Posting Guideline Number 4-

Destination-specific forums are for travel-related discussions — they are not chat rooms. Obviously, pleasantries are nice, but staying on topic is nicer. The off-topic chatter forum is the only appropriate place for daily check-ins with all of your forum buddies.

I, like many others I suspect, am happy to advise anyone thinking of staying at The Sarojin and will be pleased to do this on this forum.

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9. Re: Management responses are condescending and rude

I Think the saying " you can please some of the people some of the time but not all of the people all of the time "

regards susie

10. Re: Management responses are condescending and rude

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